View Full Version : sorcerer in armies of 2000pts

02-08-2007, 17:48
what army woudl yo choose to be lead by a sorcerer empire or chaos
both will be lore of fire with level 4

chaos sorcerer is better than empire wizard but empire have the backup force where as chaos dont unles they get a hell cannon or DOW

Exalted Scar-vet
02-08-2007, 18:42
This problly doesnt belong in the army lists section ;)

Slaaneshi Slave
02-08-2007, 19:10
A level 4 Slaaneshi Sorcerer are incredibly powerful - not pure destructive power, but frustrating, annoying, "I'm going to move your army for you" power. Back this up with lots of fast cav and Chaos knights, and you've got a recipe for destruction.

Exalted Scar-vet
02-08-2007, 19:20
Aye i agree the chaos lores are awesome, but he said he wanted fire

02-08-2007, 19:32
Dont go with fire.