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Da Black Gobbo
03-08-2007, 16:58
Grettings after thinking a lot how to do an all commers-heavy-magic-gob-with-some orc-list i found a way to make it work. Let me know your thoughts please i'll be facing Lizzies, dwarfs, undeads, bretonia, chaos and wood elves.

---Brozok "Big 'ead": lvl 2 shamman with magic paint and Horn of urgok mounted on a boar.

--Zizzy "snotling stealer": lvl 2 Night goblin with Baduum staff and magic mushroom.

--Dizzy "best in here": lvl 2 Night goblin with nibbla's itty ring and dispell scroll.

--30 Night Goblins : Full command, netters 2 fanatics.

--30 Night Goblins : Full command, netters, 2 fanatics.

--4 Squig herds.

--5 Wolf Riders: Spears, short bows, musician.

--5 Wolf Riders: Spears, short bows, musician.

--5Wolf Riders: Spears, short bows, musician.

--6 Spider Riders: Spears, shields, short bows, musician.

--Goblin Wolf Chariot: Extra crew, extra wolf.

--2 Spear Chukkas.

--3 Stone Trolls.

Well mostly is a weak army with some punch (trolls, squigs and fanatics) the tactic is to use my magic to low enemy numbers and destroy little units while my light calvary disrrupts enemy movements, the 2 big blocks of night gobbos will be the anvil and the wolf chariot, trolls and squigs will be the hammer, if i face some big bug my spear chukkas will try to take care of it. I choose normal orc shamman to be my general with horn of urgok to keep leadership on average 8, and mounted him on boar to go with the trolls, so i solve 2 problems stupid trolls with ld 4 and a good unit to go with my general.

What do you think?

03-08-2007, 17:07
tbh i would seriously think about the trolls, even with the horn your not garunteed to pass those rolls and even worse if your shaman is with the unit and they fail he wont be able to cast spells (correct me if im wrong my book isnt on hand). Another thing you might want to think about is squig hoppers they are absolutly awsome when they charge being like spawn and moving through woods.... helish units for the enemy to face. maybe take some more chariots instead of trolls?

Da Black Gobbo
03-08-2007, 17:20
Well no slots for squig hopers and for chariots so i have to get the trolls but i think with ld 8 it'll be okay, i don't know if the shamman cannot cast if the unit fails stupid test, but the trolls cant do it using generals lidership within 30cm? (don't know inches).

03-08-2007, 17:28
Within 12inches they can, and i meant swap the squig herds for hoppers. if hes not in trolls he shall have to be somewhere else, units of 5 riders isnt any garuntee against being shot at since any casulties will make him targetable (through randomisation) specially for cannon sniping (less then 5 models in unit means he cant get look out sir).

winter has ended
03-08-2007, 17:49
erm tbh its not really that magicy, take sneaky staff of stealin, and a unit of biguns 20 strong and give them idol of mork, etc

Da Black Gobbo
03-08-2007, 18:39
well if the trolls within 12 inches of the general can use his lidership then he will go in one of the big units of gobbos ;) fast calvary guys are for my the best an army can have, and orc'n'gobs have some good and cheap ones, in 2 turn they are able to charge enemy flanks or back giving you a good +1 or +2 and negating flanks, for me are a must for every army.

03-08-2007, 18:43
totally agree with the fast cavalry, just take the orc off a boar and your sorted then.

Da Black Gobbo
04-08-2007, 13:28
Well without the boar i have 21 points left, what should i do with that points? i'm thinking about increasing the gobbos units, but i can also remove the extra crew and wolf having then 27 points to waste in 2 more wolves so 2 of the units will be 6 gobs strong so they will be stronger.+-

05-08-2007, 10:01
No leave him on the boar if he dosn't have it he won't be able to keep up to the trolls.