View Full Version : Ogres vs Wood Elves. How do they do it?

Von Wibble
08-08-2007, 16:24

Some time ago I remember a game where my standard wood elf army took on an ogre army.

I had a fairly modest shooting phase - 2 x 10 glade guard and a hail of doom arrow.

Yet I was able to quite comfortably use this to inflict big pain on the ogre units an force them to commit to battle earlier than they should. The result of this was that they ended up in combat with the wrong units and were quite easily beaten.

As I don't face Ogres often I don't know if it was a one off or a general game But it strikes me that ogres are very vulnerable to shooting, with small units, little armour and a poor T/W : Cost ratio (nearly as bad as high elves!), combined with lots of panic checks and one of the weaker Ld scores in the game.

My shooting phase was hte catalyst to a very decisive victory,and I spent less than 300 pts (in a 2500pt game) on it. Goes without saying I had the drop on him in manouvrability as a result.

So how do Ogre players take on wood elves?

Da Black Gobbo
08-08-2007, 16:40
I think they have it very difficult, a Hunter is mandatory with some units of gnoblars, leadbelchers and Yehtees can hurt the elves with fairy armour or hiding in forests and the like, a couple of gorgers that come from you want them, and blocks of 6 bulls full command i think. Go with 2 butchers and a Tirant and of course a hunter with two sabertooth tiguers.

08-08-2007, 16:55
It is virtually impossible if the WE player is good. Ogres are terrible vs. Panic, aren't fast or maneuvrable enough to catch the Elves, so its "Get Shot and Panic", or "Get Flanked and Run Down".

Things that help:

Butchers - 3 of them. The Stubborn spell is important to get things to stick to you when you get flanked, so you can bring in support.

Yhetees - Suck against Panic, but at least can get in the woods and have good movement.

Gorgers - Unbreakable lets you pin something down long enough to hit it with something else.

Kineater Big Name/Ragbanner - important for the Panic tests

18-08-2007, 01:40
says the ogre kindgoms player:" ooh look at me im so smart hiding my yhetees in this forest they'l never die!

wood elves turn: uses tree singing=dead yhetees

i think the best way for wood elves is skragg and 8 gorgers, a cuple butchers, and units of 5 bulls with musicians(6 wounds for a panic check) use all the magic to giv the bulls +1 T that way wood elves r wounding them on 6s

18-08-2007, 10:48
Gorgers are horrible against woodelves. The elves just turn around and shoot them.

The trick is gnoblars. In my 2000 army I have 120 of them. A lot of ogre players hate using them because it slows you down and if they bicker you have to adjust, but ni the end you make it to their line on about the forth turn with pretty much all your ogres.

Ogres are very vunerable to shooting and the only way to protect them is by something else taking the hits.

20-08-2007, 12:58
i think the best way for wood elves is skragg and 8 gorgers, a cuple butchers, and units of 5 bulls with musicians(6 wounds for a panic check) use all the magic to giv the bulls +1 T that way wood elves r wounding them on 6s

It is sad when you have to rely on a special character if you want a chance to win against a regular army.
I've been toying with the idea of playing with dwarfs, but ended up starting an ogre army instead (I have the battalion, a hunter, a butcher and that hero whose english name eludes me (tyrant hero). I happen to have used them only against an undivided mortal Chaos army (with no chaos knights, it is worth to point out), and I believe this army is perhaps the worst one to face the Ogres, resulting in me massacring him all the time (well, for now, there has to be a point when he will manage to adjust), but I've drawn already a couple conclusions: the odd times when he managed to place a spell (even something not so hard as 1D6 S4 hit missiles) has always been awful, resulting most than once in the unit down to two ogres and breaking. Just for that one puny shot. I can already foresee that the doom of my ogre army will be anything shooty (my girlfriend is toying with the idea of starting the dreaded wood elf army...). Additionaly, anytime I got charged usually hurt awfuly as well (the lack of saves and static CR is a terrible combo), and I only wait uneasily at the time when my brother will be around and will try his Bretonnians at them...
Honestly, I've thinked and thinked again about an effective list against a cavalry+shooty army, and have yet to find something that could be efficient.
So for now I'm enjoying crushing Chaos, I don't think that about unstopped streak of victory is gonna last long.

Well I can only consol myself by thinking that I'm playing them just for a 3 reasons:
1) they overtook my choice over dwarfs because I'm still dreaming about Chaos Dwarfs and would be annoyed if GW decided to resurect them and I'd already have a dwarf army in the works
2) they're a rather cheap army to build, and fairly different to play than my O&G (contrary to what I first believed). Additionaly, their minis are awesome (bare the yetees, gorgers and the oh so ugly sabretooth tigers - mine will be khorne hounds, sorry to whoever sculpted these atrocities).
3) I have somehow the feeling that they might follow the Chaos Dwarfs as a forasaken army in the distant future, and then I'd have a collector army :p

Anyway, they're still very fun to play, and hardly as frustrating as O&G can be, and, yeah, I play them much more relaxed, but I can see why they're not seen as a very efficient or successful army, and will never take the place of main army for me (green forever!).
I think the best thing that could have happen to them is to be a good part of a large mercenary book.

I just have one little "pb" with them. I want them themed (visualy I mean, the list itself will be rather conventional in the end), but now that I have them glued up and stuff, I have little ideas of what to add/how to paint them (but they may end up being enslaved ogres to my Waaagh! - paid either on live snots for meals or fanatic flails in the guts depending on how well they do; serves them well :p). Ah well, time will tell.

21-08-2007, 05:29
Well, I have never lost to ogres myself, but the closest one came used a hunter and 2 units of leadbelchers. But I agree with some other players. Take a lot of units that have shooting. Many of them have those brace of pistols thing. Those tend to hurt elves.