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Muffin Man
23-08-2005, 05:47
Hello, as I'm staring at a bunch of DEs I recently picked up I threw together some 1000 point lists to see how they play and then deciding how I want the big army to be. The first one I'm going to paint up is a hunting party which is predominantly cavalry based.

Roughly it looks like this:
Beastmaster on Cold One (going to mount the beastmaster on manticore here, the cape might look goofy as is though) with Seal of Ghrond, lance, la, sdc
leading 5 Cold One Knights
3 x 5 Dark Riders /w musician
2 Cold One Chariots
7 Harpies

The other lists is lead by a noble:
Noble with Seal of Ghrond, ha, sdc, shield, spear, rbx in Cold One Chariot
Another Cold One Chariot both with spears and rbx
2 x 6 Dark Riders /w musician
6 Cold One Knights FC /w Warbanner
6 Shades

Both have 3 DD.

What do you guys think? Are these lists too small to work out? Do I need more magic/characters?

Oh, I'd rather not add much infanty because a) My corsairs are someplace else at the moment and b) I plan to play around with infanty-based 1k lists after this.

Lady's Champion
23-08-2005, 11:10
They are very very small lists it must be said

23-08-2005, 17:37
MSU. It works. Don't laugh at a unit of 5 Dark Riders. They hurt a lot.
This list is very, very good, in some respects, it has a lot of Dark Riders, which are cheap and manouverable. The Chariots are nasty, and the Harpies have Warmachine and Lone Mage killing abilities. The Cold One Knights are pretty good, as well, due to their high charging strength.

Not as good, methinks. While you have a Noble who can do more damage than the Beastmaster, you're playing All Eggs In One Basket. He and your other Chariot are the only way to cause any real damage (as well as the Cold One Knights). It relies on a lot more timing and a heavy hit by flank and frontal charge, the only way you can pull it off is by having Bait units, and then it's only a one-hit-wonder. I prefer the first list.