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09-08-2007, 12:05
ok i had a 500pt game today i know its not big but its just so i can get back into the fantasy rules for being on 40k so much!
my problem is my noble done reasonably well today and it has given me 2nd thoughts on using a level 4 sorcerer as my army general or if i should use a high born

now the options i have figured are

highborn in a unit of 15-20 black guard for fluff reasons he will have a big axe
sea dragon cloak
either armor of living death or executioner axe and blood armor
will have 1 level 2 sorceress for counter spells and possible 2 other cheap nobles to add more attacks to warrior units.

or it will be
(offensive) level 4 sorceress
dark star cloak
crown of black iron

with (defensive) level2 sorceress 2 dispell scrols and a cheap noble this list will have executioners instead of black guard

when i step up into 3000pts i will have high born level 4 sorc and 2 level 2's and 2 nobles with executioners and black guard

all of your oppinions and answers to this post will be taken into consideration

thanx in advance

10-08-2007, 05:03
another question would he be better on a cold 1/ dark steed or on foot im just trying to figure out good combinations to work with

10-08-2007, 06:20
There is an "edit"-button you know, no need for double-posting.;)

I, being a newbie, prefer Highborns because they are less luck-dependant and are able to advance along with the troops and improve their Ld. And I definately go for a mounted one, preferrably on a Cold One, attached to a unit of Cold One Knights. Ld10 is great for overcoming Stupidity, the Cold One makes very nice armour saves possible and the unit hits hard, thanks to the Highborn even if they get charged.

I'm not such a great fan of Elven Characters on foot although I really like the idea that you're using Black Guard. The miniatures and background are really, really cool. Unfortunately they aren't that cool ingame.

10-08-2007, 09:22
yes but what war gear should i give him????

10-08-2007, 10:37
depends if he is on foot or mounted :p

10-08-2007, 10:55
im preferably gonna go on foot because i dont realy want mounted units i just want a big foot army of dark elves with a corrupted treeman running around just for the fun of it :D

10-08-2007, 11:24
ok then, in that case you are going to want to follow the MSU army style, basicly lots of small flanking units of executioners...

as he is an elf, anything that hits you will wound you so as cool as the armour of living deth sounds, T4 will not protect you from anything that can actually hurt you... [most other character hunters tend to be at least S5 so in all likely hood with be S6+ in combat] so stay away from this, and if you are on foot you want a decent armour save as you are likely to get charged, and thus need to be able to survive the pounding the unit will take!

so something like the armour of darkness [2+ save] would be usefull, as would a ward save.. either will do, and then a weapon, or you could go for the ring of darkness,

it all depends on what you want him to do in the army, and what the rest of the army has in it... but protection is paramount, if he is going toe to toe with a chaos lord he needs to be able to at least survive the first round of combat...

10-08-2007, 11:32
so the executione axe isnt a good weapon???

i was thinking unit of 20 black guard,15 corsairs,2 units of 20 warriors 2 units of 12 crossbowmen 2 repeater boltthrowers and that leaves me with 2 nobles liek butt cheap level 2 sorc for magic resistant and my high born
this is my combat army

my ranged army is level 2 sorceress.level 4 sorceress 15 executioners noble
10 dark riders and the spear men and crossbowmen and bolt throwers

10-08-2007, 12:08
the problems with the axe are:
you strike last like a great weapon,
you only have 4 attacks
most things you are going to be hitting will have at least ws7 [that you would want to use that axe on]
its alot of points in a magic weapon,
you wont be able to get decent protection...

the problem is you are only going to get ~2 hits per turn, and whilst those hits will most likely wound, most characters have a ward save and 3+ wounds [most lords anyway]

if a chaos lord charges and chalanges you and you accpt with this guy the lord will eat you for breakfast.. [6 S6 attacks hitting on 3's] and then have a ward save...

a DE needs to either kill whats in base contact with him, or hide hehind alot of armour and take it like a dwarf...

something like a halberd [S5] or crimson death [S6] would suit him alot better IMO, few things have a T greater than 5 and you keep your inititive, or you go for something like the blade of ruin and make sure hit unit hits the big nasty unit of enemy armour, thus he can kill a few,

but if you are sticking him in a unit of black gaurd, i would be tempted with the halberd, the armour of darknes and one of the first 3 talismen, or the armour of eternal servitude [2+ save and 5+ ward, or terror for that added fun.. ] and the crown of black iron [giving you a 5+ ward and regen, effectivly a 3+ ward]

if you have a lot of mages in your army aswell [well, alot of spellls heading the way of your opponant] then the ring of darkness would be interesting, 6's to hit will protect him like nothing else, as it basicly removes almost all atacks against him, [hits drop by 1/3 give or take] but you need to be able to get it off, but its as good as anoyance of nettlings for WE's

anyway, hope that gives you some ideas...

10-08-2007, 16:27
ok is it possible to give him touch of death for killing blow is it worth 30pts?

is a sorceress better to lead dark elf army because she seems to be more suited to the lists i have made you can check them in the army list section its titled dark elf "2k-3k help!!!" check those lists and see what you think my army leader should be

DarkLord Of Naggaroth
11-08-2007, 12:45
I think a highborn would probably be easier to use. if you're like me, and you're always getting your sorcereses killed because of stupid reasons then you'll want a nice sturdy highborn. If you are confident and know how to use her, use the witch.

11-08-2007, 18:38
ok ive done some thinking and i worked out a couple of different ways to army my coldone mounted highborn they are:(all have sea dragon cloak where legal)
1- crimson death, armour of darkness, crown of black iron(is this legal seeing as armour adds sheild????)
2- hyrdra blade, armour of darkness, talisman of protection,
3- hydra blade, black amulate, sheild
4- hydra blade, deathmask, sheild
5- crimson death, ring of darkness, talisman of protection, heavy armor
6- hydrablade ring of darkness, heavy armour, sheild
7- venom sword, talisman of protection, sheild, heavy armor
which one would be best for a mounted high born and bound spell is automatically cast unless dispelled by enemy mage?

(the model im going to convert is mounted slanesh lord,with archaons sword, on a coldone)
(with number 7 i figured if he is in a unit of 9 coldone riders with full command opponents would have slight dificulty with taking out my riders and if i get chalenged i will have a good chance at slaying the lord with the venom sword)
im just not sure on what to use

11-08-2007, 23:27
1: The first one isn't legal, unfortunately. The Armour of Darkness is substancially worse than most save-oriented magical armours for that exact reason.

2: Hydra Blade I don't have much experience with. Numerically it seems to be priced around right, but I still prefer something that actually helps them kill whatever they hit. A lot of attacks won't help you out if none of them inflict any wounds. The basic Strength 4 is enough to wound most stuff reliably enough, but struggle against armour.

The Talisman of Protection is also okay enough, but the one in six chance of it kicking in is a bit too random for my liking. Statistically sound for the points, I guess.

My main issue with this build, however, is the Armour of Darkness. Simply put, it's a waste of points, because heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, and Enchanted Shield costs as much, cuts in less in your magical items point allowance, and gives you a better save against missile weapons. It's even worse when he's on a cold one, because you're paying for 2+ Armour Save from being mounted, which the Armour of Darkness prevents you from benefitting from.

3: Black Amulet is nifty enough.

4: I think the Deathmask would be better on a more mobile hero, say a lone Noble on a dark steed or pegasus. With the lord in a (relativly) sluggish cavalry unit that's bound to go crashing for a close combat at the first possibility, it will be tricky to get the Terror where it'll do the most damage.

5: Crimson Death is always a winner, but without a shield the armour save isn't spectacular. Between Toughness 3, a mediocre armour save, an unreliable wardsave, and an easily dispellable magical effect, he's pretty vulnerable. I'd drop the Talisman and Ring of Darkness, and invest in a better ward save. Hearth-Stone of Darkness is a good call*.

6: I've always had a soft-spot for the Ring of Darkness, but it really requires that you have a lot of other magic in the army. On its own, it's easy to deal with. When you have a lot of other magic, it's still relativly easy to deal with, but at least it sucks up some dispel dice. Because it's so easy to shut down at an inopportune moment, I wouldn't rely on it as a sole defense.

7: I really like the Venom Sword, it's an absolute killer (unless you're fighting something with a really good armour save). It's very dependent on your opponent, though. Against Chaos, Dwarves and the like, it's really poor. Against Ogres it can win you the battle.

All in all, it's hard to say one is "better" than the others, apart from the comments on the individual items, above. One item I'd suggest looking into is the Shield of Ghrond. It gives you not only an effect identical to +1 Toughness, but also gives (in effect) the same armour save bonus as an Enchanted Shield, and all for a bargain low cost. +1 Toughness alone is normally 50 points, and the Shield of Ghrond is a lot less than that.

*There are some really good items in the Storm of Chaos list Cult of Pleasure, which are fully legal in regular Dark Elf lists as well (except in certain restrictive tournaments). It's available as a .pdf download from GW homepages.

12-08-2007, 00:09
i use highborn, ld 10 always helps on a coldone with heavy armour, sead dragon cloak. A repeater crossbow, a blade of ruin, enchanted shield and a crown of black iron in a unit of 9 coldone kinights with the baner of murder. 2 level 2's with a dispel scrol each 1 with dark star cloak and another with seal of ghrond each of thes are in a unit of 19 warriors and a noble (bsb) with heavy armour, Sea dragon cloak a shield of ghrond and a sword of might (this is leagal check the book) in a unit of 15 corsairs with a warbanner. These 4 units backed up by dark riders 2 bolt throwes and a unit of rxb's and a unit of 10 exctioners on th flanks works wonders in 2000pts

12-08-2007, 11:00
ok what about if i make a cult of slannesh army druchii anointed, armour of damnnation, mark of slannesh, coldone/chaos steed, chaos rune sword in a unit of chosen slanesh knights or coldone knights

and is cult of slanesh in storm of chaos???
is it legal in friendly games i dont plan on going into any competitions any time soon