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05-08-2007, 21:17
The spurning of one's own closet tendencies or ridding the imperium of traitorous taint....you decide.:D

The Dark Angel:angel:

DARK Angel, with thine aching lust
To rid the world of penitence:
Malicious Angel, who still dost
My soul such subtile violence!

Because of thee, no thought, no thing,
Abides for me undesecrate:
Dark Angel, ever on the wing,
Who never reachest me too late!

When music sounds, then changest thou
Its silvery to a sultry fire:
Nor will thine envious heart allow
Delight untortured by desire.

Through thee, the gracious Muses turn,
To Furies, O mine Enemy!
And all the things of beauty burn
With flames of evil ecstasy.

Because of thee, the land of dreams
Becomes a gathering place of fears:
Until tormented slumber seems
One vehemence of useless tears.

When sunlight glows upon the flowers,
Or ripples down the dancing sea:
Thou, with thy troop of passionate powers,
Beleaguerest, bewilderest, me.

Within the breath of autumn woods,
Within the winter silences:
Thy venomous spirit stirs and broods,
O Master of impieties!

The ardour of red flame is thine,
And thine the steely soul of ice:
Thou poisonest the fair design
Of nature, with unfair device.

Apples of ashes, golden bright;
Waters of bitterness, how sweet!
O banquet of a foul delight,
Prepared by thee, dark Paraclete!

Thou art the whisper in the gloom,
The hinting tone, the haunting laugh:
Thou art the adorner of my tomb,
The minstrel of mine epitaph.

I fight thee, in the Holy Name!
Yet, what thou dost, is what God saith:
Tempter! should I escape thy flame,
Thou wilt have helped my soul from Death:

The second Death, that never dies,
That cannot die, when time is dead:
Live Death, wherein the lost soul cries,
Eternally uncomforted.

Dark Angel, with thine aching lust!
Of two defeats, of two despairs:
Less dread, a change to drifting dust,
Than thine eternity of cares.

Do what thou wilt, thou shalt not so,
Dark Angel! triumph over me:
Lonely, unto the Lone I go;
Divine, to the Divinity.

Lionel Johnson:evilgrin:

The Anarchist
05-08-2007, 22:01
okay..............:confused: I'am slightly puzzled?

05-08-2007, 22:04
Its a poem it also implys homosexual tendancies... Its a old joke about the DA...

The poets name and the Primarchs name... IIRc the poet was gay.

05-08-2007, 22:06
okay..............:confused: I'am slightly puzzled?

No I didn't make the poem up, it's the real world impetus of fluff of one space marine chapter and why everyone points and laughs. :evilgrin:

05-08-2007, 23:31
I've never seen this as necessarily a poem about homosexuality. I think that comes from the life of the author himself. I've always seen it as merely talking about shame at forbidden desires in general.

06-08-2007, 07:56
Yeah, it's certainly an interesting backdrop to the formation of the Dark Angels. I don't think it has any further in-game, uhm, consequences but amusing nonetheless.

06-08-2007, 09:08
Interesting. I've known where the name comes from for ages but i've never come across the poem, cheers! I agree with theLionReturns- one can infer that the poem implies homesexual tendencies only because that biographical fact about the author is known.. the poem itself just seems to be about forbidden desires in general but the archaic language is tricky to penetrate and interpret..worthwhile though. aah a bit of culture, but not terribly amusing to my mind. hur hur Dark Angels wear dresses etc etc..geez.

06-08-2007, 09:56
Bad poem from an bad poet, from a forgettable movement in the english language.
One the emos will undoubtedly put to music and cut themselves to.
(Still, has to be better than "the rime of the ancient mariner" ) - forced to study both at school, and hope that it didn't scar me permanently.

Yep, uncultured. People reading way too much into an injoke, methinks. Reading poetry and looking at pictures that a 3 yo with crayons could do better does not make one cultured.