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ancient god
04-08-2007, 17:35
Hey folks,

this is now a project log for my CSM as I've settled for the paint scheme shown below. My first aim is painting up a playable 400 point Combat Patrol. After that, I'm going for a solid army worth roughly 1500-2000.

AG / Michael


Hey folks,

I'd like to hear some thoughts on this:


Meant to be rapidly done, while looking reasonably good. I'm aiming for a Combat Patrol (400pts) and don't have too much time to spare for painting ATM.


AG :)

04-08-2007, 17:40
Wow, the look on that red is great; you can tell its simple, yet it looks incredibly polished, and an army painted like that would look sick.
was black reapplied over the red for the broken colour look? or is that just one red coat?

ancient god
04-08-2007, 17:52
That's one coat of Mechrite Red over drybrushed Tin Bitz and Chainmail. I left out all edges and the occasional spot on the flat parts. The metallic sheen is more pronounced in real life. Thanks for commenting! :)

04-08-2007, 17:55
Id go for it.

Looks awesome :)

04-08-2007, 17:56
very nice, care to do a "how to" with each stage and pics?


04-08-2007, 18:03

*dam 10 letter minimum...*

ancient god
04-08-2007, 18:17
Thanks guys!

James, I can do that. Won't manage before next weekend, though. Work, work, work! :cries:

Anyone feel that it doesn't look like chipped paint?

Cheers ;)

04-08-2007, 18:25
I got the impression of it as a marbled red/black. great way of going red/bronze without appearing specifically like khorne.

Dragoon King
04-08-2007, 18:46
I like it. They look battle worn. Go with it, it is simple and cool.

04-08-2007, 20:23
Nice really original

04-08-2007, 22:06
Looks good close up, although I wonder whether it will look muddy at a distance. It's an interesting effect and captures the feel of armour that has been worn.

04-08-2007, 22:09
I like it.

The Orange
04-08-2007, 23:39
It looks fantastic IMO, your going to have a mighty fine combat patrol army there.

05-08-2007, 00:02
Hey folks,

I'd like to hear some thoughts on this:


Meant to be rapidly done, while looking reasonably good. I'm aiming for a Combat Patrol (400pts) and don't have too much time to spare for painting ATM.


AG :)

Yes, I likey! I likey alot! <O.O> I love the red base with black, looks great!

05-08-2007, 00:10
It's really cool. Very fitting for a millenia old space marine.

Aren't you the one with cool the Aliatoc Eldar, btw.? Are those still around for a peek?

05-08-2007, 00:47
Looks awesome tbh. The scheme reminds me of Ash's hand (from Army of Darkness) before he lopped it off.

Asi the Red
05-08-2007, 03:47
Hey ya'.

That is not only a sweet scheme, but is also one of the best reds I've seen here on the forum.

05-08-2007, 03:56
Yep, stick to that scheme, maybe add like gloss and like black ooze in the recesses like oil type stuff.

Otherwise that is very sexy

The boyz
05-08-2007, 10:30
Awesome colour scheme Ancient god, I like it. A border patrol force painted up in that scheme would look very nice.

The Dark One
05-08-2007, 10:39
very cool colour scheme, can't wait to see a combat patrol of this

05-08-2007, 11:47
Me likey; fantastic scheme very well painted; an entire army would look brilliant :D

05-08-2007, 14:44
I do likey! It looks like it takes a lot more work than you say it really does - go for it

ancient god
06-08-2007, 08:23
Hola guys,

Thanks for the massive response here! :)

mistformsquirrel, the black underneath the red is actually dark metal but that doesn't show on the picture. I'll make sure it does on the next ones.

Ravenheart, yep, that's me. Here, have a look through my Photobucket account (http://www.photobucket.com/albums/y254/ancientgod).

VanDoo, haven't heard of it! Game? Movie?

Asi the Red, the red is just Citadel's Mechrite Red painted in one thinned layer - quite fool proof. I'm glad you likeit, though. :)

hallowed_are_the_ori, tried, but it made for a less striking result so I stuck to clean chipped armour for now.

Again, thanks very much for responding! Always some food for thought.
I should be able to post the guide this weekend.

AG :)

06-08-2007, 09:41
Looks very nice. Go for it!

06-08-2007, 09:56
I like it very much.
Looks simple yet great.
It doesn't seem like chipped paint to me...

06-08-2007, 16:16
VanDoo, haven't heard of it! Game? Movie?

Movie with Bruce Campbell. It's a classic. Look it up.

Brother Loki
06-08-2007, 16:59
Yes, me likey.

Oh, and watch Army of Darkness. Now!

Asi the Red
06-08-2007, 21:43
OK, well then I need to put a pot of that paint on my to buy list.

07-08-2007, 10:14
I like the scheme a lot, like I said on MSN..
It kinda reminds me of Word Bearers. I really like the chipped effect, it looks like the paint is flattering(sp?) off.
Oh! And can you show us the 400pts list? So we can see what awesome stuff is still coming. :)


ancient god
07-08-2007, 12:21

I checked that movie on line. Seems like utter crap to me, but that's tempting, too. :P

Rens, thanks for commenting. :) Here's what I'm currently planning to include:

8* Chaos Space Marines with 1 flamer
5* Raptors with Aspiring Champion /w twin Lightening Claws
6* Havocs with 3 plasma guns

That's exactly 400 pts according to the new Codex. I'm considering getting in a squad of Possessed as scouts instead of one of the two supporting squads, so all is subject to change at my whim.


Richter Kless
07-08-2007, 17:49
I like it alot, I only would suggest you change the colour of the horns.
I think something a bit brighter in contrast to all the dark would look nice.

Just a suggestion.

07-08-2007, 21:31
I agree about the horns. Something closer to a bone colour would be better. Apart from that it's a great scheme.

07-08-2007, 22:25
The Evil Dead films are serious cheese, but utterly brilliant too. 2 is just 1 remade, so watch the original and Army of Darkness...

Oh, and sweet scheme. Looks damn good.

ancient god
17-08-2007, 22:08
Hullo folks!

As some of you asked for details on the red, so I took a pic of one of my WIP minis to make the procedure clear:


Here's how to do it:

- Prime black
- Dry bursh everything with Tin Bitz, then slightly with Chainmail
- Apply Mechrite Red (one slightly thinned layer) in patches, avoiding all corners, edges, recesses, etc. Only paint flat areas.

On the pad up front you can see the metal. All that's been done so far are the three steps above.

That's it! :sweat: Comment away! I'll post two more finished CSM and the Possessed one tomorrow night (that's about 24hrs from now at my place).

I'm considering trying a lighter colour for the horns. Might or might not change it, we'll see. :) Thanks for the input!


17-08-2007, 22:09
Yay! I guess Mr. Possessed likes WarSeer too!
Great work mate, like I said on MSN. Looking forward to see Mr. Possessed finished. ;)


ancient god
17-08-2007, 22:11
Thanks you little spammer. ;) I appreciate you liking it.


Just another WIP shot to wet your appetites. :D


The two finished ones along with my current victims.

17-08-2007, 23:40
They're Looking Great Keep Up The Good Work!!


ancient god
18-08-2007, 03:22
Almost done with this here guy:


Only the metals, black parts and claws to go. The amount of gribbly slimey parts and detail is killing me.

Comments appreciated, I'll have to paint another four of 'em I'm afraid!
Cheers :)

18-08-2007, 04:12
that is sickeningly cool

ancient god
18-08-2007, 20:00
Hey folks

I've now finished the Possessed and taken better pics of my second marine.





Plus, here's my current 400 pts list that I'm trying to paint up:

8 CSM w 1 plasma gun

6 Havocs w 3 plasma guns

5 Possessed

Exactly 400 pts and it includes my beloved Possessed.

Thanks for looking! Feel free to leave comments and especially suggestions.

PS: Can you mods move me over to the SF Plog section? I'm feeling really bloggy.

19-08-2007, 10:46
Very impressive :)
The weathered look of the armour is great!

19-08-2007, 11:02
looking great!

well done

not sure if im persoanly keen on the possesed though...

High Marshall Xias
20-08-2007, 00:23
i like the armor, but the possessed is kind of out there (still painted well but not my favorite)

Rod Hull
20-08-2007, 01:24
Very nice. How did you do the skin on the possessed ?

20-08-2007, 01:41
Great work, love the armor.

How many total figs are you going to put in 400 points?

20-08-2007, 11:38
Awesome Chaos Marines! I might steal this color scheme for my future CSM army... ;):angel:

ancient god
20-08-2007, 11:48
Hey folks

I'm really fond of the new possessed, good models with a lot of (admittedly random) character. :D

Rod Hull: I was so sure I'd answered this before but I can't find it anywhere myself. :eyebrows:
I first painted all flesh areas Tallarn Flesh in ca. 2 layers to get good coverage and then proceeded to 2 layers of highlights with white added to the Tallarn Flesh (the second highlight being closer to white than to the flesh). After that, I washed everything with really thinned down Blood Red. Once that was dry, I washed ca. half the area with dilluted Purple Ink, keeping it to the deeper parts. I painted some veins with the same mix. To finish things off, I washed the deepest recesses with thinned Brown Ink.

That's it. :) Takes forever to get everything covered in Tallarn Flesh, after that it's a walk in the park.

Davout: See my last post for what I'm going to include. 19 models all in all. I'm considering Raptors and Thousand Sons as alternative squads, so you might see them painted, too.

No udate for now, but it's coming! Another Possessed and more Marines in the pipe line.


ancient god
20-08-2007, 11:57
Well, Warseer seems to be very Edit Button resistant right now, so I'll post again.

Glenning, I missed your post as I was already typing up mine. :) Feel free to do it, I wouldn't consider that stealing. (I might if you don't post pictures, so you better do that! :P)

20-08-2007, 15:06
Must... resist... another ...chaos ..army....
Damn they are good man. Keep it up!

The Judge
20-08-2007, 17:06
I love the scheme! What's the secret for the gold and bone?

20-08-2007, 17:37
Excellent work - has now given me a strong hankering to pick up the CSM army set. I really love the millenia old armour feel to them

09-09-2007, 02:03
Very good CSM you got there! Keep up the good work! Could you tell us how you painted the red armour?

ancient god
22-05-2008, 20:09
Hey folks,

won't believe it, eh? I painted some more models for my CSM patrol. Same procedure as on the marines - only bigger. And I finally came up with a symbol for them.

Might take some better pictures to replace these as the colours are a bit skewed from the bad lighting.



So, you likey still? Got a 95% finished sorceror on my desk and a couple of preds planned as the next things to paint.


22-05-2008, 20:11
I like it. Good work.

22-05-2008, 20:16
That's really awesome ancient god. Can't wait to see more.

22-05-2008, 20:25
very nice!

Lord of Skulls
22-05-2008, 20:52
Wow, a blast from the past:) I had this thread subscribed, but had forgotten all about it.

A very nice surprise, though, as the Rhino looks absolutely amazing!

An army painted like that should look stunning... Any chance of a picture of all you have finished?

22-05-2008, 22:56
It looks awesome, it really looks like it's straight out from the warp :)

22-05-2008, 23:38
I totally dig the simplicity of their logo.

The Wraithlord
23-05-2008, 12:21
I like that, it is a very effective paint scheme. Bravo.

23-05-2008, 12:34
I was wondering how it'd look on a Rhino because it's quite the odd scheme, but it looks damn amazing! Just like the Marines. Great work on them all!

Mr Feral
23-05-2008, 12:44
This colour scheme reminds me of another red CSM army showcased in an old WD. As a fan of heavily weathered CSM, you have my thumbs up!

23-05-2008, 14:12
great looking army i may have to nick your idear and try it with a blue and silver trim

for my chaos army that or im doing them black legion


23-05-2008, 20:17
Wow.. AG.. you're.... alive!

The rhino is looking amazing mate, I still love the weathered effect. And still think they should be Word Bearers.. :P

Nah, just kidding. I love the logo you made for them btw. Simple, yet very cool. :)

Keep it up, I'm looking forward to see a group picture. :)

23-05-2008, 21:04
That's actually looking really cool. :)

23-05-2008, 23:38
I like them.

ancient god
26-05-2008, 22:32
Hey, glad you like the Rhino. Thanks for all the positive feedback! :)

I'm getting two Predators rather soon, you can expect some chaotic conversion work. No over-the-top killer tentacles, eyes and stuff but some bulged armour plating, some protruding spikes and horns... that kind of thing. I'm considering giving one of them a horn crest of sorts. Darth Maul meets Predator turret, if you get the picture.
I've seen some lovely upright Obliterators, so two of those will be filling the remaining support slot in the army.

Haven't been able to take pics as I don't own a camera currently but this is what you'll see painted before the weekend:
5 CSM squad with aspiring champ and chaotic icon (Done except two ammo belts and a pistol holster...)
1 Sorceror (Still haven't painted his gloves. It's the only thing to do before he's done!)

Not much but I'm making progress.

rickie8437: Be sure to post pics if you do it. Should work fine with blue and silver!

Lord of Skulls: All I have finished isn't much but I'll post a group shot when I get the cam.

Goodie, that's it for now.

The Orange
27-05-2008, 02:25
Dang good stuff AG, thanks for the update, been licking my lips in anticipation of one :p. But don't you think the rhino could use a little more tactical markings to break it up a bit? Anyways, looking forward for more ;).

27-05-2008, 04:44
Consider this idea roundly and soundly stolen.


27-05-2008, 09:31
ooh... very nice!

Son of Makuta
27-05-2008, 11:11
Wowzah, gorgeous. :D

ancient god
03-06-2008, 12:41
Hey hey, update time!

The Orange, you might be right about the Rhino. I kept it simple for now but I might add some more detail later on. It isn't sealed yet. I don't want genuine Space Marine-like tactical markings, though, as I fear it'd take away from that feral feel that CSM tend to have going. :)

Anyhow, on to the pictures! Basing will be done once I have a game-legal troop done.

Half a Marine squad with Sorceror (champ's pistol is drilled, don't know why it doesn't show)

Sorceror and champion rumps

Alternative icon (just because I love how it looks - won't be playing Khorne Marines)


ancient god
03-06-2008, 12:45

And last but not least: better shots of the Rhino



That plus the one Possessed is all I have finished so far.

Coming up:

- More Marines
- Lord with deamonic weapon and personal icon
- Night Lords emissary (leader for my infiltrating Chosen)
- Two Obliterators (biggerised)
- Two Predators with anti-personnel loadout

This list is, of course, subject to change and might (will) take long to complete.

Thanks for looking!


03-06-2008, 13:43
Really great work. I checked out your old eldar thread too and was really impressed as well. Look forward to seeing more.

Best, Dras.

03-06-2008, 18:58
I like your scheme, it's very good. Keep up the good work. =)
One thing I'd like to know though.. I'm presuming this is a blog? Why isn't it in the SF blog section?

03-06-2008, 19:52
Very good, keep up the work.

ancient god
03-06-2008, 23:59
Thanks for your interest, folks. :)

Dras: There's more to come, I'm on a roll with these guys now. Won't be painting other (40K) stuff before these are playable. The Eldar will see some action again once the new Jes Goodwin jetbikes hit the shelves. Not that that's likely to be soon but just so you know. ;)

HaraldurTrausti: You're right about the blog thing. I'll send a PM to one of the mods and see if they can move it over. Thanks. :) (Can you edit the title of a thread? It's kind of outdated...)

Oh, I recropped this for another thread. Thought, you might like a more detailed view: (I really need repair my layman's lightbox and post some proper pics...)



PS: Question - should I paint the eye on his harness purple like the ones on his headpiece and sword? I did them in purple as an afterthought and forgot the biggest one.

04-06-2008, 08:10
Three things:
-The metal is wonderful. Love it.
-The blue power sword looks horribly good. A very neat blue. I like. A lot.
-The red robes might not be the best of choices. It sort of blends in with the armour. In a bad way. Makes the model look a bit bland. Another colour would perhaps make the red armour stand out even more..?

04-06-2008, 08:33
Holy poo poo! That is ... too damn cool!!!


04-06-2008, 08:51
Three things:
-The metal is wonderful. Love it.
-The blue power sword looks horribly good. A very neat blue. I like. A lot.
-The red robes might not be the best of choices. It sort of blends in with the armour. In a bad way. Makes the model look a bit bland. Another colour would perhaps make the red armour stand out even more..?


The red robe does make it look a little plain but it is still painted with incredible detail so kudos for that :).Adding a little more color in some areas (maybe trophies or something) can help offset the red....The sword helps a little but having some green or some blue somewhere on the body itself would probably be better IMO

Excellent work though.I really like the dinged up/rust them, it's very believable.

04-06-2008, 09:19
I like the red a lot, but you´ve heard that a thousand times now.:)
Still keep it up...

Hideous Loon
04-06-2008, 09:39
AG: One thing you could do, if it's not too hard, is to change the robe colour to a sort of bone-ish-offwhite. A good, neutral colour, and you could even give it a red trim.

Otherwise, your Marines look fine and dandy.

ancient god
04-06-2008, 10:10
Serpent, skullman86 & Hideous Loon: Ya, the robe isn't the greatest... I was hoping that the slightly different red would do the trick. I don't want to repaint the whole robe at this point, maybe later when I've done more Marines.
One thing I've been contemplating is painting only the middle part of the robe's front (below and around the scrolls and the deamon face) off-white. That'd result in a bit more contrast, a robe that otherwise fits with my red scheme, and the dark look I'm trying to keep up. Any opinions?

Krauti: True, but keep going! ;):P

No updates till Friday at the earliest! I'll be AFK and in Leipzig until then.


Son of Makuta
04-06-2008, 15:05
Wow, I love that Sorcerer. Gorgeous work. Again. :D

04-06-2008, 19:47
the tank is aces dude good work I must ask what your process for the chipped edge look is. It's a very clean and consise army I like it all so far don't disapoint us in the future, hehe doubt you will.

04-06-2008, 19:53
For the robe of the sorcerer, if you went with the same colour as the inside of the rhino doors it would contrast really well with the red of the armour imo

04-06-2008, 20:06
Me likey a lot!!!

The blue sword kicks ass and the overal paintjob is just fantastic!!

ancient god
11-06-2008, 21:15
Hey there,

No real update, sorry.

I'll be painting a commission piece in the next few days and won't get much (if anything) done on my CSM during that time. For anyone interested: I'll be painting THIS (http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y241/ultraforge/treewoman1-1.jpg)! She's huge.

But, before I go... here's a little tidbit for you - a Star Fox (http://www.lava.net/~kitsune/Starfoxes.htm) Space Marine I half painted for fun! :evilgrin:
Crappy paint job but I wanted to see if I like the scheme. Answer: meh. Looks cool but I wouldn't want to paint an army of them.

tcraigen: I think that I posted a description on page 2 of this thread. Just look for WIP Possessed pictures.

Deadmetal: I'm with you on the ivory. If I get around to retouching him, I'll go for that.

That's it for now! I'll post pics once the tree chick is done.

11-06-2008, 22:38
They look mighty cool. I wouldn't go round calling them foxes (seems a little light) but I love the details. Especially the white, really breaks that red.

Mike KK
11-06-2008, 22:48
omg dejavou...or however its spelt...i played an army that look exactly the same as this in the GT final this year, he used marine rules with chaos models, was that you?

ancient god
11-06-2008, 23:20
Jon: I didn't develop them, so the name's fixed. But I won't be painting more of them anyway, I guess. Check out this link (http://www.lava.net/~kitsune/Starfoxes.htm) for their whole story.

Mike: Nope, that wasn't me. I live in Germany. I don't like the notion of not being the only one to have come up with this scheme... :skull:

20-09-2008, 23:56
As I've said before I really like your Chaos Marines, and the Rhino looks awesome! Keep up the good work! ;)

21-09-2008, 11:28
That looks awesome....consider the idea nicked!!!

21-09-2008, 14:10
I'm a fan. That winds up being a very nice and simple colour scheme. Great work.

Terminator jax
27-09-2008, 10:15
Nice chaos spacemarines you go there, keep it up:)

I wanna be Me
27-09-2008, 10:59
Those CSM looks ACE, and I'm like amazed about the way you painted it, it sounds very easy, but still looks so pro. Wish I'd came up with such a way to paint CSM before I started my 7 layers of red technique. I feel annoyed :P

Think I will try to paint my "Chosen" this way >.<

27-09-2008, 13:34
This is really nice testament to simple things looking good. Nice and innovative scheme and a very nice "nemesis to ultramarines" sort of typology with the scheme and markings.

27-09-2008, 16:56
hmm...Going to be stealing and modifying this idea for my deathguard.

Hey, that big commission your doing. What line is that model from? I'm assuming she's some kind of dryad thing or other misl plant chicka.

KlutzyKultist of Kaoz
27-09-2008, 23:36
Can we get a tutorial on the chaos marine scheme, along with the tank.