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Brother Smith
23-08-2005, 18:58
Name: 'Orion' (real name unkown to the men - could be unveiled later on...)
Rank: Sergant
Equipment: Same as a standard S/PDF Marine but also a power sword and a plasma pistol. He's also in charge...
Apperance: Orange eyes, the left eye containing three thin white specks located in the pupil, a freak genetic mutation (hence his nickname). His uniform is dark grey with Orange shoulderpads / carapace, as opposed to the standard urban or forest camoflauge of the S/PDF. He is tall with a mostly shaven head, but with a pony tail at the back. He is just over six foot tall.
History: Raised in the feral tribes on the third volcanic planet Karavlar IX, he was found by an Adeptus Mechanicus Magii in the ruiins of the ancient high tech city of Ach-alaran as a teenager and was secretly brought up by the Magii. He speaks standard Imperial, the native language of the Feral tribes of Karavlar IX and the language of technology, taught to him by his mentor (the Magii).

There has been a distress call from a research station on the edge of the Karavlar system. There has been no contact since and astropaths cannot reach outside of the system.

The System Defence Force, drawn from each planets PDF, has sent a platoon of marines to investigate, with representives from the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Inquisition.

It was cold inside the dropship. Blue light filled the room. This was the third day of travel and the crew were still in zero-g hibernation (no gravity aboard lowly system ships). Slowly, the hibernation pods started to open, a thin mist seeping from the spaces opening. Orion was the first to wake. He crawled out of his chamber and stood up, surveying the other marines, and went to find the pilots.

As the door to the cockpit, an alarm sounded, the lights turning from placid blue to flashing red. Jonas Roland turned to loudly inform him that there was a pressure leak somewhere in the craft and that they were losing pressure rapidly...

23-08-2005, 19:04
Ruben hudson clamberd out of his capsule onto the cold metal floor. Klaxons blared and red light painted the ship.He went imediatly to the cotpit. Orion glared at him "What are you waiting for marine, your slippers" He barked, "that would be real nice sarge" He smirked. "We have a pressure leak" Orion spat glaring at him
"Realy sarge, what do you want me to do about it" Ruben asked.

Brother Smith
23-08-2005, 19:10
'Well maybe you can look for it before I send you to the Emperor!'
Orion yelled as he vaulted to the hibernation chambers to wake the rets of the squad up from their beauty sleep.
'Get up you little heathens or I will personally rip your head off and **** down your neck!' He bellowed as a hissing noise became apparent.

23-08-2005, 19:12
Ruben ran down into the mess hall and then into the armoury. He then moved quickly into the outer corridors. he slipped on the floor banging his head. It hurt like hell but he hoisted him self up and carried on running, searching for the leak.

23-08-2005, 21:58
"Let some liqued out is should show us where the leak is so we can seal it up. Sargerant Orion we are on approaroach to the research station. We have about 3 Hours before were in range for the Drop ship."

Jonas contuined to work on the controls and make sure he put a little adreline into each of the marines as they woke up the heaters where on for most of the trip which sadly Jonas had been awake for most of it plioting the ship and wacthing out for Space debris and the like.

Jonas liked these trips mos tof the time just there was no astropath no big deal be on there way back hopefuly pretty soon.

24-08-2005, 22:34
He went around the ship and checked all the systems and made sure everything was okay besides the leak but that was easy enough to cover must have had some mirco merotrite hit them.

"proplem solved Sarge"

25-08-2005, 05:50
Cordus awoke, and pushed the lid of his capsule open, laying there for a bit he didnt get up, instead he waited some more. As Orion attempted to awaken Cordus he stood up.
"get off me you fool, hitting a member of the Inquisition, i should have you tried for Heresy."Maxime Cordus's voice boomed, before he started laughing."Good to see you again friend."

25-08-2005, 13:21
Ruben looked at the inquisitorial representitive. "Great, a *********** stiff" He murmured aloud.

25-08-2005, 15:23
Cordus turned to Ruben. "A stiff aye, im sure id drink you under the table mate."

25-08-2005, 16:27
Ruben frowned. "I'll take you up on that some time pal" He huffed before heading to his locker and pulling on some clothes. He Pulled on his standard fatigues- an urban terrain set. In his locker hung his weapons and some photos of home. he sllammed the locker shut and began doing push-ups to get active.

25-08-2005, 17:14
"so Sarge what are we here on the empeor forskan place?"

Jonas Took out a small Bottle of water and took a big glup

Brother Smith
25-08-2005, 19:14
'Well, theres no contact with the thrid research station. I could be a technical fault, but with all the pirate and xeno activity, it might not be...' Orion said, as he beckonded the team to the mess table.

As they were eating they heard a deep thud and a scrape. Jonas was eating in the cockpit when he saw the debris. Orion leapt out of his chair to see what was going on - it was a pirate ship, badly damaged, with creaturs crawling around the outer hull.

But they had their mission. 'Carry on our course'.

25-08-2005, 19:29
"Sir can i ask you a question" Ruben asked
"Fir away private" Orion barked
"Is this going to be a stand up fight or just anoher bug-hunt"

25-08-2005, 19:33
James had never seen anything like what was on that ship and it really bothered him. "what the hell where those things?" He looked a bit worried that those are what had been ment in the 'bug-hunt' comment.

25-08-2005, 19:49
Rego Graphite was busy cleaning his gun. He didn't care about the others or what they were doing. Nor did he care about the broken down pirate ship.

'Sarge, give me something to shoot,' the man said. 'This is another bug hunt more than likely. Something that will change your white-tighties brown.'

Rego Graphite barked a laugh and then re-assembled his gun quickly. He hated these missions. They were always something stupid and never had any real drama.

25-08-2005, 19:53
Ruben laughed fakly "Very funny Rego, you won't be saying that when i save your ass" he gloated while eating.

25-08-2005, 19:59
James tried to look like nothing was bothering him and laughed too. He settled back into his seat at the mess table and forced himself to eat and take his mind off what was going on around him.

25-08-2005, 19:59
'Save my ass?' Rego asked raising his eyebrow. 'I think you have been around the air refresher too much, its starting to make you hallucinate.'

Graphite did not want to eat. He wanted to get to work, get the job done and then head home.

25-08-2005, 20:05
"thats gotta be one of the werdiest things i've ever seen. Hold on for a second I'll just have to alter the course" Jonas Put his hands on the controls and slowy moved the ship high above the ship debris he looked down at the passinh ship look like a small ship and well tyhere where alot of small creatures that lived in the void but he had never seen so many all over a ship.

"so Do you want me to try to land this hunk of junk on the planet or just send the drop ships down? Sarge if its a ADmech plance they proply have a large enough landing stript for a Relativly small ship like this"

25-08-2005, 20:08
"think about it Im gonna join the men these pliot rations are just as good as rock i doubt there food is much better but it might be" Jonas laughed

Jonas sat down at the table that every one was sitting at with some food

"what they feeding you guys these days tar?"

25-08-2005, 20:10
"If were lucky" Ruben muttered

Brother Smith
25-08-2005, 21:24
'Use the smaller dropships from orbit to avoid detection.
'It seems most of my squad have little experience with xenos I see! It might be Orks... Tyranids... the ancient undead... or just pirates. In any case expect a good firefight. Pray to the Emperor for you may not make it back...' he said with a wink.

Prep for drop, ETA Jonas?

25-08-2005, 21:38
"you should start getting Preped right now im gonna go put the ship into orbit around the Planet that won't take long." Jonas Grabbed a muffin form Rubens plate and took a bite

"see you guys in the hanger bay" Jonas walked out of the mess hall and made his way down the corriordoir to the cockpit he entered it was a rathe nice cockpit but then again the enitre ship was quite nice to begin with. he entred in the correct command codes and brought the ship into low orbit around the planet he double checked to make sure that it wouldn't come crashing down onto the planet when Jonas plioted the drop ship down.

25-08-2005, 22:14
Rego slapped his hellgun together and looked round the hangar. It was getting time for lift off and he smiled to himself. It was certainly a good day to die.

27-08-2005, 00:37
once the ship was in orbit Jonas made his way down to the hanger he loved flying these hubks of metal. though there where about as areo dynamic as a brick for some reason he was able to fly them like he was the dropship. or mabye it was just Jonas was just that dam good.

Jonas walked into the back of the drop ship and started doing some checks of the system onboard when the sarge was ready he would tell Jonas to take off

Hippy In Peril
27-08-2005, 00:38
Major Dimitri Nikolaevich Vasiliev stepped into the far end of the hanger, opposite the angular dropship he was about to fly with a very young pilot. He walked over to the Sergeant and his squad of men, carrying his survival pack under one arm, and removing his peaked officer's cap with his free hand. He walked up the open troop ramp, and made his way into the cockpit. He sat down in the number two chair, and nodded to the young pilot next to him.

"I don't believe we have met," Dimitri said in a thick, Russian accent, "I am Major Dimitri Vasiliev," he said, offering his hand for a shake.

27-08-2005, 01:03
"Jonas Roland Top pilot in this system whened you show up?" He grabbed the Majors hand

"hope you don't mind being copilot" Jonas said not looking at the major after leaveing his hand he kepts going threw the system checks

Brother Smith
27-08-2005, 02:33
Orion appeared out of nowhere, fully dressed in his bulky grey and orange carapace armour.

'I do believe you've offended our dear Major! Apoligise!' He exclaimed, turning back towards the ship with a smug grin on his face.

'Ok men get in the dropship! We leave in three minuites - If your not ready you stay behind and if you stay behind I hope you don't mind execution?

The marines boarded the dropship, along with the Mechanicus Priests and the Inquisitorial Representative. This was going to be a long mission, he could feel it.

He felt the thump of the engines starting immediately as he sat down.

Ok Back to you guys to describe the rest... we start the real action soon...

27-08-2005, 03:28
Jonas sighed and threw his head back "sorry but your still co-pilot"

"as systems check out prepare for drop marines. T-mius 3....2....1 lauch" Jonas felt his stomach now in his thoart he loved this feeling as the Dropship was violentyl pulled away form the ship by the planets gravity he begun his descent.

He yelled over the roar of the engines. "we'll be there in 3 mintuies sarge! tell you boys they can change there panites when we get on the surface" jonas let out a adreline filled laugh this is what he lived for.

Hippy In Peril
27-08-2005, 06:49
Dimitri grinned a bit, and shouted over the roar of the descent, "You may be the main pilot, but remember! I'm making sure you don't screw up!" A red light appeared on the console in front of them, accompanied by a loud, wailing claxon. "God damnit," he said, and looked over his shoulder, "sarge, it's going to be a real bumpy right! Get your comrades to buckle down tight, I might have to help the rookie on this one!" he shouted back into the troop compartment.

The major gripped the yokes as the craft started to violently shake. "Just hold her so she doesn't break up on the descent!" shouted Dimitri over the rattling of the craft. "If she starts to break apart, we're all screwed," he said as various warning lights lit up along the different control panels. "Dear Emperor of Man...Get us out of this..." he thought to himself, cursing to himself in Russian about the miscalculations both of them must have made in the descent.

27-08-2005, 07:25
"I knew i'd have to save you!" Jonas Grabbed the controls and his knuckles went white with how hard he held the controls. He saw a small light blinking he was now in the zone. He saw the clouds that would give him trouble he even had to turn this hunk of metal upside down a few of the marines that weren't straped down where violent thrown about the cabin of the ship he hoped none of them got hurt to bad. he felt like the ship was about to rip it self open it one burtal swing it be all over just the cold air. but he doesn't then his gut is back in his chest again


airpockt then silnce

"oh you gotta be kiding me!!!" the engine shut off he knew he should have tuned it oh well when this was over he'd explain it to the empoer him self he grabs the start level and slams it the engine roars back to life like some baby awoke form a deep sleep he loves the sound then the cloud clear he's way to close to the ground he might be able to land it but it doesn't look like it

"hold onto you panites boys this is gonna be rough" he pulls up as hard as he can but he can't get it to slow down fast enough 1,000m he's gotta slow down 800m there gonna get smashed to bits 300m they might surive but no ship

"DIMITRI HIT THE LANDING PADS! NOW!" Dimtri slams on the landing gears and the entire ships scream witht he sound of tourted metal but they made it they survied.

he slaps Dimitri on the back

"did you ever have any doubts" Jonas laughs and puts his head in his hands only he knew how close they had came to being dead. all of them

"every one all right back there?" jonas yelled back he heard moans the sarge is gonna have his ass for this

27-08-2005, 13:06
Ruben Stood testing his auspex scanner. He read his fellow team members and tuned them into green blobs. Any other life would be blue blobs and mechanical life forms would show up red. Suddenly the ship jolted nd he was thrown forward.

27-08-2005, 13:18
James rubbed the back of his head and found he was not bleeding just a small lump. "Ya all good back here." He unbuckled himself and checked all his gear.

Hippy In Peril
28-08-2005, 18:03
"Not bad, rookie," smirked Dimitri. He stood, and stretched. He finished with a groan, and grabbed his autopistol from a compartment in the dash. Dimitri holstered it on his left, opposite to his seven-round pistol on his right hip. He pressed a button next to the cockpit doors, opening it with a hiss. The Major stepped out into the troop compartment, checking the condition of the occupants, and more importantly, the ship itself.

"Everyone," the Major said, "Lieutenant Roland and myself need you to get your gear, and exit the ship." Dimitri walked over to the sergeant, his heavy flight boots making a thump on the metal decking of the small dropship. "Sergeant, Lieutenant Roland and I will be staying back here at the dropship. If a problem arises, we'll be ready," said the Major.

28-08-2005, 18:12
Ruben readied at the exit hatch. His scanners read nothing.

28-08-2005, 22:09
Jonas went and drove out the razor back to bad he wasn't gonna drive it. not fast enough for his taste anyway.

"brought a parting gift for you boys" Jonas said as he climbed out of the razor back and he went back into the ship

"Major we should proply check the engines of this hunk of metal I brought it down but i got a bad feeling there could be some damage" Jonas grabbed the tool box and opened up a small acess panel that had a little data screen he begun ot go threw and see if there was any damge he hoped there wouldn't be

28-08-2005, 22:24
Ruben did a quick perimeter sweep. "Nothing on scanners sarge" he reported, "Keep checking hudson" Orion growled.

29-08-2005, 17:03
Jonas was surpised nothing was broken all the systems where working just fine.

"looks like its gonna be easy meech mind if I call you meech major? good" Jonas walked back up the ramp and sat in the pilot chair he leaned back and sighed.

29-08-2005, 17:22
Rubn ran up to the facility entrance. The door had been locked. "Just a minuite sarge, ill have this sucker open" He shouted as he opened the controll box and started fiddiling with it. The box turned green and the door slid open "we're in boss" he shouted to Orion.

Brother Smith
29-08-2005, 19:10
'Good, I want two teams. Brusen (NPC), you take team one (all NPCs) the rest team two. I want trackers up front and exploring the facility.

Now there are going to be three blast doors. I don't want to attract attention so Mage Priests, if you would be so kind as to open them silently?'

He wondered where that rep. was...

Ok, there will be a map of the facility in the Gallery section of Warseer in my user gallery.

29-08-2005, 19:19
Ruben began moving down the entrance corridor. His scanner bleeped every 3 seconds, reporting all clear save his team members.

Hippy In Peril
30-08-2005, 23:36
Dimitri walked outside the dropship, running his hand along the hull. "Everything seems alright," he said in his thick Russian accent. He stepped around the port side, and stopped infront of the left-hand engine. Large scorch marks ran along it, and in most parts, engine components and wires were exposed.

"Lieutenant, we're going to be here a while!" shouted the Major. Dimitri walked back around the ship, and went back inside. He made his way to the cockpit, but instead of going in, opened a large storage locker next to the door. Inside, there were a pair of lasguns, and a couple of power packs for each, two flak jackets, and a tool box. Dimitri took the tool box, closed the locker, and walked back outside the ship.

31-08-2005, 00:08
"You want some help with that meech?" Jonas got out and went to where the major had started to repair some small holes with the welder.

31-08-2005, 12:55
The blast doors slid open and they were inside the facility. Ruben looked around. He was in a security checkpoint, he keyed the comn "sarge this place looks prety messed up, abandoned" He muttered he looked to the wall to see several holes "There was a fight here but it did'nt last long" He contiued.

31-08-2005, 22:06
James stayed in formation and looked rather nervose and clearly didnt want to be here. "I wounder what attacked them in here?"

Brother Smith
01-09-2005, 13:30
Orion stepped into the compound. Holo-screens adorned the walls, cracked, shattered.

He sent team 1 straight into the adimistration block, and, as he expected, there was nothing to be found.

'Turn sensors to bio-scanning'

The walls of this place were covered in a thick, ozzing substance, which was very slippery.

He hit the floor when the air was filled with gargled screams. Sanchez, Mjor and Hesphateus were gone.
'Open fire on that bulkhead!!' He yelled over the comm system, whilst searching for a vent of some kind to travel through. Bingo. He called team two over to travel through it whilst leaving the remains of team one to defend the bulkhead.

01-09-2005, 19:41
Ruben crept through the vent, scanner bleeping. "Still nothing sarge" he repoted as he moved along feeling claustrophobic.

Brother Smith
01-09-2005, 19:50
The squad came to a junction. Something was moving, reading on Orion's scanner.
'I want trackers up there now!' He whispered over the comm, cancelling out the clicking noise made by the activiation of his hellgun.

01-09-2005, 21:10
Rubens scanner blipped. He hit it. "Boss, this is either broke or theres nothing up there" he shouted.

Brother Smith
01-09-2005, 21:39
The object lurched forward, striaght into Ruben, the light of his scanner illuminating is slimy, tentacled head. He panicked and filled the space around him with fire, in an attempt to defend himself.

01-09-2005, 22:14
Jonas Heard what was going on over the comm channel

"Meech Finish what ever your doing it looks like we might need to help our boys out"

Jonas Ran into the cock pit and put on his pilot helment and hooked it into the battle net work

"Sarge this is Jonas I hear whats going on in there We can try to send in the Razorback after you Im prepping the ship for lauch.....Sarge! come in"

He looked and replyed what the other fire team had senn it was some sort of creature tentcaled mouth and four arms He didn't know what they where but all he knew was that he didn't like them at all.

01-09-2005, 22:59
Ruben dived on his back spraying the area in front of him with fire. "Die you **********" he screamed histericaly and cursed. The thing hissed as teh shots grazed it. Suddenly it was upon Ruben, he sheilded its eyes and prepeared to die when a shot killed it. Orion had shot it clean in the face. Ruben was hysterical "**** what the **** was that a *********** nid" he Panted, "It dd'nt show up on teh frakking scanner, what the grax is up man, what the **** was it man" He panted hystericaly.

Hippy In Peril
02-09-2005, 00:15
Dimitri quicly bolted the cowling to the engine back on, and ran back inside the ship with the small tool box. He replaced it in it's locker, and pulled out a lasgun and a powerpack. The Major ran back to the troop ramp, unfolding the rifle's stock, and took a knee, bracing the rifle's folding stock into his shoulder. He took aim at the main entrance to the compound.

"Lieutenant, do two things for me," shouted Dimitri, "don't call me 'meech,' and tell the Sergeant that any retreat back to the ship is covered. Everything is all fixed up, and I can cover them as they make their way back to the ship."

02-09-2005, 02:01
"Fine Major What about the razorback? you want to use that or load it up?"

"Sarge we got you covered for any reteart the ships all fixed up waiting for your response"

Jonas contuined to go threw the pre flight prochdrues he had a feeling he would have to get out of here fast when the time came

02-09-2005, 07:36
James was shaking hard and looking down at the smoking carcase of a creature he had shot about 8 times. He didnt say anything he just looked down at it in shock.

02-09-2005, 21:13
Ruben Clambered out of the vent into the admisnistration romm and ran into the middle of the room. He panted heavily getting a grip of himself.

Brother Smith
05-09-2005, 16:41
'Jonas, prep the razorback and use it's turrets to cover any retreat we may make. Major, I want you in control of the craft, have it ready for immediate dustoff

'Men, I want to make one thing clear. If you don't keep up, we will leave you behind, to die - or worse. Now we go into this compun d and finish our mission!'

Orion walked to the second tech-preist.
'Can you access the turrets once we enter the main facility?'

'Yes sergant, with ease'

'Ok then, go! I want team one to proceed to the security checkpoint with the techpriests, team two, go to the armoury and rig the supplies in case we need to destroy this place in a hurry.'

Sorry i'm late guys, I lost the internet for three days.

05-09-2005, 17:01
Ruben swallowed a deep breath and nodded. he aimed his gun and headed towards the security checkpoint.

Hippy In Peril
05-09-2005, 19:34
"Roger that Sergeant," said Dimitri over their comm-links. He slung the lasgun over his shoulder, and took off back into the cockpit. Pushing the Lieutenant aside, Dimitri took the number one chair. Automatically, he started to run through the pre-flight; he checked the fuel lines, engine temperate, and things along those lines.

In no time, the engines started to whine and come to life. The Major flipped a switch to keep them idling. "Ready to go Orion," said Dimitri into his micro-bead.

06-09-2005, 00:45
Jonas ran out and went into the razor back and moved it into fireing postion he aimed it at the door ready to blow anything to olbivion that wasn't human

06-09-2005, 22:06
James nodded that he understood his orders but remained silent. he checked his ammo and searched around for any spare clips before falling into position with the rest of the team.

07-09-2005, 16:43
Ruben turned and perred back through the window. It sudenly was shattered and he was showerd in glass. A Creature was attached to the wall, it had multiple tenticlies and was generaly gribbly. As it hissed ruben fired his las-gun into it several times. "Die you ****" He cursed as it fell to the floor. Suddnly access vents, door and floor/ celing panels poped open and the creatures were attacking the team. It was dark and they were barley seeable but Ruben fired wildly as they charged. "Die****s" "Come you grox suckers" "frag off ****" He screamed hystericaly as he killed three of them.

[assuming this is okay, they are evrywere]

08-09-2005, 02:53
James jumped at the sudden attack but after his first shock he was stone cold now. He fired controlled bursts just like he was trained to do at any nonhuman figure that moved. He spotted one above Ruben and he fired three shots into it and it fell just behind him. "Dont forget to look up man!" He went back to killing the bugs.

08-09-2005, 19:28
Ruben lookled to the smouldering corpse and sprayed ore bullets into it. He turned to the wall and sprayed it with fire, killing one or two of the creatures. He cursed widly and screamed as he shot the things down.