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07-08-2007, 00:27
Damn I'm tired! I started gaming Friday night at the local GW Store (Ontario, CA, USA) and got in another game, pitting my Daemons vs Slaanesh Hordes of Chaos then got up early yesterday (Saturday) to make the long drive to pick up my buddy Fernando and head out to the Bunker for their Tournament...today is going to be day 2, I just wanted to get a jump on the Battle Reports

Ok, so this is an escalation type Tournaments, where the first one was set at 1,500pts and Big Quinten (Phazael) participated and won the Overall Trophy using his Khorne Chaos list. The last one was 2,000pts and both Big Quinten (Phazael) and I played in it. He brought his damn Morghur list and I had my Daemons. We faced each other in Game #3, and it ended in a Draw, then we both went on to do well, but I did just a little better, and took the Overall Trophy.

Now, both Big Q (Phazael), myself and now my good friend Fernando are entered in this one (2,500pts) and things are going great! Phazael decided to take a much needed break from Chaos and brought his tooled up 2nd Gen Slaan Lizardmen list, Fernando has his tough Empire Army, and I brought my Daemons again!

Here's just a quick, short breakdown of what happened yesterday...

GAME #1:

*Big Q (Phazael) battles a Skaven list that has a Grey Seer w/Screaming Bell, a couple of Warplock Engineers, little shooting, but a Horde of block troops. The game starts off bad at first, but he turns it around in the end and gains a Solid Victory! 17pts

*Fernando ends up playing Adam who's probably the best player at the Bunker next to Big Q (Phazael). Adam is a soul sucking player, who just trys to bring tooled out lists (Tomb Kings) and then work his opponent if he doesn't know the rules well, which Fernando is still not that experienced. Things were going well at first, but Fear is was eventually defeated his list, and he gets Massacred. 0pts

*I faced a young kid named Skylar, who's really polite, and enthusiastic about this game! He brought a VERY soft Dark Elf list that was designed to fight! The only Shooting he had was 2 units of Dark Riders, and NO Magic!!! He did have a tooled up lord on a Black Dragon, but with him still being very new to the game, it wasn't going to help him. At the end of Turn 5, all his models are dead, and I pick up the Massacre. 20pts

GAME #2:

*Big Q (Phazael) now has to face Adam ( ) and he figures he'd get the game out of the way early. Phazael already knows how this guy trys to cheat here and there, but is wise to him, and calls him on many spots where needed. The heavy Magic from both of their Armies sizzles the air, but in Turn 6, bad luck hits Phazael and he looses a unit of Saurus Warriors to Skeletons via really bad dice rolls. This tips the game in Adam's favor, and Big Q takes a Minor Loss. 7pts

*Fernando is now pitted against another Empire player, Phil, who's also a younger kid (17?) and a bit of a slow player. Really nice, and has an average Empire list w/Steam Tank. Between restroom breaks, soda stops, and rules checking, they barely get to Turn 3, when the time is called, and lunch is to start. Fernando had just captured the right Flank, and was ready to steam roll 2 big blocks of Knights down Philip's Flanks when they had to stop. Fernando was a bit annoyed at how slow the game went, but happy he was still able to pick up a Minor Victory. 13pts

*I got to face Jack, and his cool Ogre Kingdoms Army. Jack and both his sons all play Warhammer, and one of them was also entered in the Tournament with an Ogre Army as well. His list reminded me a bit of mine, and had a Tyrant, 3 Butchers, one unit of Bulls, 4 units of Ironguts, 2 units of Yhetees, and a 3 ogre squad of fully tooled out Bull Rhinox Riders! This was a very enjoyable game! I love good scraps, and we're entrenched in Close Combat from Turn 2! Much died, and blood spilled, plague spread and the Winds of Magic howled...but by Turn 5, I had killed every model he had, with his Tyrant being the last Ogre Standing before breaking to my Bloodletters and getting run down. I pick up another Massacre. 20pts

GAME #3:

*Big Quinten (Phazael) is now faced off with Jack's Ogre Kingdoms, and this game was very close at first. Jack made a lot of great decisions, and moved his Army well, but the mighty and fickle dice gods turned their backs on him, while Phazael was rolling pretty well. Some great playing by Big Q helped seal Jack's fate, and his Ogres were soundly trounced by the great scaly onles! A Massacre for Big Q. 20pts

*Fernando now faced an even younger kid named Tyler (13?) who had a tough, fighty Lizardmen Army. Fernando talked a little smack before the game got started, asking the kid if he was ready to get "spanked by daddy"...the first 3 Turns, Fernando owned the kid Tyler, and was killing things left and right, getting charges off, etc., but then he got cocky and overconfident...and Tyler's dice started rolling really, really hot! He must've passed 6 or 7 Break Tests on a 5 or less, passed ALL his Panic checks, and managed to cast Comet of Cassondra twice in the game w/Skink Shamans! In the end, alls Fernando had left was a lone Battle Wizard, and an ugly Massacre against him! 0pts.

*It was my turn to face Adam and his Tomb Kings. I had played him in the last LA Battle Bunker Tournament, my Daemons vs his Tomb Kings and had gained a Minor Victory over him then, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. First, he's just not fun to play against, and secondly, I know he thinks he should've beaten me, and it irritates me to know that he thinks he's a better player than I am. So this was the much anticipated grudge match I really made the trip for! Our game starts off quick, with bad luck for him as both of his Skull Chukkas Misfire and can't fire for 2 Turns! However, this causes a heated debate between us on Turn 2, as he trys to use them in his Shooting Phase against my Chariots. He never casted Smiting on them during his Turn 2 Magic Phase, so I tell him he still can't use them in the Shooting Phase until Turn 3...he argues the Tomb Kings Magic gives them a free Shooting Phase and this negates the Misfire...I agree, but only if he had casted the Smiting Incantation on the Cataupults, which he didn't...we argue more, then are forced to call the judge. He rules in my favor, and the game goes on. At this point, by dice are blessed by the dice gods, and I hit, wound, pass Ward Saves, pass Instability Tests, cast Spells, etc....he just couldn't stop me, and I kill EVERY model by the end of Turn 4!!! He concedes the Massacre to me, and I pick up my personal Redemption, and another 20pts.

GAME #4:

*So Fernando is pumped, and truly ready to redeem himself today! He's going to try to remember to relax, don't rush forward, and use all his Magical trinkets in his Army...his first game is against Martin's Skaven (12 PD) and at first things start off great! He shoots, shoots some more, and even breaks a unti in CC...but then disaster strikes when his general flubs his rolls, his unit looses CC by 1, breaks, and runs a whole 3"!!!! Needless to say, the Clan Rats easily caught him and added them to their Slave Pits! As the game goes on, the Screaming Bell rocked him badly, and most of his units started to Panic, ran through friendly units, causing more Panic...in the end, he gets Massacred again. 0pts

*Well, as expected, Big Q (Phazael) and I were both in 1st Place for Battle Points, and faced off. His list basically had a 2nd Gen Slaan all tooled out, two Lvl 2 Skink Shamans, a bit unit of Temple Guard for the Slaan, a 3 pack of Salamanders, two units of 15+ Saurus Warriors, 2 Jungle Swarms, a unit of Chameleon Skinks, a unit of regular Skinks....and I believe that was it...We both got to the Bunker early, and since they were doing assesments for employees, we got in and got our game under way! He started off with most of his Army "turtled" in the far Left, while I was concentrated in the Center. He unloaded the Magic from the days of old, and shot me up fairly decently, while I shot back, tried to zap back (damn Drain Magic!) and crushed most of the units I faced in CC. Very tactically well played, and some back and forth dice rolls on both parts, though I admit, he Miscasted a lot more then I expected! I also passed quite a few key Ward Saves, which both forced him to concentrate his Magical Assault for an extra Turn on my poor Plaguebearers, and kept my Plagueriders above half Unit Strength...game ends after 6 full Turns, and we both amassed around 1,300 VPs from each other, I was ahead by maybe 80+...a great game, very relaxed and smooth, and always fun! 10pts

GAME #5:

*Fernando is now just laughing, and really trying to keep his head up...poor guy! His last game he faces Big Quentin's (Phazael) Magical Army of Death! I had warned Fernando before we went out there, that the Battle Bunker guys tend to leand towards Magic Heavy Armies. But he didn't think he'd need more then 5 Dispel Dice! Anyway, Big Q (Phazael) gets the Comet of Cassondra off on Turn 1, and on Fernando's Turn 1, it lands, kills off his Cannon crew, some Outriders, some Handgunners and Panics both units off the board! The game was pretty much down hill from there, though in Fernando's defense, he did go forth and fight, and shoot as much as he could, but the power of a 2nd Gen Slaan in the hands of a competent player is scary...Big Q (Phazael) Massacres Fernando....20pts (Big Q) and 0pts (Fernando)

*My last game has me against Martin's Skaven Army, and his Screaming Bell. The games starts off badly for him, as his Plaguemonks fail their Banner of Burning Hatered roll and march 10" directly towards me! Awaiting them were my Bloodcrushers and Chariot of Khorne, and on my Turn 2, I manage to kill 16 (CHOSEN NUMBERS!!!) and break the unit easily. Bloodcrushers smash into some Slaves, while the Chariot of Khorne hits both his only Ratling Gun and a unit of Clan Rats w/Warlock Engineer. I bust both units up easily, and they break, only to be chopped down by my Khorne units. His Warplightning Cannon fires just once (doing nothing) before my Magic from the Horrors and unit Champ destroys it! The game just continues to go badly for Martin, as again, my dice were hot as I made quite a few Ward Saves. His other Warlock Engineer melted himself, and his Grey Seer took 2 wounds from doubles on ringing the Bell. Eventually, my Plaguebearers broke a unit of Slaves, caught them, Pursued into his Warpfire Thrower, killed it, then hit the Flank of his Clan Rats w/Screaming Bell! I win the insuing Close Combat by just 1, and he fails both re-rolls for his Break Test, and my Plaguebearers easily catch them, so down goes the Bell, the Clan Rat unit (30+?), the Greay Seer and his BSB! His shining moments were his combo charge from Frenzied Rat Ogres (on my Flank) and Frenzied Storm Vermin to my front of my Bloodletters....the racked up 11 kills between them, leaving just my Standard Bearer, who killed 1 Storm Vermin model in spite. My Bloodletters vanish, and his Storm Vermin then get frontal Charged by my already wounded Chariot of Nurgle. I inflict a total of 4 wounds (Impact Hits) and 7 more wounds (regular Attacks) only for him to make all but 1 Armor Save!~ He wins CC, and with Instability, my Chariot poofs back to the Warp...eventually, my Plagueriders get into CC with them, and grind out 3 rounds of CC, and break them running them down at the end of Turn 6. All Martin had left on the table was a unit of 5 Night Runners hiding on the far Left Table Edge...I pick up another Massacre. 20pts

After some tabulations, prizes are awarded...

Best Themed: Martin's Skaven Army
Best Sporstmanship: Jack and his Ogre Kingdoms
Best Overall: Touradj, (theDarkGeneral)
Murphy's Law: Fernando!

maze ironheart
07-08-2007, 11:14
Congrats on winning the best overall.

07-08-2007, 14:26
Lol Fernando really seems to be the black sheep of the bunch doesn't he? Congratulations though :)