View Full Version : What's your definition of a gunline?

05-08-2007, 20:34
As the title said, what would you refer to as a gunline? An army that relies heavily on guns as its tactics, or an army that has most of its points spent on artillary?

It may seem strange, but what do you think? What is the defining feature of a gunline?

05-08-2007, 20:42
A fairly unmoving line of missle troops whoose sole purpose is to cause as many casualties as possible before they inevitably are charged and killed.

Bit of a generalisation but that covers gunlines for the most part.

05-08-2007, 20:44
An army where over 60% of its troops are static missile troops or artilery.
Note how i said static.
The army rarely moves exept backwards.

Thats what i consider a gun line, a bit of a generalisation

Stella Cadente
05-08-2007, 20:47
my idea is just a bucket load of handgunners and cannons, that pretty much would be it

Mad Doc Grotsnik
05-08-2007, 20:50
An army mainly comprised of static Missile Troops and Artillery, with the entire plan being to bombard the enemy into submission, where the only tactical decisions made each turn are 'what do I shoot at now?'

05-08-2007, 21:05
As with most of the posts above, it is a static missile line, with artillery.

05-08-2007, 21:11
hmm, lots and lots of missile troops and warmachines of fun backed up by plenty of magic, its kinda like playing the orignal lotr game or even yahtzee ;)

05-08-2007, 21:34
I agree with the over 60% static army composition. Anything over 60% tends to just be a gunline with warmachines and magic backup with very little CC units.

The Anarchist
05-08-2007, 22:10
It may seem strange, but what do you think? What is the defining feature of a gunline?

an army that has lots of guns! or to be more acurate all ranged weapons.

everyone seem to be implying a static and warmachines are the nessecary. owever i have seen hugly dangerous wood elf armies that are all about movment and then creating moving pin-cushions.

however the most common gunline is a static one with the most evil combination of war machines possible. the dommonant idea beind thesea rmy types is to ensure that when the enemy (you would rather never though lol) reaches your lines its just s imple case at laughing at the few remaing guys before they get mobbed in CC.

05-08-2007, 22:23
A Gunline is a shooting army that beats you so much that you feel compelled to whine about it on the internet.

06-08-2007, 01:39
a gunline to me has 2 meanings, theres good gunlines and bad gunlines. a good gunline is able to repel the enemy due to good choices with who to shoot at and can mop up the rest of the enemy units with infantry or cavalry. a bad gunline (ones that **** me off) are ones that have lots of guns and missile weapons that can hit you really easily and then if you survive then you are faced with fighting against tough as nails troops. basicly i like empire gunlines since you can actually kill them butdwarf ones **** me off to no end.

06-08-2007, 16:36
An army made almost entirely of models designed for ranged combat, with virtually no close combat capability.

It can include such armies as the:
Skink Southlands bowline, Empire gunline, and Dwarf gunline. Other armies can do something similar (Skaven sling horde, Tomb Kings bowline with SSCs, and the occasional heavy magic Elf army). The Flying Circus has the close combat ability to kill off units that the magic does not, so it doesn't count.

06-08-2007, 17:06
I think that a gunline is probably tough to define, but if you face or own an army that makes you wonder if it's a gunline, then it likely is. In response to the first post, such armies probably require artillery, or they would not be able to deal with heavily armoured units of knights.

Colonel Raijan
06-08-2007, 17:11
A gunline is an army of Thousand Sons. Magic? We don't need no steenking magic!

Da Black Gobbo
06-08-2007, 19:02
Is a boring army to play against and normaly played by a cheese player or a coward that don't wanna fight as gork and mork, smashin' eads breakin bonez and laughtin from da gobs. Seriously gunlines aren't a good idea, and have no tactic except throwing dices to everything that moves and then killing the rests with some weak and cheap units.

06-08-2007, 19:03
Hmmm it's always difficult to say. Usualy I go for an army which is based purely around winning the game by a combination of magic and shooting. An atypical Empire Gunline (for instance) would include a Wizard lord (with dispel scrolls), 3 Wizards (with dispel scrolls), multiple units of handgunners, 4 cannon and a couple of Helblaster volley guns. Finaly there might be a small unit of knights to deal with anything that gets through the hail of shooting and magic missiles.

To note though a Gunline isn't an army which has a lot of shooting. It's perfectly OK to have lots of shooting in an army. Armies that totaly focus on shooting though is where the fun ends. General points to look for when deciding if an army is a Gunline (aside from the obvious tons of firepower) ....

Lack of movement - A Gunline army will never move forward and will rarely move at all.

Magic Heavy - Most Gunlines focus on getting as many magic missiles out of the magic phase as possible combined with preventing the enemy doing anything useful in his magic phases.

Slow play - Most Gunline players are in no hurry. They know they get the majority of their VP in the first three turns and are in no rush to allow you to get within charge range of any of his stuff. At the end of the day they hope to run the clock down and walk away with a victory.


06-08-2007, 19:22
A Gunline is a shooting army that beats you so much that you feel compelled to whine about it on the internet.

Gunlines that beast people who know how to play warhammer? sorry havent played one of these yet, i found beastmen very amusing against these kind of armies :)