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Mad Larkin UK
06-08-2007, 18:10
Hey, been painting up a couple of regiments of skaven, and a plague priest, and want to do a themed skaven army. I tried a Grey seer, but didnt like it, so trying this list for 2000 points from the army book (not lustria atm)

Any thoughts??


Warlord with Weeping blade, bands of power, Heavy armour, shield,warpstone amulet.

Plague priest with a plague censer

2 Warlock engineers with S.C.W.P.A, U.W.E.C, warp blades, 1 has 2 scrolls, 1 has storm daemon and a scroll


2 X 25 clanrats with command and ratling gun

2 X 31 slaves with musicians

2 X 3 Poison wind globadiers


2 X 20 plague monks with command

6 Gutter runners

4 Rat ogre packs


2 X 7 plague censer bearers

any comments?

06-08-2007, 21:17
honeslty all rats die just as easy as the other. that being said you already have two units of expensive plauge monks. I'd drop the Rat Ogres for another unit of clanrats.

06-08-2007, 21:38
Looks pretty decent bar the rat ogres,you can spend those 200pts they cost much better.

For a pestilens themed army I wouldnt expect to see 2 warlock engineers.
You could easily get a second plague priest with a plague censor and some sort of magic item.
You could give him the brass orb if you wanted,thats always fun.

Try and get the burning banner of hatred or the banner of the swarm on one of the plague monk units.

If you drop the rat ogres you'll have enough points for another unit of slaves and another a clanrat unit,which should be more effective than the rat ogres.

Mad Larkin UK
06-08-2007, 21:44
well i could do that...hmmm...its just im getting two in the battleforce and seems a pain not to use them...same with the engineers, theyre in there cause i have them already. gonna go redo list and see wat i can do..

Thanks for comments!!

06-08-2007, 22:41
Make the gutter runners as tunnelers instead so you can handle any warmachines with them and think about investing in poisoned weapons for them as well, they fit the fluffiness of clan pestilens and they add more punch to the unit than you realize.
Also, if you take the plague monks they should always have two hand weapons and remember: they're your only "normal" rat unit with toughness 4.
Also, you can find a "clan pestilins" army list on army builder if you have it. Monks are a core choice and censor bearers are a special choice in that list. The only problem is your rat ogres, tunnelers and globadiers are rares in that list.. Be sure when you field your monks, keep your censor bearers behind and off to the side of your monks. Their frenzy makes them immune to psychology until they lose in close combat. Try to get the charge with the monks. If you can't, then the monks will absorb your opponent's charge and maybe hold or more than likely break. This will put your opponent's unit in perfect position in either situation for your bearers to charge the next turn. Censor bearers are devastating on the charge. They go first, with 2 strength 6 attacks and they have hatred so they get re-rolls to hit. Not to include the enforced toughness tests that can easily drop humans, elves, other rats and anything toughness 3 or less.