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06-08-2007, 08:47
The following are just some of the models in my army, Iím not the best painter, I know that, Iím probably most proud of my Junior Officers (Lt Hursen and Varl) and Kasrkin Sergeant Kyan (I name most of my special models).
Anyhow, this is them, I also have 3 heavy weapons and a Leman Russ, but this gives you an idea of the scheme of my army, based on the Cadian 110th Regiment, but with a more Ďdrabí look, which I think looks more army-like, for the record, itís Catachan Green fatigues and Chaos Black armour, with Chainmail for the metal bits and Shining Gold over Tin Bitz for the imperial logos ect.
I do the lenses for the Kasrkin with Blood Red followed by Magenta Ink, and the skin is Dwarf Flesh followed by an Elf Flesh overbrush. However, Iím changing to Tan Flesh, followed by Dwarf Flesh then finally Elf Flesh.
If you wanted, you could drybrush the fatigues with Camo Green or Rotting Flesh maybe, but I donít like to drybrush (I canít do it). However, Iíve started with Orks so drybrushing will probably become a more common part of my army.
Anyhow here are the images!

Chimera Imperius: http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/8963/60017250qo0.jpg
Colonel Finley: http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/8269/heroicseniorofficermf1.jpg
K-Sgt Kyan: http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/1609/kasrkinsergeantkyangy4.jpg
Lt Hursen & Varl: http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/9871/lthursenandltvarlxl1.jpg
R-Sgt Vase: http://img187.imageshack.us/img187/2826/ratlingsergeantsparrowaas0.jpg
Sentinel Fury: http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/872/sentinelqd8.jpg
Sgt Duke: http://img187.imageshack.us/img187/8182/sergeandduke2kj0.jpg

06-08-2007, 09:20
They have a really gritty WWII kind of feel to them. :D

06-08-2007, 09:36
And they would be a bit less out of place in the Painting forums... :angel:

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Eeep.. sorry, if a moderator/admin wants to move this i have no problem.

Anyhow. I wanted the feel of a regiment that doesent mess around with all the hokey banners-and-special-colors thing. I decided that the most extravagent colors would be the red shoulder patches for the sergeant, and the kasrkin flamer tanks (also red). But otherwise i decided on having the black-on-green, which gives it a great 'matte' look.

06-08-2007, 15:08
The scheme looks good - nice and uncomplicated. I like the red shoulder pad idea to aid identification of the srgts/vet srgs and officers.

If you write some fluff to back this up you would add real character to your army. For example you could say that the red represents the men who have fallen under their comman so that they and their men never forget the cost of freedom and the Imperium.

Just a little tip, with the weapon barrels that are silver - get some black wash and water it down a little or get some black and add water untill it is 3/1 water. Wash this over the barrels and it should take some of the gleam off it unless ofcourse you intended to have shiney barrelys in which case I appologise profusely.

07-08-2007, 16:04
Yeah, I kinda wrote a history, tell me what you think…


The regiment is the 1082nd Durandal Grenadier Battalion.

Durandal was discovered in M38, around the middle of the millennium by a group of rouge traders, who named the planet ‘Durandal’. The Durandal planet they discovered is actually Durandal IV, much like today’s earth, though much more temperate, it’s ice caps are also larger.

There are 8 planets in the Durandal System, they are Durandal Prime, and the next are Durandal II, III and IV. The remaining planets are Oberon Prime, through Oberon II to IV.
Of all the planets, only three are inhabited, Durandal Prime, Durandal IV and Oberon Prime.
Durandal Prime is twice the size of Durandal IV.
Durandal Prime is also the hub of the area, and it’s population is around 10 billion, most of them living in cities much like ours, though MUCH larger, and taller.

Durandal IV is next in terms of population, around 350 million, though it’s only the size of mars, and it’s population is clumped in some areas. Durandal IV is supported by around 2 million guardsmen, and whilst they take much from the Cadian military, they structure themselves differently.

For starters, they are organized into Battalions of roughly 1000 men, complete with armour, stormtroopers and heavy weapons. The battalions are also trusted with a wing of aircraft, either ten Thunderbolt Fighters or four Marauder bombers. They are also trusted with a number of Valkyre VTOL transports, however, these aircraft are all technically the property of the Navy, they are fielded as part of the Guard.

They are based off of the 110th Cadian ‘Shadow Corps’, whom many of their advisors came from. As Oberon Prime was a primarily night world, the 110th Cadian had experience in the ways of night-fighting, so a few hundred veteran guard were promoted, and sent over as advisors to the newly found planet.

During M39, Durandal was almost forgotten, it had no contact with the Imperium for almost 300 years at some points. During this time, the Durandal regiments changed their military, as the planet developed, it was discovered that Durandal III was rich in minerals and precious metals. As such, miners flocked there, driven by greed, they dug further underground, and within 20 years, had formed underground cities and communities, and the population of D-3, as it was known, soared.

However, the governors of Durandal Prime did not want Durandal III to go unruled, so the 10th Battalion was sent to clean up each city, one by one. Within weeks, they realised the problem wasn’t just a lack of faith in the Emperor.
It was outright rebellion, the second they’d began enforcing in the first city, they were attacked, not by chaos, but renegades, rouges who did not care for the Imperium, and had the backing of most of the population.

When no word was heard after three weeks, the governors became worried, a series of special operations were conducted, and it was discovered that the people of Durandal III had built a number of small ‘barges’, enough to ferry them between the planets.

And that was when it happened.

The rebellion, fuelled by almost 20 million people, declared war, claiming they did not wished to be meddled with, and attacked Durandal IV at the very beginning of M40.
This was when the Imperium reacted, it dispatched two navy cruisers from the neighbouring Nemesis system, intent to halt the rebellion.
However, it was too late, the cruisers had missed the enemy landings, and already the northern ice lands had been overrun.

The military of the Durandal system was all stationed on Durandal Prime, leaving only 15 battalions on Durandal IV, less than 16,000 men to defend the planet, and not enough armoured support to drive off the enemy, who had thousands of tanks to their name.

It was less than three months before the military of Durandal IV came up with a plan. In hive city Lucas, they had a number of facilities, one of which produced explosive rockets for use in the trademark Rocket Launcher.
The military devised a weapon in weeks, a simple tube-launcher much favoured by many jungle regiments, it fired a crude rocket to a range of around 200 yards, and could penetrate the rear armour of a Leman Russ at 50 yards.

This was enough to stall the advance, and the enemy turned their heads to the production facilities of Hive Lucas.

The fighting was fierce, the enemy encroaching within a hundred yards of the first factory, and when the battles raged outside it, the workers were literally handing the weapons over bare seconds after they’d rolled off the re-loading line.

For almost 3 months, the city of Lucas went under siege, the 882nd and 1082nd Battalions defending the factory, the street fighting was the advantage of these regiments, who held the enemy off until the 200th and 342nd Battalions could arrive, and launch an all out assault on the enemy rear lines.

The enemy, who had numbered close to 3 million upon landing, had lost 1/3rd of their personnel, including many of their senior commanders, and a huge number of tanks. With the arrival of the 200th and 342nd Battalions, they secured the Windy Pleatu, near the foothills that bordered Hive Lucas. This was the landing ground that the Imperial Navy had needed, and began dropping troops immediately.

Within 3 weeks, almost 10,000 troops had amassed on the foothills, the numbers of the 882nd, 1082nd, 200th and 342nd Battalions were each boosted to 2000 men, those fresh recruits and conscripts were merged with veterans, to give them quick combat experience.

And with that, the 10,000 men formed the spearhead of Battlegroup ‘Lexus’, and began their assault on the mountains, the final lines of the enemy invaders. The fighting in the mountains came as a shock to the Lexus forces, who had been used to close combat in a hive, where the longest ranges ever faces were never more than 300m.
Now, they faced the enemy at huge distances, many over 500m, and some battles fought between tanks, lobbing shells at each other from kilometres away!

The battle-tactics were changed, the 1082nd forged itself a reputation as a battalion with the finest infiltration skills around, on one occasion, the Battle for Sebas Valley, they infiltrated over 1000 men with 400m of the enemy before launching their assault.

The Sebas valley battle lasted a straight 72 hours of non-stop fighting, every platoon reported non-stop fighting, where the enemy threw everything they had at the attackers, who, whilst defeated, continually pushed on.

It would not be another 3 days until Sebas valley was held, with the 882nd quick on the heels, the 1082nd launched an attack, and confusing the enemy, the 882nd reached the lines undetected. When the enemy launched a second push, believing the bare 500 of the 1082nd left, they were met with fivefold that number.

The rebels were slaughtered, as the 882nd took over, counter-charging, almost 1500 men rushed across the battle, as the enemy routed, the Sebas valley was finally held, opening the route across the mountain range, and allowing the entire Nova Battlegroup to attack.

The Sebas Valley battle was when the Sergeant’s red shoulder patch emerged, on many occasions, the enemy had taken the uniforms and flak armour of the dead 1082nd soldiers, and as such, to distinguish units returning to the rear lines, the Sergeants carried a spare red shoulder pad, and would affix it to their person for the last few hundred metres to the rear lines.

This is also where the tradition of Sergeants wearing helmets came. The soldiers of the Durandal armies are quite different from most, in the sense that officers salute first, after soldiers, and as such, this confused enemy snipers, as Sergeants are considered officers, and by wearing a helmet, they looked much like a guardsman, and thus, the enemy became confused as to whom was the officer.

There is also a reason as to why the officers salute first, this came about during the Battle for Lucas City, when there were scant few officers to command the defending forces, barely a half-dozen could be scrounged at the best of times. As such, those soldiers (and armed citizens) would not allow the officers into combat, as they needed someone to lead them tactically. As a return, the officers decided that for allowing them to remain relatively safe in the factory, they would treat the soldiers as one of their own.

And to the current day, the traditions of that year of battle continue. When the enemy forces were driven to the final mountain range, they numbered less than 30,000, and whilst Battlegroup Nova numbered half that, they had victory within their grasp, and with the enemy reinforcements months away, they had nowhere left to go.

The enemy were whittled down to 20,000 before they conceded surrender, Colonel Horro of the 882nd receiving the unconditional surrender of the rebel forces.

This was when one of the biggest changes happened, almost two years after, a whole regiment arrived from a far away system, believing there to be a war on, there was none. When the commissars found out that most enemy troops still lived, they insisted they be executed for treason.

However, now Governor Horro denied the commissars this order, as the enemy were nothing but deserters of the Imperium, and had no manifestations of chaos or xeno-worship in them. The commissars threatened to execute Governor Horro for treason, claiming it was against the Emperor to spare such scum.
When news of this threat reached the line troops of the still existent Battlegroup Nova, they rallied, rounding up the scattered pockets of the guard regiment, including many of the senior officers and commissars of the regiment.

As such, the statement was withdrawn, and the regiment left 3 months later, bound to another battleground against the Tau.

With this, the line troopers refused any and all contact with centrally trained commissars, and as such, commissars were trained on Durandal Prime, and given express orders not to execute officers, however, they could relieve them of command indefinitely (As an aside, this is why officers are not ‘executed’ but removed from play, and the Commissar takes over. This is also why all my officers have Trademark Items, so commissars cannot execute them).

It has been 500 years since the rebellion, and little has happened. The largest battle was between the 839th Battalion against a rebellion on Oberon Prime, though the ice world was easily retaken.

The traditions of the Durandal forces has changed little, though their battle tactics still rely on a large number of manoeuvrable infantry, their signature weapon being the Grenade Launcher and Meltagun, since they are famed tank hunters.
They do now include armour, having faced such formidable beasts they wanted to have them for themselves, though the armour is generally used to support infantry with heavier firepower than they could regularly field.

And as such, we enter the new age, the Tau encroaching, and the threat of rebel pirates from the newly colonized systems rising, the 1082nd is ready to jump into the fray once again, at a moments notice, constantly training, ready for the enemy to come…

07-08-2007, 18:33
your paint scheme is really simple, and i likes it!!

it looks like a guard company would really look like

good on ya

The Anarchist
07-08-2007, 19:22
nice a well done story and i like the paint job, it all feels ver nice and gritty. howeve moving it to thestory and art section would probably be a good idea.
again very nice though.