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Da Black Gobbo
05-08-2007, 00:48
Well my favorite fantasy army now have army list done by myself the army i'm talking about couldn't be other than Night goblins! Well the army list is done the only things that are left is the testing with all the armies i can, but before that i will like to know what do you think about the little resume that i post here.

As night goblins lack more in Ld even than other goblins or skavens i created a new kind of hero that i call Moshroom finder, is like a Ogre mage, only lvl 1 and some spells to boost ld and CC abbilities of the night gobbos only (not squigs) with some funny effects and little improvements for the gobs, he have the option of adding a Moshroom magic pot that increases the distance and power of the spells (that work like a bound spell) also i create a little disfunction table if he rolls a 1 in a d6 while casting the spells, then i put for Moshroom finders a rule called "so high" because this guys are always eating new kinds of mushrooms so they cannot be sane, with a bad roll they will get stupidity for all the game with a six they will have +1 to ld.

If you get a Moshroom finder for the army you can choose between a bunch of magic moshrooms that boost some stats and can be a little dangerous for the consumer.

The other hero i created is the Big squig hunter, is a kind of path finder with a special short bow and a speciall net to hunt lonely monsters/characters, that give some advantages if the net gets the blank, also he don't have to check ld test when facing monsters (but he will have to check while fighting against demons, undeads or characters mounted on monsters that do cause fear or terror). He also alows the army to have a extra unit of Black squigs (i'll speak about them later) and allow too to get units of squig herds (that are basic troops but never can be more than night goblins basic units) as basic without restricction.


--Night goblins units, as the o&g book.

--Night goblins bigguns, they are the only efficent unit on the army (when i say efficent i mean a unit capable of wining combat resolution, they are
WS3 and Str4 so they are a little pricey than normal gobs, also they have the option of having a Magic standard, netters, and moshrooms for the unit and better weapons (hallberds or spears) they cannot have fanatics (because they are "serious" :) )

--Squig hunters: Well this is the other "elite" unit from the army, they are skirmishers with lots of different gear, they all wear a Squig pelt armour wich provides them a 5+ save, and can have "No fear fungi" at some points each one, that makes them to have the same rule of Big squig hunter, and for a few points each they also can have special nets to hunt monsters (same that Big squig hunter)

--Gas launcha teams: Well this guys work in little units and are very close as skaven ones, they have different kind of gases to disrrupt into the enemy lines, also this unit is a little random with a funny disaster table.

--New squigs: As squigs are a important fact in Night goblin live i created
some new kinds of squigs to fix the needs of the army, they are as the squig herds they hit hard but are fragile. There are Black Squigs that are the best CC unit on the army and have a special rule called "anger beasts" that makes them a little random, they are a fast skirmisher unit of beast with good combat stats and low armour 5+ only. There are to Giant squigs that have the same rule "anger beasts" and can serve as mount for a warboss, also is a custom beast that can be upgraded to Big red squig (best in CC) Flame squig (template of S3) or spore cloud that difficults the enemy to hit at it.
In the army there are flying squigs, that work a little like Wood elves's hawks, with good punch and fragile.

--Cave trolls, same as Normal trolls but with a little more ld (6) (they are clever because they eat a lot of moshrooms :))

--Squig launcha: This is a funny catapult with some kind of different squigs with different effects, this is the only warmachine in the army.

Well this are all the units i have created too lots of magic items and mooshrooms to give to the gobbos, only things i have to fix now are the points to do a balanced army.

What do you think about the idea?

Da Black Gobbo
06-08-2007, 18:51
Nobody says nothing? really :(

06-08-2007, 19:28
Well, this is kind a rules development thing. Frankly, there are not a lot of people interested in rules development, particularly for an army that came out recently (absolutely no hope of getting any official notice).

If you want to do a Night Goblin list, you might want to say that your Warboss "counts as" a Common Goblin to help with the Leadership. Just for variety, you might also want to model some Night Goblins with light armor and call them 'Ard Gitz (counts as Common Goblins).