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winter has ended
08-08-2007, 21:28
just wondering what type of chaos army would be bst to use agaisnt them? and what mark?i was thinking khorne?

08-08-2007, 21:33
Doesnt matter what mark you take.
More info would be useful,as there are a number of ways to create an effect CoS list each requiring slightly different ways of beating them.

What sort of things are you expecting to face in this CoS list you are wanting to beat?

winter has ended
08-08-2007, 21:43
erm lord on slaanesh steed that he strikes first andis hard, their bolt thrower thing, crossbownmen, erm,2 uunits of spears, unit of the people that can infiltrate, and this hard unit that always goes first with great weapons, and 3 sorcerees and 5 reavers

The Anarchist
08-08-2007, 22:03
well it is obvious fro this lsit h is goin to be sitting and waiting for you to charge him. so my advice woulde mark of slannesh so your lads dont run like a load of pansys. also you will deffinatly be wanting some magic protection, it is an added bounus that the Slanneshi magic is the best lore of the three probs. next get a good 20 or so warhounds as you want to deal with his crossbow men and hounds are good fodder, would also get some furies or screamers if you can to deal with the warmachines and then hopefully deal with anything ese thats being difficult.my last advice for dealing with thi army is two decent sized blocks of Maurders to give you static combat res and then max out on knights and a hard hitting lord with beserker sword.
jsut my two cents.

08-08-2007, 22:04
Lord on slaanesh steed that strikes first eh?
That'll be the druchii annointed,everyone seems to have one.
Bolt thrower = bolt thrower(obviously)
Spearmen = not scary in the slightest
Infliftrators = shades,not too scary again
Unit that strikes first with great weapons = BS he's making that up,hit him with your rulebook ^_^(seriously,that unit doesnt exist in the CoS)
Reavers = dark riders,minor annoyance at best

Khorne seems a decent choice.
The annointed will be a problem though(they always are),as will anything that will try to bait your units(reavers for example).

His magic will be fairly ineffective vs the amount of dispel dice a khorne army can generate.

You need to use his immunity to psychology against him.
Undivided/unmarked troops to stop your units getting baited while your marked units just go to town in combat with his own troops(lambs to the slaughterer type situation for him).

Typical unit of furies to go for his bolt thrower(s).
Dont take chosen....you dont need chosen,pure overkill and too much concentration of your points.

winter has ended
08-08-2007, 22:11
thanks so khonre or slaanesh at the moment, i might go towards khorne as i can then get lots of dispel dice and still get 3 sorcerers,
and actually he tends t come towards the enemy, my main problem is his lord and that its insanely hardas he has an item to let him strike first and is at str 7 and has the pendent of slaanesh so is very hard
what would i kit my lord out with to counter him?

The Anarchist
08-08-2007, 22:46
as a genral peice of advice i avoid Khorne like i avoid herpes, they can be very dangerous on the charge, but a good oponent will use frenzy agnst you and draw them out of position. never good
wow Man, Lord on lord battles are normaly very cinimatic but a bad idea in reality. if i were you i would tool my lord up for unit killing or being able to cat some good sorcrery. get somethink like a few deamonettes to slow down his lord or mayb cheap unit of maurders.
and if he wants to come wth you i would suggest a unit of 2/4 leadbelchers as a dogs of war unit. he wont be expecting that from a chaos army lol, these guys can also try to nail his lord as they are suprisngly good character killers.

15-08-2007, 15:57
It might be an idea to use an undivided LV4 sorcerer as general and take Khorne units with 1 Ex champ, rather than going for a Khorne general with 3 Undivided sorcerers. You should decide whether to fight magic with magic (Slaanesh) or just go the Khorne way and use magic resistance. IMO I'd echo The Anarchist's remarks and avoid Khorne.

As a CoS veteran I can say that the Anointed will be a big problem but he can't kill everything on his own. Flank charge him with Knights and he wont survive. Or, if you're going to take The Anarchist's advice and use Ogres (which is a great idea) make sure to protect them from Bolt and crossbow fire.

BTW if the unit that strikes first with great weapons isn't Chaos Warriors with something that lets them strike first then your opponent is cheating. The only unit that comes close to that (other than Chaos warriors) might be the Devoted but they have 2 hand weapons rather than a GW???

Chicago Slim
16-08-2007, 16:41
Yeah, important point about units that strike first: I don't know where the idea came from, but I got ROLLED in a tournament earlier this year by a CoS army with three units of Witches who were allegedly always striking first.

My fault, really: I don't have the Storm of Chaos book, and I hadn't brought my printouts of the SoC army PDFs, and I let my opponent play the list, even though he didn't have the rules with him (as required by the tournament rules...)

Remember-- when you opponent drags out some weird sounding thing, it's not rude to ask to take a moment to read the rules for it for yourself!