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03-08-2007, 23:52
Has anyone sold off an army to get $ to buy a new army box? and/or not regretted it?

I have been collecting about 4 armies now over 2 years. Have 2.5k of each, but lately, I find playing my necron for fun or remote is rare. I mean it is nice for tourneys and I find the backstory amazing, but is not my "it" force when I pick something. (and players prefer something better too) (not that I will stop playing them cause others hate it - I just play them once every 2 months.) Vs my Nids, Marines and Chaos that happen more often.

I am into chaos right now, and figured selling off my necrons should get me enough to get the new megaforce/army box. (plus I was wanting to by the new lord, termies and others for sure (although wait for cash to rise - and buy piecemeal - not preferred but will happen).

But do I sacrifice my necron army I spent 400 on and might get back into if they update the codex or just realise that when it did happen I could rebuild from scratch.

I know people abandon armies if they know they will not finish them, but having a choice of armies is a powerful thing too. Esp with Apocolyse coming I feel I can better field a chaos force at 3k or larger than necron.

Thoughts? Comments?

04-08-2007, 00:06
From a personal point of view I think you need to collect an army beyond the 2.5k mark.

The reason for this is choice and flexibility. I like to be able to field the same army in various different guises.

For example I have Dark Angels and although I don't take advantage of the Deathwing or Ravenwing special characters so I can have an army purely of either I do play around with the options.

For example to I go minimun options and max out of Ravenwing/Fast Attack? Or do I max out on standard marines and sprinkle with Deathwing?

I also have Imperial Guard, and now these are probably one of the most flexible armies in what to try and test. Firstly you have the obvious choices in the army selection but then you have all of the very cool doctrines to try out meaning that you have tons of ways to vary your force without actually having to vary its content if you don't want to.

I have limited myself some extent with my Catachans but I have molded my own set of Doctrines to them. The cool thing is if I get bored I will change the doctrines and try a new combination meaning that I may vary my army selection choices.

The one thing I am saving up to do though is get some tanks so I can try a mechanized force!

04-08-2007, 00:13
Not sold off any armies and not regretted keeping them. I have yet to regret *not* selling them either.

I'm not sure I can foresee selling my stuff unless I was to take a different road in life and get out entirely...

Who knows....?

Lord Malek The Red Knight
04-08-2007, 00:15
Has anyone sold off an army to get $ to buy a new army box? and/or not regretted it?
i sold my first army (BA, 2nd ed) to fund my 2nd (IG mixed force). ive never regreted it, but looking back now i wish id kept a couple of the painted models as momentos. :(

i sold half my IG to pay for more Mordians (taking it from a mixed force to a unified look), around the time of the great lead sale. dont regret that, as it was mostly 2nd hand stuff anyway. still have a few of the models i didnt sell...

sold my Necrons (pre-codex, back when they were all metal) for silly money (i needed cash so sold them cheap, although i bought a lot of them cheap so didnt really lose much), and 6 months later i really regreted it (spent 2 days looking for them in my house and my parents attic, as i forgot that i had sold them) - i wanted to canabalise them to make Marine bionics (limb length is perfect) for some Iron Hands. was gutted and wished id never sold them - if i redo the IH in the future il have to mailorder the metal 'crons from the Classics range and pay through the nose for them. :(

converted/rebased my Mordian heavy weapons for Steel Legion (i picked up a great deal in a 2nd hand model/toy shop)... and im not even sure if i sold any (kept the tanks etc for the SL). i know ive still got some basic troopers and the 2 painted models i finished (:rolleyes:) still in a box somewhere.

never sold my 'nids, although at times i wish i had (they just sit in a shoebox) - but i darent sell them after how i felt about the 'crons (determined to learn my lesson there). :p

so yeah, the only thing ive sold that i feel bad about (aside from money reasons) are my first army. even then i was ready to move on at the time, i just would be nice now to see my first painted models/first conversions etc. i wouldnt want to have kept the whole army, just a couple of odd guys.

~ Tim

04-08-2007, 01:48
First off, thank you to all who replied. Good insight. Necron were my 3rd army to get, but one I always wanted to play. I do enjoy playing with them, but as Junglesnake said, 2.5k isn't very large, sure with crons all I need to expand is more flayed ones and destroyers, but I am not budgeting to do that in the next year if ever.

But the new Chaos box will push my chaos up to 3.5k or more, and my friends do play large games...

Gorbad Ironclaw
04-08-2007, 06:13
Has anyone sold off an army to get $ to buy a new army box? and/or not regretted it?

Several times, yes, plenty of people build armies, play with them some then get rid of them. If you don't find them very enjoyable anymore then there is no reason to keep them if you think they can fund something you will have more fun out of.

From a personal point of view I think you need to collect an army beyond the 2.5k mark.

Different strokes for different people I guess. Personally I don't bother collecting much past 1.5k. I usually set out a list I want to play with, build that and pretty much leave it like this. Might get changed slightly over time, but usually not a whole lot.

04-08-2007, 07:15
I sold off my Wildriders and Glade Riders when I knew I never field them. I don't regret that. I also sold off various bits and pieces like a thunderhammer here, a powerfist there. Didn't regret selling those bits off either, becoz I got a list to build around already.

Its highly unlikely that i sell of my HoC or Black Templar armies. My woodelves army I'm sitting on the fence about, I still haven't gotten the urge to buy another 9 Wardancers and a Treeman to finish off the army to 2k points.

I'm also about one Hellcannon away from completing my Chaos army...

I had thought about starting a Necron or Tyranids army after all has been done (including painting...) but that would really depend how financially well off I am.

04-08-2007, 07:25
As I've never bought an army I didn't want to collect, I've never wanted to sell one off. However, since FW released the Death Korp I've been drawn to them and I will be selling my Steel Legion to fund that habit, as the DK embody all that I liked in the SL and more. I'll be sad to see them go, but they won't be getting any more use now except as stopgap fillers while I flesh out my DK force.

I have however sold off a Necromunda gang - I was using Catachan figures as at the time I liked them, but when I got back into 40k and stopped playing Necromunda I realised they were quite ugly models. I do still have my Cawdor, although they will be going onto eBay in my next batch of sales.

Personally I feel 2.5K is only a start, not an army. I play large games at my local club, and Apocalypse is going to make that easier for us to play even bigger games (we play around 6000pts already, so we might start moving up to 10000pts :p). My smallest army, Grey Knights, are at around 2.5k now, and will be getting more units at some point in the future.

04-08-2007, 07:37
I have only sold one army, my warhammer beastman army. and I regreted it so much when the new beast book came out, that I did buy a new one.
They did come out with new models, but I do like the old ones to.
after that I will never sell an army again.

Lord Maelstrom
04-08-2007, 08:33
I made the grave error of selling off my entire 40k collection when I 'gave up' the hobby a couple of years ago... man I can tell you that I regret that decision now. Simply put, you never know when the winds of change might cause you to crave for an old army, and if you find yourself tempted to move away from the current to pastures new, there's just as much chance of the same happening in reverse in the future! So my advice would be, keep it all.

04-08-2007, 09:49
I sold my Warhammer Nurgle Deamon Army and have no regrets apart from buying the army in the first place. It was never enjoyable army to play and I'am glad I cashed in when I did.

04-08-2007, 23:26
Yah, I finally decided to pass the army on. I thought about how excited about each army I had. I have a good history for my Marines, my Nids (cause I loved building them from the beginning) my necron never filled me with such joy. I mean they were the army I wanted from the beginning, they were my first codex I bought, but like someone earlier said, I have 2 special squads I need to fill out to max size and I have no interest in it.

Now I feel only partially quilty, but realize if a new codex comes out in the future, then I have no prob picking that up and starting new. Hopefully by then I have a more stable job.

I mean when I told my wife I hope to get 300 for something whose replacement value is 700, she freaked!

04-08-2007, 23:42
I sold 4 2000 pt armies when i quit collecting about 2 years 6 months ago.

2 years on from that i started recollecting.

Yer i wish i still had my Nids/IG/Chaos/Space marine armies.

Ive just finished buying my Dark angels army. I will buy a new chaos army. Atm im playing fantasy (far betetr game imo)

04-08-2007, 23:50
I sell armies constantly, almost always for more than I bought them for. A few times, I bought armies purely on impulse... kept them around (often in boxes) and sold them mostly to recoup the expenses and salvage the mistake. I also like to keep my hobby expenses self-contained, paying for what I buy with stuff that I've sold.

Often, an army simply ceases to be fun anymore... that's why I sold my 40k Orks, my Tyranids (godzilla was especially dull) and the marines that I first got into the game with (and never actually played). Right now, I'm selling off the last of my bugs and I'm considering getting rid of my guard, which would leave me with... nothing.

I'm also getting rid of a Hordes Trollbloods force that I regret ever buying. It's a bit wasteful, yes, but like I said I tend to get more for the stuff (having bought it at a discount) than I put into it, and it lets me afford more models than I could have bought in the beginning.

So right now I've got guard and the beginnings of a WHFB Orc army... and neither of them would have been possible for me had I not made such a profit buying, painting, and selling my original forces.

05-08-2007, 02:22
Quite honestly I tend to get rid of stuff if I have not use it in a year. Or I can not remember not using them. I figured if I can not in the space of a year be bothered to use them at least once time to start looking for a better home for them. Never regretted selling anything models though I have regretted lend some stuff out as certain pieces never got returned before the persons moved away. If I see newkids coming into the local store regularly I will tend to help them out with unused models. People helped me out a lot when I first started so I tend to do the same. Also tends to make sure that I only buy stuff That I am confident I am going to use.

Of course there is an exception to the rule and that is my dark angels. Since I am collecting the Chapter they are exempt.

05-08-2007, 10:52
I would never sell an army. I put so much time and effort in it painting them up I cannot imagine not regretting the selling afterwards. It's not just the money you put into your army, it's also the time you invested that counts.