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03-08-2007, 15:40
This is an army I saw at a GT that performed very well. Give me your thoughts.

Seer- Eye, Dispel Scroll, Warpstone Charm..... 410
2 Engineers- Storm Daemon, 1 has a Scroll, no pistol kit..... 135/85
Chieftain- Sword of Might, Heavy Armor, Fould Pendant, BSB.....124

3x24 Clanrats- Full Cmd, all with Ratling Guns..... 205/205/205
3x25 Slaves..... 50/50/50

3x5 Jezzails.... 100/100/100
5 Tunnel Team- xtra Poison Weapons.... 80


172 models
11pd, 6dd, 2 scrolls

03-08-2007, 16:05
in my opinion this is a very good sad skaven list you may have a probem with a shooty/magic/infantry army or any army that causes fear like undead your army lacks units (not numbers) with only 3 decent fighting units you have a lack of force (and skaven are from khorne warriors)

good luck are you going to baltimore GT if so see you there

03-08-2007, 17:07
Hey i like the look of this , same comments above really.

Just out of intrest, which gt u going to ?

04-08-2007, 16:08
it probably did great ibn the past but now that ratling guns can be picked it i would reckon it would perform semi poorly. I find hat jezzails in small units often panic to easily as well

05-08-2007, 13:40
With little in the way of leadership, you're going to have serious trouble with fear causing units.. but that's just life as a skaven general. Using that strength in numbers rule your rank and file would be pretty safe from panicking, unless your opponent has spear throwers or cannons which will punch through 5 or so clanrats if their lined up right.

I try to include ogres of some sort as a rare choice so I have something I don't have to worry about running for the hills when some fearsome units come rolling their way.

Where's the other 100 pts on the grey seer coming from? Adding it up, all I got was 301, not 401

Unless you're hoping to pull death frenzy as one of your spells(which you have a good chance to do with 4 spells), you can count on your slaves breaking early. You could possibily keep the chieftain with them, but I think that'd be a waste of one of your only two units with leadership 6.

If you really want to turn those WS 2 Str 2 hits into something nasty, double cast death frenzy on one of the units and give them spears. Once they get in close combat they'd each get three attacks from two ranks and with frenzy they'd be immune to psychology until they lost in combat.

Also, depending on how close you field them to each other, you could lose all three squads of meat shields the first turn when they panic.

If you wanted to sacrifice some of the flexibility of your magic phase for some extra punch and one more point of leadership, you could drop the chieftain and seer and replace them with a warlord and 2 more engineers. That would give you the same number of spell dice, but you'd have 8d6 24" range str 5 hits from casting warplightning 4 times, plus 1d6 from the storm daemon. It puts all your eggs in one basket and is risky (fear rolling 1's on those d6 hits).
Not to mention, that could free up a good number of points to be put elsewhere.

To spend those, along with the 100 pts above from you could merge the jezzails into 2 squads, field another 5 man unit of tunnelers to knock out warmachines and possibily add ogres of some variety to your list. I prefer leadbelchers because their chance to blow their own ass off really fits with the general theme of skaven. I'd also replace one ratling gun with a warpfire thrower to afford you some flexibility when dealing with low leadership opponents as you can force a panic with a hit as well as helping with tougher, multi-wound units being that the warpfire thrower is strength 5 and does d3 damage.

If you don't like those ideas, add some more rats to either your slaves or clanrats and some gear for the warlord.

Just some food for thought, it could be a strong list as is though.

05-08-2007, 13:41
wow, didn't realize I had quite typed so much..:eek:

05-08-2007, 21:49
erm you cant include Dogs Of War in your army (unless your playing Dogs Of War List) :)

Just thought I would put a downer on your plan

06-08-2007, 22:28
erm you cant include Dogs Of War in your army (unless your playing Dogs Of War List) :)

Just thought I would put a downer on your plan

Since when are Ogres part of Dogs of War? They're Ogres, as in Ogre Kingdom and if they're not then there's a WHOLE lot of skaven players that are going to be disappointed being that everyone one warseer says "rat ogres!? wtf? get rid of those and get some ironguts!!"