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05-08-2007, 14:30
Can you guys help me refine this Skaven list? i need to fine tune it :P
warlord-heavy armour,hand wep,cautious shield,warpstone amulet, twisted crown of the horned rat.
2 warlock enginers-full kit no pistols storm deamns and dispel scrolls
assassin-bands of power dispell scroll.

25 clanrats full command spears
25 clanrats full command
20 stormvermin shields full command
30 slaves
30 slaves
2 giant rat packs
5 poison wind globadiers

8 jezzials
30 plauge monks fll command extra ccw

6 plauge censers
1 warp ligthning cannon

total 1997pts
what do you think?

05-08-2007, 15:06
Only one warlock engineer can have a storm daemon.

Units of 30 slaves are a waste. The extra 10 add nothing at all. All it does is make it more points for the enemy when they flee (and flee they will) but also make it harder for you to manoevre them to take charges away from your clanrats or to lure an enemy into a bad position. Take them small.

Otherwise, not my type of army, but quite well rounded. Should be fun to play. Good luck.

05-08-2007, 15:27
that's an odd kit to give your warlord.. let me know if it works for you. I'd use the enchanted shield instead.
Assasins can't take dispell scrolls, use the points on a weapon to buff up their nastiness on the charge.
Make the slaves into 3 units of 20 or drop them to 20 and give them spears. More than likely, without a grey seer to give them death frenzy they won't make it into close combat after a turn or two of being shot so the spears would be a waste.
If you're going to use stormvermin, they need a magic banner of some sort and/or possibly larger numbers. They're badassed compared to clanrats and goblins, but they're mediocre at best when compared to the likes of dwarves and elves.
Personally.. I find giant rats to be useless on the table when they could instead be more slaves or more clanrats and benefit from ranks.
If you have some extra points, put them into either 2 more jezzails and split them into two units of 5 or more globadiers.
Remember, you're warplightning cannon is designed to be a distraction, its range and strength are too far unreliable to be the focal point of your strategy. Put it behind some trees and shoot through them. This will allow you to use it to draw your opponent's troops away from other threats since he won't be able to shoot you back from behind the trees. When they start getting too close, march your 14" and start this little tactic all over again.