View Full Version : Sylvania any good?

03-08-2007, 11:04
Was looking to build my army bit by bit and planning on using the sylvanian list as a starting point to tie in with my fluff - a vampire on his rise to power.

Since I cannot use a vampire in a small force without having a necromancer as well I am forced to use the sylvanian list.

Was just wondering if anyone had much success with the sylvanian list?


03-08-2007, 15:55
The Sylvanian list, if used correctly, can actually be a very potent army. One of my regular opponents in 2k-2250 games will normally be able to compete if not dominate both magic phases. With the book of arkhan, 3 grave markers, and a level 2 count, a Sylvanian list can push out dances and lvl 2 invocations in a manner similar to a tomb king or OK army.
Even under 2k you can have a decent magic phase (equivalent of 1 necro). Against the average >2k opponent with 3 dispel dice, if you take the ranged bound item (hellfire staff?), you can expect to get off a spell now and then. However, the power of the list comes from the mobility granted through all things wolfy. Sylvannian lists that contain black coaches, several units of wolves, and thralls with wolf form and summon wolves often place quite well in GTs. This is probably the reason the Sylvannian list cannot be used at many tournies this year, though this shouldnt discourage you from trying them out