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08-08-2007, 18:10
After much negotiating, I might be getting this deal (some are on their way, some are not):
Warlord: warpstone amulet, bands of power, heavy armour, ench. shield, languisher sword=181 *ld7 commander with S8 strikes first when magic phase goes to the plan. Enter the warlocks:*
Warlocks 1-3, each have the 3 warp-equipment, none have pistols. `locks share between them 2 scrolls, storm daemon, warpscroll and death globes, each=135

3x25 clanrats: FC, ratling gun=210x3
3x25 slaves: musician=3x54
3x1 giant rat pack=3x30

2x 5 gutter runner tunnelers with poisoned hwpns=2x85
2x4 jezzails (IŽll convert these)=2x80

2x WLC=2x100pts
=1998, 198 models, 8 power dice, 3 bounds, 3 tokens, 5 DD and 2 scrolls.

The Anarchist
08-08-2007, 20:10
well you deffinatly seem to like the horde idea :D however i feel some of your unitsmight get in te way of themselves and thatyou don't real have any unit just for taking down the more heavily armed units. i would propose getting a few units of poisen globe lobers (cant remember proper name atm, soz) the only other suggestion might be to up the size of your gutter runners, this way you can get some enemy war machines and then still have few men behin enemy units hopefully to disprupt any gun line or other nasties the enemy might have.
just my two cents.

08-08-2007, 20:14
:P well the last list proposition was thought to be too small, and the list I tested today (125 models) definately was so... Globadiers I can easily fit in, at least all 3 of them I have :D more gutters=much less slaves.