View Full Version : Temple Guard Stand Alone or must have slann?

23-08-2005, 14:16
Not quite Clear if a unit of Temple Guard can be taken stand alone? or must a Slann be taken as well?

I do know that if you have a Slann and Temple guard they must join together.

Major Defense
23-08-2005, 14:27
Not quite certain but I've always generally understood that they can be taken seperately. Alarielle and her Handmaidens don't have to be bought together but when they are then they must stay together. Same thing with Korhil and the White Lions.

23-08-2005, 15:52
Temple Guard is 0-1 per slann.

It says so under the stats for them, just before the unit size, its easy to miss.


23-08-2005, 16:53
Thank You for clearing that up.

24-08-2005, 07:00
Yes there are parts of the book which make it look as if you could take them separately. However, it seems there was a late change to the rules so that you can only take them with a Slann. However, not all the book was properly amended.

25-08-2005, 17:17
Yeah, in the painting section of the book it says that TG can be paired with a Slaan, but are very dangeous on their own.