View Full Version : Da Orcs gettin to a tourney! 2k army!

Da Black Gobbo
06-08-2007, 16:00
Grettings! well i'm gettig ready for a torunament in were i want to get a good position without doing a cheese army, i wanna go heavy magic so i was thinking in something like this:

---Orc Great Shamman: Lvl 4 Urgok's horn, Magic paint (+2 to cast spell in combat) Talisman of protectyness.

--Orc Shamman: lvl 2 dispell scroll, Nibbla's itty ring, Boar.

--Night Goblin Shamman: lvl 2 Staff of sneaky stealin'

--Night Goblin Shamman: lvl 2 Dispell scroll.

--25 Night Goblins: Netters, Full command, 2 fanatics.

--25 Night Goblins: Netters, Full Command, 2 Fanatics.

--15 Bigguns: 2 choppas, shield, full command, Nog's Banner of Butchery.

--5 Squig Herds.

--5 Wolf Riders: Spears short bows and musician.

--5 Wolf Riders: spears short bows and musician.

--5 Wolf Riders: spears short bows and musician.

--5 Wolf Riders: spears short bows and musician.

--1 Orc boar chariot: extra crew.

--3 Stone trolls.

Well i use the tipical fantasy tactic of hammer and anvil, big units are anvil little ones are hammer, so i have 3 big blocks of infantry a medium one (the bigguns) that is obviously hammer with the trolls and chariot. the Goblins will run across the terrain to get enemy weak points: misile fire troops, artillery crews, and rear or flank sides of the enemy units. The magic will eliminate problems and make my units better, the only think i'm really thinking about is to add fanatics, because this is an "straight to the CC army" and fanatics made armies defensive.So what do ya think? I need some advice!

Da Black Gobbo
06-08-2007, 17:30
C'mon guys i need some advice soon 'cause i have to give the list the the organiser in 2 days.

06-08-2007, 18:20
I'd take standard bearers out of Night Goblin squads. Isn't that just begging to give your opponents VP?

Da Black Gobbo
06-08-2007, 18:46
and what happens with the +1 to resolution combat? i'm not a bad general (not a great one either) but i can sure you that i never leave a unit of night gobbos fighting on their own, unless the combat is obviously winned, i'll always back them with a flank charge from wolves.