View Full Version : Chaos genrals, how much choice?

The Anarchist
02-08-2007, 18:14
i have just picked up a chaos hordes rule book and i'am looking at the differnt gods and their limitations. it lead me to the question is there ay set why i have to choose my genral, or can i have a marked lord level sorceror, and have unmarked combat level hero for my genral?

i guess basicly its what are the rules for choosing your general? is it whoever you wish?

02-08-2007, 18:26
According to pg 82 of the BRB, your general has to be the character with the highest Ld value. If more than one have the same highest Ld, then you can choose (and must declare it to your opponent before the battle).

The exception, of course, being if your army has special rules saying otherwise, such as Vampire Counts and High Elves. I don't believe Chaos has such a rule.

02-08-2007, 18:27
Choose one among the characters with highest leadership.

The Anarchist
02-08-2007, 18:42
thanks alot for that, it was my suspicsion but i'am a continent away from my rule book atm. wll be busy tonigt writing up this list i think XD