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23-08-2005, 15:58
I was wondering if people could give me some advice on my list and any tactics they have, thanks -Harkon

Treemen achient:425pts
annoyence of netling
cluster of radients
peagent of shrikes
lamentation of desparis

level 1
muder of sprites
befuddlemnet of mischiefs

level 1
muster of melevolents

level 1

8 dryads:96pts

8 dryads:96pts

8 dryads:96pts

8 dryads:96pts

8 dryads:96pts

3 treekin:195pts

3 treekin:195pts



23-08-2005, 19:48
first thoughts:

Multiple level 1 magic isn't very offensively effective, and i am not sure 5 dispel dice is better than 3 ... or 4 (you can take a spite that adds a dispell dice for 50pts)

Dryads being skirmishers won't do so well in hth when charged or charging. already they are down 4 CR due to no ranks or banner. sure S$ & T4 is good but these are not extraordinary either compared to many other troops. Thus they will have to use the most of what they have and it comes down to fear, so they need more than 8 to outnumber. causing fear means that they also cannot function effectively as bait by fleeing. being skirmishers means their flank charges do not negate the enemy's rank bonus.

You need more hth units, and i don't think the tree kin does well in this aspect either really. but at least they are T5 with good saves. but against a S5 unit (say S3+great weapons) with ranks they won't last long.

Overall their hth ability as an army is only alright and they don't have much in the way of missile weapons either.

thus i am skeptical of a tree spirit army effectiveness.

24-08-2005, 04:39
Add in some Wild Kin. They are Forest Spirits as well, and will give you some much needed mobility.

25-08-2005, 11:55
I don't think you need two Treemen. I say you should take out the normal Treeman and replace him with some wild riders.

25-08-2005, 12:05
While the idea of an all-Tree army is very groovy, you could expand your options by trying out characters with the Glamourweave and Wild Rider Kindreds, as well as some units of Wild Riders to cancel rank bonuses.

As fracas said, Fear in large numbers = good, so you could consider lumping two units of 8 Dryads into one of sixteen, leaving you with three roving hitty units. Depending on how much they cost, it might be worth taking champions for those units as well, to give them extra punch (they are an option for Dryads right?).

I don't agree that 5 dispel dice is no better than three though, it's what a lot of 2000pt armies have to go with. Depending on your battlefield, you could consider having Treesinging on all your Branchwraiths, and make life hell for any opponent that wishes to manuever! :D