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08-08-2007, 15:18
I am going to play a 1000 pts game against a friend of mine in a couple of days...Last time we tried I crushed him, but since then he has gotten himself quite a lot of new stuff, like fanatics.

So I have put together an army I think will do fairly good against him, but I am still open for changes...

He will prolly use three fanatics and possibly a giant aswell. No archers(he hates them), but loads of spiders...And possibly a mage

This is my army so far>

1 Thane
- shield
- master rune of skalf blackhammer (for the giant if needed)

1 Runesmith
- great weapon
- master rune of spite
- master rune of gromril
He will be challenging any character he can, as he is likley to surrvive almost anything (1+ armorsave, 4+ ward save)

10 Thunderers
- shields
- musician

10 Thunderers
- shields
- musician

10 Miners
- blasting charges
- steamdrill
- full command
Since I am most likley to get surrounded with this army, I though some miners would be a nice diversion. They will prolly die pretty fast, but with the blasting charges they might be able to inlflict decent damage aswell. They will also give my thunderers more time to shoot him into pieces:D
I dunno if its possible to field any character within this unit, but if so, I will place my Thane here

10 Ironbreakers
- full command
- rune of battle
- rune of stocism
My Runesmith (and possibly my Thane aswell) will be in this unit, and my survival depends on it. Therefore I have given them some runes to make sure they dont flee. I will not charge out in the open with theese..That would be suecide...I will wait by the thunderers till he comes to me.

As you might see, I have no warmachines, but I hope that my miners will be just as good. Also, I have not much melee power, so I need to be a little lucky with my shooting. But, his giant will not last long, and any mages and warmachines he might bring will be utterly destroyed (hopefully:evilgrin:). My thunderers will hopefully destroy one unit containing a fanatic, and when they are released they will get shot to bits.

Feel free to comment in any way you like, and come with own suggestions. I have two cannons, a grudge thrower, a gyrocopter, josef bugman, and loads of warriors in backhand.

Ad for my english, its not so good cause I am from Norway and my keyboard has turned enlgish (feel free to say how I change it back to normal;))

winter has ended
08-08-2007, 15:29
seems like an alrigh list, a 1000 points of goblins a stone thrower will be good, also those iron breakers must be careful of fanatics, -3 to armour save
nasty, make sure you have your dispel dice ready as goblin magic casn kill you very easily especially the thane, dispelmork wants ya always as its a charater killer agiasnt dwarfs , btw his giant can last quite long without artilley , but its still a waste, try taking bolt throwers as goblins have lots of ranks lol, he will probally have a fair bit of fast cavelry s be careful to watch your flanks, your characters will smash him, but will killing is really your only chance, , hm drop the miners as they wont do a lot at all, use these for the warmachines, but if you dont want any anyother set of warriors to protect your flank, hope that helps

08-08-2007, 15:48
Yeah thought about dropping the miners...
Might change them for a cannon and a grudge thrower...Thanks

winter has ended
08-08-2007, 15:51
cool, id take the cannon probally as you cn easily judge distances, they deploy 12" on, you deploy 6" on on a 48" board theres30" between you, so it is easy and you should kill a few, also whats the copter like? as it might be good to protect a flank

08-08-2007, 16:16
Copter is pure gold against fanatics, otherwise you're just going to have to suck them up, and with units of 10 a single fanatic could cripple a unit. Personally I'd cut *way* down on your runes and get some more dwarfs. 4 units of 10 as your entire army is beyond pathetic, even goblins can beat that in combat. You don't need tons of runes to beat goblins at anything, even the giant will fall to great weapons or a couple cannon shots, and a runesmith with just handweapon+shield is going to be pretty hard for any weedy gobbo to take down, especially if he's hiding with some Ironbreaker buddies. I'd go for units of 20 or 19+character to be able to keep ranks when fighting the little gobbos, and at least one warmachine to keep them on their toes. Came up with this on a whim :

Thane - Great Weapon

Runesmith - Shield, Rune of Spellbreaking

19 Warriors - Full Command

19 Ironbreakers - Full Command

10 Thunderers - Shields



08-08-2007, 16:28
Thanks Spoon that was helpfull indeed! Only, I havent got 19 Ironbreakers only 10. Might use some of my other models and treat them as Ironbreakers if my friend agrees. Or else I could go for another group of thunderers or some other good stuff:evilgrin: