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C. Langana
23-08-2005, 11:22
Recently I have become engrossed in this series of games, having now completed both fallout and fall out tactics, I have moved on to the seminal Fallout two.
However I have become hoplessly stuck on one point and one point alone.
When attempting to enter the millitary base (the derelict one from Fallout one) you find the door way sealed by rubble.
It appears that the required method for progress here is: Mine Cart + stick + dynamite = entry.

However I am having a great deal of trouble getting the dynamite attached to the stick, if someone could in the most detailed and anal way possible explain this to me I would, um, be very nice in return. Heck, have my wife.

Disclaimer: Sorry to take up warseer bandwith with something that could be easily solved by reference to a walkthrough, many excellent examples exist I am sure, but If I were to use such a resource I usually tend to see too much.

Thanks in advance.

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23-08-2005, 16:04
dunno..... ducktape

23-08-2005, 16:48
If I recall you need rope on you also. It's something weird like you need to right click on the cart to open that long line of pictures that will open different menues. Go to the item one, then chose the stick item on it, and then the dynomite on the stick. May or may not need rope, don't recall for sure.

Don't feel bad, it's worth asking. Most faq's and walkthroughs leave it at "use the stick cart and dynomite to enter the factory" :rolleyes:.

23-08-2005, 16:48
Get the 'pointer' icon up, click the mine cart or the stick, can't remember which, click the backpack icon and select the dynamite.
May or may not need rope, don't recall for sure.No, you don't. The only use of the rope in the whole of Fallout 2 is in Modoc to get down a well.

C. Langana
24-08-2005, 00:29
Let me being by saying thankyou for all your help. Then go on to say;
Really though that little niggle has been bothering me for a month now.

24-08-2005, 11:37
Aah, but you haven't really completed the game until every minor quest has been completed, every bit of funny dialogue exchanged, every world map square explored, every special encounter found and every vorpal rat blown up with a holy hand grenade (yes, it is actually possible to find and use a holy hand grenade).

The game is so full of this stuff you might never find it all. Try using the Very Nearly Ultimate Fallout 2 Guide (search on Google for it).

And you need to play again as a stupid character. All the game's dialogue is changed, it's great.

24-08-2005, 12:17
I have also heard that you can complete the game without killing anyone. I honestly don't know if it is one of those urban legends that pop up every now and again about great Video Games though, I haven't tried it myself.

Ahh fallout & fallout 2, some of best, if not the best RPG games ever created.

24-08-2005, 13:00

Fallout 3 is on the way too, although I guess it'll take a couple of years before we see it.

24-08-2005, 16:22
Best way to win the game without killing anyone:

Play a female character, mad charisma and intelligence and luck scores. Get the karma sutra and sex appeal traits.

Make sure speech is well high too.

it is possible.

C. Langana
24-08-2005, 22:20
Did someone say [insert choir of angels here] the Holy Hand Grenade?
That sounds like a random encounter, and I thought I was lucky to get dogmeat back.
(goes off to trawl fall out two map)

Ravening Wh0re
25-08-2005, 05:41
May I now get all nostalgic?
*wavey scooby lines across my vision*

Can't touch it ever again though. Took far too many hours of my life (along with Civ) :cries:

ps. I want a pet Wanamingo

25-08-2005, 08:52
Did someone say [insert choir of angels here] the Holy Hand Grenade?
That sounds like a random encounter, and I thought I was lucky to get dogmeat back.
(goes off to trawl fall out two map)Yes, I did say holy hand grenade, but you can't find it on the world map. It's an encounter which was removed from the game, but is still accessible by pressing ctrl+r on the main fallout menu, finding the HLYGRENADE maps, saving your game, pressing ctrl+r again and loading your game.

The best special encounter is blatantly the bridgekeeper though.

C. Langana
25-08-2005, 10:41
Yorkiebar: so thats where it was, and I thought I must have missed something.
Thanks for the information.

Having now completed all the fallout games, I have a warm glowy feeling and an inexplicable desire to be nice to people. Perhaps if I work my Karma up nice and high, fallout three will be released really soon...

By the by I actually most enjoyed tactics, which may seem odd, although it lacked the humour (to a greater extent) than the other two, I found the focus on the violence most enjoyable.

P.s. Bloody mess. Best. Perk. Ever. Nuff said.

25-08-2005, 13:59
P.s. Bloody mess. Best. Perk. Ever. Nuff said.'Tis a trait, not a perk. Besides, half the fun is in building up your criticals to unlock those animations naturally.

The real best trait is fast shot, and the best perk is a tie between sniper and bonus rate of fire.

25-08-2005, 16:17
I thought Fallout Tactics was great, and I do hope they have a similar combat system in Fallout 3, and a similar system of directing your characters. Fallout 2 was an absolute pig when it came to using your allies in combat, not to mention that large 'battles' would take the best part of a day... Oh, and then when you finally manage to find a suit of power armour for your friends, they still look like a bunch of slobs.

Nah, Fallout Tactics was great, eventhough there was virtually no humour or actual RP'ing in the form of character interaction, except for a handful of episodes. There was the episode where you saved a few ghouls, for example. But you know, ever since I saw the intro for Fallout 2, all I could think about was getting a squad of guys in power armour with miniguns and blasting people away, and I finally got to do that in Fallout Tactics, so it's all good.

I got a bit tired of fighting robots though...

All we need now is a Fallout MMORPG. World of Fallout!

C. Langana
26-08-2005, 12:01
Likewise with the robots, I think I'd be quite happy with the same interface and so on, no shiny graphics just fallout goodness.

27-08-2005, 09:09
Fast shots okay, but I kind of miss being able to shoot someone in the eyes with the Gauss gun when you have it :D

Gifted and Skilled tend to be the best 2 starting traits when building an uber-character.

29-08-2005, 09:54
I also liked tactics but I feel they overdid it with a gauss mini gun :)

I have never fininshed Fallout 2 to my shame. I keep getting right to the end and then having to stop playing for one reason or another and I hate going back to games mind way through so I start again....

29-08-2005, 21:00
Fast shots okay, but I kind of miss being able to shoot someone in the eyes with the Gauss gun when you have it :D

Gifted and Skilled tend to be the best 2 starting traits when building an uber-character.No way. Never take skilled. It reduces your perks and perks are easily the most important part of your character. If you want better skills, have a high intelligence, which determines your skill points each level.

An ideal character has Gifted, Fast Shot,
ST5 (because advanced power armour will bring this to 10 later)
PE7 (to be able to get awareness)
EN4 (because it's pretty useless)
CH2 (to get NPC Cassidy)
IN9 (most important statistic, I'd put it at 10 except the memory module later on boosts it by 1 anyway)
LK8 (to get those nice criticals, can be brought up to 10 by a zeta scan)
and tagged skills Small Guns, Lockpick and Speech. Those are the only useful skills in the game apart from science, doctor and energy weapons later on, and possibly outdoorsman.

29-08-2005, 21:08
I usually take skilled actually but I use an underhand method to gain skill points. Pump up doctor as high as you can (as you want doctor for the handy subdermal armour upgrades but basically you can chose any skill you like), at least 100+ and then take the tag perk on doctor and reduce your doctor skill before you press ok. This gives you 100+ free skill points and you still have a high doctor skill. Underhand and exploitative I know but hey ho...lets go. Just think of it as early access to the walkthrough guide :)