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07-08-2007, 17:17
Used to play LM back in 5th edition - thought I'd start them up again. With the changes in the editions and army book though I'm a long way away from knowing what I should take. Any help is apreciated.

The two armies I know I'll be facing in the upcoming months are dwarves and skaven. The dwarves are usually a pretty balanced list and the skaven guy generally runs light on magic.

Lords and Heros:
Slann - 4th gen
plaque of tepok, cupped hands of the Old ones, BSB, totem of prophecy

LA/Shield/GW, sotek, quetzl, Jaguar, aura of Quetzl

Skink priest - lvl2, scout, diadem of power

20x Saurus, FC

20x Saurus, FC

10x Skinks, javelins, scout

10x Skinks, javelins, scout

10x Skinks, javelins

10x Skinks, javelins

3x Kroxs

3x kroxs

3x Terradons (should I find the points for a brave?)

Salamander (just one)

total is 2166

I need to drop 16 points and I'm not sure on the viability of the army as it stands anyway. I'm toying with the idea of an Old-Blood instead of the Slann and just taking a scroll caddy. It would allow for taking a Skink Chieftan with the Cloak of Feathers to help take out war machines and such.


07-08-2007, 17:23
I'd drop some points from the slann to get 2 more salamanders. 1 is just too risky if he fries his own guys... other wise looks alright. You'll have to play a bit to see how your own tactics have changed with the new edition.

Lord Tzeentch
07-08-2007, 17:34
IMO you need a unit of Temple guard to defend your Slann.

Its nice to see a Lizardman army without a 2ed gen slann.

The Anarchist
07-08-2007, 17:36
hmmmm just two small points, i would maybe drop the unit size of the Saurus a little bit. migh then be able to get a few more skinksn or something. also wuld advise aganst the javlins for your skinks, relisly you don't ever want them in to much combat so would advise getting blowpipes, they just kick ass!

07-08-2007, 17:38
I would give the scouting skinks blowpipes. In my experience they are usually in range to use double shot. This is the key to getting enough poison shots with the skinks.

07-08-2007, 17:57
Ok, I'll probably go skink scouts with Blowpipes and leave the javelins on the non-scouting skinks.

If I drop the totem of prophecy off the Slann, then I can add another Salamander. Not sure where I would get the points for a third unless I drop a unit of skinks. Which I could I suppose.

I didn't want to take smaller units of Saurus because I don't want my static CR to be too low. Right now, if I lose one Saurus on the way in, I'm losing a rank bonus. So I guess I could drop down to 18 each - have to lose 3 then to lose the next rank. But isn't that a bit small (I've been playing O&Gs for the past several years...)?

07-08-2007, 18:12
Alternate list - Oldblood led, magic lite

Old Blood: Cold One; Spawnings of Itzl, Sotek, and Tepok; LA, Shield, Glyph Necklace, Scimitar of the Sun (should be able to charge out and take out anything but rank and file)

Scar-Vet: Spawnings of Tepok and Quetzl, LA, Shield, GW, Charm of the Jaguar, Aura of Quetzl

Skin Chief: Spawning of Sotek, LA, Shield, Cloak of Feathers, Sword of Might

Skink Priest: scout, diadem of power

(this hero set up gives me 5 dispell dice and the ability to save pd for the following turn - I should be able to nullify the magic phase hopefully)


21 Saurus, FC

21 Saurus, FC

2x 10 Skinks, scout, Blowpipes

11 skinks, javelins/shields (the 11th is to round out the points)


2x 3 Kroxs

3 Terradons


3 Salamanders

2148 - this list doesn't rely on magic destruction, which I perfer (though I really like the idea of a magic heavy phase - maybe I'll wait for 3K point games for that). Old Blood and Scar-Vet hang out in the saurus units till the charge out. Skink Chief flies around killing war machines with back up from the terradons. Priest hangs out somewhere safe.

11-08-2007, 13:24
I play lizzies 7th ed, but only know 6th ed rules. I don't seem to hit too many blacks, but tell me if i screw up:
-Remove champions, they suc.
-Scouting skinks should have blowpipes.
-SAURUS WARRIORS: Spawn 1 units quets and sot to get it rare, and the other quest or sot for special. Always SS saurues if u can. The sotec will destroy the dwarves. I would also advise u take spears, cuz skavin will charge u and dwarves will make long fights.
-Trash your priest for 1 more sallys.
-You don't raly need 4 units of skiinks, 3 would do fine.
-Take out a saurus unit for temple guard.

11-08-2007, 23:03
If you dont mind ahving no friends then bump your slaan up to 2nd Gen, take 100 scouting skinks, a priest or two and lose the saurus. Promise you will rarely lose. You will lose your friends tho...:eyebrows: