View Full Version : High Elves and Empire vs. Lizardmen, 2000 points

08-08-2007, 15:08
I just had this battle last night at GW and it ended rather nicely.
We both took 1000 points. The Lizardmen had a single 2000 point list.
We got 1st turn. We didn't use standard force limits.

With my handgunners and Helblaster Volley Gun, I naturally stood still. I marched my Flagellants forward to hold the flank. The High Elves on the left flank marched their Dragon Princes and flew at the skinks. I was out of range for magic. My ally's dragon toasted several skinks, causing them to flee in blind terror. I was able to nail a Champion with a well-placed Long Rifle shot. That was the end of our turn.
The Skinks regrouped, much to our annoyance. The several regiments of Saurus warriors moved right into range of my handgunners on a hill. The Carnosaur and Saurus Cavalry tried to get to my Flagellants and failed the charge. He had no shooting, but he tried to cast Comet of Cassendora. I used a dispel scroll.

The High Elf Dragon tried to charge the skinks, but failed, falling a few millimeters short. :mad: I moved my Flagellants forward a few inches, along with my Swordsmen. My Fire Wizard cast Fireball, which narrowly escaped dispel. Out of a possible 6 hits... I caused 6! 3 caused wounds, and 1 Saurus Warrior was turned into barbequed lizard. Now, in the Shooting Phase, things got fun. Most of the remaining skinks got roasted alive, and they would later flee off the board. My Helblaster Volley Gun opened fire, firing 16 shots into the Carnosaur. None hit the rider. With a -3 modifier to saves, the beast went down in a hail of giant lead bullets, though the rider freed himself from the dying animal. Now, the firing line of death opened up: 30 Handgunners into a single regiment of Saurus. Several shots hit, an amount of unexpected luck on my part. However, ONLY 3 WOUNDED! :cries: Still, all 3 went down, the lead bullets tearing into their scaly hides. And that concluded our second turn.
The Lizardmen moved even closer to us, one regiment of Saurus reaching my front line of Handgunners. I stood and shot, felling one. The Carnosaur's rider and several Saurus Cavalry charged my Flagellants. With the High Elf Dragon and Dragon Princes within range of the enemy rear and flank, I wasn't too worried. He tried to cast the Comet thingy, but failed miserably. Into close combat...
I sacrificed 3 martyrs, causing Hatred, ability to re-roll failed to wound, and adding +1 to combat resolution. The Cavalry felled 3, and the Carnosaur felled 1. I struck back twice with my Prophet o' Doom, causing 2 wounds. We tied combat.
My handgunners actually did well in combat. The Lizardmen skewered 3. My Handgunners struck back, killing 1! I lost combat by a lot, but I rolled a 3 for the leadership check.

The Dragon Princes charged the Saurus in the flank, and the Dragon charged the rear. My Swordsmen charged an idle Saurus regiment. I saw no use for magic this turn, so I went straight to shooting. I killed his wizard with two Long Rifles (In separate regiments).
In this close combat phase, I lost almost my entire Flagellant Warband, staying only due to their Unbreakableness. My swordsmen killed 2 saurus warriors, but the attached Captain killed 3. I won combat, but he stayed.
The other Saurus Warriors were eradicated, fleeing into the Dragon and becoming its lunch.
My Swordsmen, however, lost combat. I rolled snake eyes for leadership.
This turn, the Lizardmen actually were forced to surrender. With Elven Cavalry breathing down their flank and with Handgunners defending the extreme right, they would be eradicated before they could do any more damage.