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04-08-2007, 02:13
This is my 2000 point Wood Elves army. Iíve had a bit of a break from Warhammer and am just coming back to it after a 7 year break. This is my first attempt at putting together an army. Iíve chosen to do an elf-only army for a couple of reasons. Firstly the idea appeals to me, and secondly I canít really afford to expand upon my current army and that has few forest spirits in it.
I would like some advice on my army, but of course any changes I make will be limited by my selection of models. In addition to what is listed I have another 20 glade guard, 20 eternal guard and 2 wardancers.
Iíve considered dropping a couple of scouts for wardancers and was wondering whether it might be worthwhile splitting them into two units of 5. I was also debating dropping the second spellsinger for a noble to take advantage of the Eternal Guardís Bodyguard ability. Any comments on these thoughts or any other suggestions are welcome.

Highborn: Scout kindred, light armour, shield, Bow of Loren, Arcane Bodkins, Starfire Arrows 261
10 scouts 170

Spellsinger: Lvl 2, elven steed, Deepwood Sphere, Dispel Scroll 187

Spellsinger: Dispel Scroll, Annoyance of Netlings 140
19 Eternal Guard: musician, standard bearer, Eternal, War Banner 283

Noble: Wardancer kindred, Blades of Loec 90
8 wardancers 144

10 Glade Guard 120

10 Glade Guard 120

5 Waywatchers 120

7 Glade Riders: standard bearer, horsemaster 195

4 Warhawk Riders 160

Total = 1990

The Anarchist
04-08-2007, 14:24
i know you want a elf only list, however i realy must advise taking at least a few dryads, they are just so good. and i don't even set up my army without them. as for your lord choice i would try getting your lord onto a Warhawk, scout kindred just isn't relay worth the points whenever iv tried using it.
just a few ideas realy.

04-08-2007, 14:42
Firstly, arcance bodkins and starfire arrows are enchanted items so you can't have both of them.
I'd suggest getting a noble to lead the Eternal Guard as otherwise they aren;t stubborn.
Erm, not talking from experience here (never played Wood Elves but I'm builidng an army atm), but 10 scouts + hero seems a little bit large and unwieldy to me; deployment could be a bit of trouble.
Stick a musician on the Glade Riders; you have the points spare and it's always useful in case you have to flee a charge.

And a more general point here; if you want to play all Asrai stick with it! I'm doing the same and I'd personally advise sticking with your theme as far as possible.

Hope I've been of help.