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Lord Kazmai
06-08-2007, 01:18
hi all

i plan on starting an iron warriors army soon for an upcoming league, and in the league i will be on a team with two necron players. so instead of the Iron Warriors worshipping chaos, i was going to have them worship the void dragon, to fit in with the other two players.

So i wanted too know is it possible for the void dragon to have mortal followers, and would he even acapt them. And how could i represent their change of patronage through both modeling, army selection, and fluff.



Khaine's Messenger
06-08-2007, 04:48
So i wanted too know is it possible for the void dragon to have mortal followers, and would he even acapt them.

The answer to this question is long and complex, but if you want the "short" version....

...yes. It is possible for the Void Dragon to have mortal followers. It's a point of contention whether or not he could even command the worship of the entire Adeptus Mechanicus due to his precipitous placement. However, it is arguable to what extent He would care for their worship, or even be aware of it, since he is as yet asleep (arguably on Mars itself). Is their following based on mad visions caused by emanations from his slumber, or is it a subtle and slow-to-develop meme that his Necron servants implanted long ago? Do they even know it is the Void Dragon? Do they know the Void Dragon's nature? Etc.

Consider the "cult" that grew up around the Nightbringer in the novel of the same name...they didn't worship him as such, but the leader believed that by journeying to the Nightbringer's tomb (and knowing nothing of the exact nature of the C'tan or the Necrons), he could awaken an entity which he could bargain with for immortality and power. His entire force was equipped through his own patronage and an alliance with a Dark Eldar raider host that thought the same thing.

And how could i represent their change of patronage through both modeling, army selection, and fluff.

I would suggest few modeling alterations to normal Iron Warriors fare, but you could note that your particular faction of Iron Warriors has a good lead on how to "correct" the mutation sprees the legion goes through as a Chaos Legion...as noted in their IA, one possible reason they have a lot of bionics is because they're none too fond of Chaos mutations and amputate the things. Noting what happened to the Thousand Sons when they attempted to invoke sorcery, and remembering stories of the Iron Men from before the Age of Strife, they've shifted their focus to alien technologies...enter the discovery of a derelict and inactive Necron tomb world....

Puffin Magician
06-08-2007, 05:12
Possible for the Void Dragon to have mortal followers and accept them?
It could be argued that literally anything could have "followers" should they choose to worship it. Trekism is basically a cult, afterall! ;)

You'd just need a reason for the Iron Warriors to want to worship the Void Dragon. Remember that it is still a myth, since we don't really know where it's laying dormant. Entombed in the martian catacombs? Perhaps, but just as likely to be stuck in a Dyson Sphere somewhere.

So unless/until the Void Dragon is actually free/known about, he can't really accept them. But if it could? Even the Necrons aren't really anything special to the C'Tan, and one would easily sacrifice millions to achieve a goal... so as far as the Iron Warriors being accepted, well they might simply be strung along/used until their purpose has been fulfilled. The C'Tan aren't known for being friendly.

How to represent in roster composition, fluff, and modeling?
They might incorporate more red [the dark, Adeptus Mechanicus red] into their scheme to represent their allegiance. Perhaps to the point of Word Bearer-ish banners, iconography, etc.

One of my favourite things about the Iron Warriors is that they have the technological capacity of at least several major Forge Worlds, but no drawback of the STC-dominated [and reliant] loyalist Mechanicus, nor the religious techno-ignorance possessed by the rest of the Imperium.

Perhaps incorporate some Necron-themed weaponry into your army [Gauss, Warscythe], using it during games as a "counts-as" weapon. Use Plague Marines to represent Necron-Astartes hybrids that benefit from higher Toughness and Feel no Pain.