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07-08-2007, 03:50
im a brettonian player and im gonna play a my dwarf friend soon in a 1k point battle. what should i do with my pegasus knights? charge the warmachines and thunderers? i only have 3 of them so i dont think they can go after the big groups of dwarves.

07-08-2007, 04:22
im a brettonian player and im gonna play a my dwarf friend soon in a 1k point battle. what should i do with my pegasus knights? charge the warmachines and thunderers? i only have 3 of them so i dont think they can go after the big groups of dwarves.

I do not play with Brettonians, but I play against them a bit. I've noticed that pegasus knights are great on a combined charge supporting a lance. Their mobility lets them hit units simultaneously from the front or rear. They are also able to march block effectively. They are a pretty nifty all around unit.

07-08-2007, 07:13
They can take on either. I remember from your list you had points left over. If possible if might be a good idea to give them a banner, and the magic banner of chalons. This way they can't stand and shoot at you.

With the new rules they aren't at -1 to shoot at you for being a flier any more, so shooting is a bit more scary to them.

I would also plan on gettnig 1 or 2 more. At three they are effective, but any losses means that they can't really do much without help.

07-08-2007, 07:37
i think the same, 3 is strong at charge but, will they get on charge with these numbers??? try one or two more

Colonel Raijan
07-08-2007, 08:45
Charging the thunderers would mean they get a chance to blow you up so it depends if you really don't want something to die.
Also you don't have any pegasus knights because you posted two hours ago asking what you should have in a 1000pts brettonian army. Unless you have rushed to buy them. I doubt that.
But moving on from just being annoying dont charge big blocks of infantry with just them because you will lose unless they fight like mamen on steroids.

07-08-2007, 08:51
dwarfs are a scary prospect to bretonnia if the player knows what hes doing. Your best bet is to give your bsb banner of the lady, and the unit hes in war banner. Add a hero with virtue of duty and try break them on the charge. Anything else and a decent dwarf block wont budge (i've watched on as dual lanceheads, one grail, failed to break a dwarf unit.) ancestor rune makes them stubborn on a 4+ so, breaking them on the charge is a hard, hard deal for bretonnia, not to mention organ gun'll destroy you.

Thats what your pegesus knights should do, take out the organ gun, and any solo heros. Threaten flanks of the smaller thunderer units, so that they turn to face and waste a turn of shooting.

07-08-2007, 09:15
I've used them in the past and IMO they're great. I usualy took four of them and a character on a pegasus. These two choices worked really well at protecting the flanks of my knight units. People are also torn as to what to shoot at. If they go for you Pegasus knights it leaves your knights undamaged and vice versa.

Your best bet with Pegasus knights is to go for small supporting units and warmachines. A Bret hero with a great weapon can pretty easily hack his way through a small archers unit inside a turn or two and a decent size Pegasus unit could probably break them on the charge.


07-08-2007, 09:20
Your best bet is to give your bsb banner of the lady, and the unit hes in war banner.

First of all this is for a 1000 point list so 100 point banners are out of the question, not to mention that the banner of the lady is only for very big games.

For 100 there are a lot of other things you can get to rush around the side and negate the rank bonus. It's only when the battlefield is full and thus there is no way you can flank that center block that the banner comes in handy.

08-08-2007, 17:48
16 peasant bowmen (~110 pts) that skirmish can help protect your hammer units while your army advances up the field. Also, as these models die, they open up charging lanes, especially for PK. Also, mounted yeomen can help alot too.

Just remember, keep your units screened until you are ready to charge, then expose your knights all at once, so that he can't hit all your units. He will have to choose and thus you will be able to get more unscathed unit into your charges.

08-08-2007, 19:26
what should i do with my pegasus knights? charge the warmachines and thunderers?

I would try for the following:

First charge the warmachine, it cannot stand and shoot and it is easier to defeat in one round. Now, hopefully you are behind or at the side of the thunderers, so they cannot stand and shoot, whilst you have a 360-degree charge arc… and anyway you might be too close for a stand and shoot reaction.

08-08-2007, 20:23
Sound advice, but the fact remains that in a 1000 pts. there is nothing in the Dwarf army that can outpace you. Moving your regular army at full speed straight against the enemy still leaves the closest target a minimum of 8" away.

Taking Pegasus Knights against Dwarfs is overkill in terms of speed, maneuverability and cost. You can swap them for a miminum unit of Knight Errant with few drawbacks and the benefit of improved survivability.

If you still take them, then make sure they are not the only target available for the enemy to shoot at: move your whole army forward and present a target-rich environment.


The Anarchist
08-08-2007, 22:11
i alwasy tr to take two units of the guys i i can their, they are just so good. their main prioity should be to deal with any warmachines, if you jut have the one unit leave them behind enemy line to wreak havoc wherever they can, also if they ahve the unit stenth get them into the rear of a unit whn your lance hits home.
on the other hand i have seen people use PK as arrow agnets to protect theur approaching lances, its a very unusual tactic but works suprisngly well.

Grand Master Raziel
11-08-2007, 18:52
I haven't been playing very long, but my last couple of games have convinced me that Pegasus Knights are worth each and every one of their points. I like to send them up a flank so they don't get shot up and/or bogged down against something they can't overwhelm.

baba yaga
14-08-2007, 08:20
I play both Dwarves and brets and have played this matchup before. Beware that dwarves are subborn with their warmachines, I once took a charge from a 5 man knight errant unit on a boltthrower, survived with the engeneer, passed the test and continued to beat up the young knights until they were all dead...

Take out the thunderers asap, but don't be too anctious to charge, position yourself so you can get to flankcharge, kill their BSB if they have one and calculate your conbat resolution beforehand, make sure you win your combats convincingly. Dwarves can easily lose the combat by 3 or 4 and stay put... this is when you lose...

An answer to your Q, no I woulden't take pegasi, as they can't negate ranks, take more knights.


14-08-2007, 08:37
They'd be great for hitting dwarven flanks; especially the pegasus mounts themselves. With S4 attacks they have the ability to dish out pain after the first round and if in the flank means the dwarves will be getting 5+ saves and no rank bonus...nice

14-08-2007, 15:21
They would get their rank bonuses. Peg knights are flying cavalry and skirmishers. the cavalry doesn't cancel out the skirmish rule. You'd get a flank bonus, but you wouldn't cancel ranks.

In 1000 points, I wouldn't take Peg knights. I'd take as many knights as I could get on the field. You're going to be getting hit with organ guns and cannons, along with thunderers. You need bodies, and the regular knights move almost as fast as the Pegs, they're more survivable, and they're half the cost. Also, Take the 10 point banner of Chalons on one of your big knight units (like a unit of 9) and throw them into combat with the thunderers as quickly as possible. Your opponent will try to stand and shoot and will realize what happened when he's not able to because of your banner.

They'll be stubborn and make their test, but nothing else can get to you because thunderers are always in front of the line and the other dwarves are too slow to flank you. You've just tied up a big chunk of the board by being in combat and blocking line of sight. They can't shoot you if they can't see through the combat...

15-08-2007, 15:38
Ih the dwarfs smart, he'll take an expensive, hero riddled elite unit.

A balanced 1000 point list struggles against the all tooled up list.

A dwarf oathstone removes ranks and rear, effectively meaning if you charged from every angle you'd only get +1 for outnumbering and he'd still get his ranks.