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Imperial Dragoon
09-08-2007, 14:03
Im thinking of starting up a beasts army and need help on how they play and what would be the best to buy first.
I have heard two beast herds and a general is best to start with a wargor or bray shaman depending on preference.
I want it to be either tzeentch or slaanesh so dont even mention nurgle or khorne as a theme for the whole army but as for individual units like spawn say what would be best for them. I'd also like to mix in afew of the daemonic units and maybe one or two mortal units to give my army a more rounded force.
Also i play skaven atm and dont want it to be as much as of a horde as I've heard they can be.
So if you could just give me the pros and cons of the different units and marks including magic that would great.

Thanks in advance

09-08-2007, 20:56
Ok so i actually play hordes of chaos but my good friend who got me into warhammer in the first place plays beasts of chaos. I've learned alot playing him.
I'll try to explain what I know about beasts as best I can.

1. Beast Herds --
I almost always field them with 12 gors and 8 ungors full command and extra hand weapon since its free.
If you get the charge off they can be very effective against low armored infantry or flanking some enemy calvary.
With their raider rule and a standard they get 3 static combat res and can pretty much out manuever the enemy with their 5 inch movement.
The big downside is the low leadership - watch out for fear causing units.
As a herd you can never get flanked unless you're already in combat and get hit. A lot of people under estimate their capabilities, even though I play hordes I usually field 1 beast herd to protect my flanks and to run through difficult terrain and attack. (5 inch movement + skirmish formation = much better than my warriors and marauders 4) Overall a very versatile unit and pretty cheap. Be wary of their unruliness as every turn you roll a die and if you get a 1 you charge the nearest enemy unit.
Beast herds are great against enemys that love to sit back and shoot because after turn 2 you'll have enough units right behind him he won't know what to do.

2. Centigors --
For my friend they either do amazing, or horrible. (hit or miss) They are average priced, but if used correctly can be worth their points. They can get drunk so watch it. They have 3 attacks with their trample and are pretty strong. Also once again watch their low leadership.

3.Bestigors -- (My friend always runs Khornigors which kill everything)
Pretty nasty guys. With great weapons they smash most things they run into if they get the charge off. Be careful of shooty things because they will dwindle your numbers as best as they can, careful of panic because once again low leadership. Benefit with khornigors is they are frenzied so + 1 attack + 1 dispel and they wont panic if shot at. (Sorry i mention khorne i know you said u didnt want it). Pestigors are good too because they cause fear and if run in units of 20 can cause some serious problems because after 1 combat you'll most likely outnumber whatever you come across thus the enemy needs insane courage to stay. You'll want to probably put your Beastlord and or Wargor with this unit, unless you think he'll be more effective in a beast herd.

4.Warhounds --
Cheap meat. They basically are used to annoy the enemy, and usually die after a turn or 2 of combat if they don't flee. Best thing they can do is get a flank off, or cause the enemy to turn. Best fielded in units of 6 or 5.

5. Tuskgor Chariot --
If you know chariots, its pretty much the same thing, used for impact hits.

6.Minotaurs - (super nasty)
If you field them in units of 4, give them great weapons, and they make it to the enemy lines intact, be prepared to cause some serious damage. Watch the flanks because if you get charged (esp by calvary) they don't have much armor so they are very vulernable on the flanks. They pursue (3D 6) ;)

7.Shaggoth (once again super nasty)
Fielded with a Great weapon and scaly skin it is very tough to kill... but seriously be very careful of cannons because they will target him first because he is a large target and can't easily be screened.

8.Chaos Giant (can be good)
Once again cannons will target him fast. Depending on how you roll he can kick some ass because hes stubborn and hard hitting and causes terror, but he can also just fall over and be killed. (I once killed one with a beast herd)
My friend usually runs a shaggoth and a giant together and at least 1 always reaches the enemy lines. He calls them the bash brothers because thats what they do.

9.Spawn of Chaos
Causes fear, which is good but only unit strength 3 and is very random because of its movement and attacks, use it more as a support to add more attacks than anything else.

-----My friend never really uses chaos trolls, chaos ogres, or dragon ogres so I don't know much about them----

Some good items are the one (forgot the name) that allows the call of the hunt to get off (which allows a charge to get off) this is very effective after an ambush.

My friend usually uses lore of beasts.

He usually uses with kazarak as his general (which allows for half your army to ambush) and ambushes roughly 500 points or 3 beast herds behind his opponent.

Morgur -- is good too (as a spawn factory) using warhounds around him. (but be careful not to get minotaurs near him or any cost heavy units) He also makes the woods attack units in there so he is good against wood elves.

It really depends on where you plan to ultimately do. Which general you field also makes that decision easier. Kazarak = beast herds, A Doombull = Minotaurs.

Ok, I hope this helps a little bit I can answer more questions if you have any.

Imperial Dragoon
10-08-2007, 11:29
First of all thanks for all the help on the units.
The leadership doesnt worry me much as i play skaven so im used to making lower rolls ( which seem to do pretty well which is strange coz for 40k i do eldar and they run more often:( )

(Sorry i mention khorne i know you said u didnt want it)

What i meant is that i didn't want people telling me that i should have the mark of Khorne/Nurgle on the majority of the units, because i know minotaurs are good with nurgle marks and dont want to take that route.

thanks again

If anyone else could give me some info on the other units and magic, and most importantly what ratios work best for gors/ungors because i know it is crutial for them.

11-08-2007, 00:25
randomkrazy's notes are excellent starting points.

I started playing chaos around 2002 and have had quite alot of success especially with Beasts as a focus.

IF you want success early without alot of investment, Tuskagor chariots are excellent to build an army around. They are cheap in points, and highly effective for their cost.

If you want to grow a collection with variety, then I would suggest you check out this web site for specific info:http://z2.invisionfree.com/herdstone/

As for my $0.02.

I think undivided is the best approach to starting a collection of Beasts. You tend to need alot of great weapon characters so keep your eye out for them. Also, you can use bloodletter models as beast characters quite nicely. What I also the ratio of gors:ungors that Gw sells is a poor one. I would check out some of the online stores that sell GW products like Chaos Orc (do some searches). Usually you can get better deals with them.

Don't be affraid of adding mortal and beast units to your army either. Some of the best units like chaos knights and furries are essential to a beast army's success.

Good hunting.

11-08-2007, 08:40
you could check out this (http://www.warseer.com/warhammer_fantasy_armies_beasts_of_chaos) too, its what we wrote it for!

11-08-2007, 09:49
If you choose Tzeentch a Beastlord with MoT for general.
If you choose Slaanesh a Shaggoth Champion with MoS as general.

Lvl 4 sorc whos a beastlord is nice.
Always strikes first with a GW on a shaggoth is nice.