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05-08-2007, 15:12
I had a fun idea for a list using the clan eshin army list special rules. I don't really see this being a particularly strong list, but it could very easily fluster any player dependant on several rank and file units. So here goes:

Lord: Master Assasin with Fellblade
3x LvL 2 Eshin Sorcerors with dispell scroll, power stone and one warpstone token for each (3(90)+25+25+3(10)= 350
9x5 Night Runners with extra hand weapons and Nightleader
8x5 Night Runners with slings
1x6 Night Runners with slings
3x5 Gutter Runner Tunnelers with poisoned weapons and black skaven
1x7 Jezzails
2x 5 Globadiers
2000 pts, 127 models

The two things that make this list work are the clan's special rules(I'm paraphrasing from memory, so don't nitpick me too harshly):
A) they can cast skitterleap to move themselves or another character into base-to-base with another unit, it counts as a charge resulting from a pursuit into a fresh unit and
B) If a clan eshin list consists of nothing but skirmishers and characters they strike in the dead of night, meaning before your opponent's turn starts you can force him to roll an artillery dice and his units can only see 3x the result in inches, a misfire means the moon comes out and lights the field of battle totally. They can't shoot, charge or cast magic on a unit they can't see.

The idea is to use the sorcerors to skitterleap the master assasin into a charge first turn into one of my opponents ranged threats (weapon teams, wizards or groups of archers) while my tunnelers pop up second turn or later by any warmachines and the remaining sorcerers skitterleap to the flanks of rank and file units and cast their second spell on them.
Then when the units turn to attack the sorcerors, they skitterleap else where, or just use their movement 6 to scoot out of sight again and repeat with their other spell again. Meanwhile the master assasin will be busy ripping off faces and using them for loinclothes in close combat as he gets skitterleaped into and out of various close combats causing casaulties all over with 5 weapon skill 8, strength 10 attacks doing d6 wounds thanks to good ol' fellblade nastiness.
While my characters have things disrupted early my night runners will close across the board with their movement 6 and the slingers will try to engage their targets at long range while hoping their opponent won't be able to "see" them next turn. In addition, my extra hand weapon night runners attempt to close with the harried rank and file units that (depending on their reactions to my sorcerors) might have their flanks exposed to charges and hit one unit with 2-3 of these units
The globadiers and jezzails are just there incase there's anything with high toughness or strong armor so I can smack them around a bit. Sooo... sound annoying enough or do I need to try again?

Lord Tzeentch
05-08-2007, 15:59
Umm if your using the fell blade then you can't use any other weapons which means that he only has 4 attacks still very very painfull.

IMO i would take a Weeping blade and band of power that will make him strength 9(all you need to get rid of armour saves:)) and do D3 wounds instead.

Plus it won't hurt you Master Assassin which is a bonus.

05-08-2007, 16:24
true, true.. plus that would add an additional bound spell to help eat dispell dice and scrolls which would help with the whole annoyance factor

Lord Tzeentch
05-08-2007, 19:22
I really can't say at the mo as i havn't got my army book:(

Tho a unit of Eshin Triad would be fun not many people have seen a unit of 3 Assassins. I once did that and put my Master Assassin in the unit and used scout. lol it was a good day as my opponent craped himself as he couldn't see them with UCOD rule. Tho only use them as back up for other units as they have no armour and could become overwhelmed by enemy troops(not good for Skaven:()

06-08-2007, 22:49
Arg, a small fact has come to my attention that forces a minor re-vamp of my army of annoyance:
Lvl 2 Clan Eshin Sorcerors don't get a second spell...

SOOOOOO, the quick and dirty of it is this: Dropping one Sorceror, 3 globadiers and a jezzail and replacing them with an Assassin with weeping blade while keeping the Master Assassin with the Fellblade.

I'll skitterleap both the Master Assassin and the other Assassin into base to base with the same unit and let it catch 4 str 10 hits causing d6 wounds on one side and 4 str 5 hits doing d3 wounds on the other. There shouldn't be much any unit could do against that and it should definately annoy my opponent.

Lord Tzeentch
06-08-2007, 23:01
Hmm nice little combo that is really gunna **** off your opponents i like it:)

Lol you only just found out that they didnt get the extra spell lol 15pts for an extra spell i wish it was true:(

I would not hold much hope for the Assassin bit as thats your only spell and will be dispelled alot.

06-08-2007, 23:21
true, true.. but since few people where I play go magic heavy I might have a good chance with their warpston tokens and powerstone in addition to my base 6 casting dice.

Lord Tzeentch
06-08-2007, 23:36
yes-yes good-good

Sorry to much Clanrat building

Hmm its good to know that your not fighting dispelly armys. Tho remember their can't take alot of hits as they have no armour so becareful that he doesn't get killed in a challenge or run from a unit of slaves or something. Silly lol running from slaves ha now that im gunna make my quest before i die beat a really hard assassin with Slaves.

07-08-2007, 20:40
that would be funny.. now that I think about it, I could just as easily stay with the annoying theme and instead of dropping a sorceror for the assasin, just give a sorceror warpstone throwing stars and skitterleap him into position to throw 2 str 5 d3 wound shots at them. That would keep the extra casting dice around as well as allow me 3 attempts to cast skitterleap with what would then be 8 casting dice.