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08-08-2007, 15:01
hey everyone!

Me and a group of friends have decided that Warhammer 40K is starting to loose it's interest. So we could not let that happen so easily. As an idea we decided that we are going to get into Epic and Battle fleet Gothic building armies of our 40K armies respectively. So I will have an epic scale army of grey knights (all forge world), and a Feet of Ships from Titan!

We are trying to figure out some ways to get other people involved, but have a bit of a block for ideas. We are also trying to figure out how to make each game interact with the entire campaign and story line.

What we have so:

That the Warhammer 40K will be for like all the little skirmishes which will end up having a big impact on what happens in the game of epic. For example a comm. relay building is trying to contact a battle cruiser to bring more troops down. But if you can destroy it the troops will be delayed from entering play. Which then carries on to BFG

Where after destroying the com. relay The commander of the barge can wonder what is going on with the fight below, and not having received the message to send troops down knows he must be there. Or vice versa you don't get the building destroyed and you send your commander a msg to intercept and destroy the ship before it can deliver it's cargo. Which then carries on the grand scale of epic.

Either the troops arrive and the one force gains it's reinforcements or they don't and they battle for one part of the plant is on.

It will need to be much more in depth, and everything must snowball from the first scenario. But we are still in need of ideas. We want it to be a campaign that will last a long time.

Any ideas comments criticism is welcomed.


08-08-2007, 15:08
Capture supplies post - Bonus movement as long as you hold it with everything/certain things.

Capture communication post - when playing reseerves you get +1 to your roll on any tiles within x tiles of that tile.

Dislodging them from a stronghold - you get a certain amount of information about their roster by torturing survivors.

Killling a commander - That army/armies within x tiles get -y morale.

Getting a "massacre" result - armies within 1 tile get -1 morale for the first 2 turns of a game.

He who is doom
21-08-2007, 20:40
you could play out the boarding action of BFG in 40k on a table next to you

Chaos and Evil
22-08-2007, 00:09
I find that 40k integrates well into Epic / BFG campaigns.

40k can be used to represent small events like:

- Ship Boarding parties.
- Behind enemy lines raids.
- Special Ops missions.
- Any event which involves the supreme commander of your army (Assasination missions, personally-led attacks, etc).

22-08-2007, 01:24
Be sure to make liberal use of kill team missions! They really spice things up.