View Full Version : Does the horse carry on?

Major Defense
10-04-2005, 22:48
So lets say that two characters are in a challenge fight. One of them is mounted. I am assuming here that the rider and mount can both fight in the challenge - right? So the rider is slain. Does the challenge continue between the mount and the other character?

10-04-2005, 22:52
Nope. Test for monster reaction, if nothing happens it just becomes a normal combat (since only characters or unit champions may challenge), assuming your mount stays in combat.

10-04-2005, 22:57
If it's a single wound steed such as a horse, Cold one, Boar, Wolf etc then it counts as slain along with its rider.
If the steed has more than 1 wound such as a pegasus, Manticore, Griffon etc. then as Taer said, take a monster reaction test and if it doesn't run fleeing, carry on the combat as a normal combat.

Major Defense
11-04-2005, 00:54
Very good point, taer. I may be stretching rules here a bit but just try to swallow this follow-up question...

Since it can't issue or accept challenges, can the mount (cavalry or monster) choose to attack the unit or must it be involved only in the challenge?

11-04-2005, 02:12
It has to be in the challenge (unless it is a chariot), probably, in GW's mind, because the character riding it directs it, and when he's in a challenge, he most likely wants his opponenet good and dead.