View Full Version : 1500k of dwarfs 1st army 1st post aswell

04-08-2007, 21:58
Thane (65)
great wepon (4)
Master rune of grormil armour (25)

Rune smith (70)
rune of spell Breaking (25)

Master Engineer (70)
Pistol and great weapon (19)

20 warrioir hand weapons and sheilds (180)
full command (25)

20 warrioir great weapons (200)
full command (25)

16 thunders (224)
veteran (10)

16 quarrlers (176)
full command (25)

cannon (90)

Grude thorwer (80)
rune of accuracy (25)

Ogran Gun (120)


comments pleased i had a game yesterday and they confatablly beat a orc and goblin army witch had 25 blacks orcs and 3 shamans

04-08-2007, 22:31
Welcome to Warseer.

Your list seems fairly well designed and avoids the trap of spending way too many points on snazzy rune items.

For some minor tweaks you might consider decreasing the size of the warrior units, knowing that characters will be joining these units and rounding out their size.

The 16-dwarf size of your missile units strikes me as a tad odd. You need ranks of 5 to get a rank bonus so 15 or 20 seems to work better from that standpoint.

Your war machines are fine although I cannot personally field a cannon without a rune of forging.