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Screaming Evil
09-08-2007, 15:09
Hey i have a few questions about Ogre equipment combinations. I looked on the search but didn't get anything so here they are:

1. Can the Bullgut be combined with Heavy or Light Armour? It states in the book that the Bullgut "confirs a 6+ armour save that can be combined with other equipment normally." This is also the case for Greatskull, Gut Maw and Greedy Fist.

2. Again on the Bullgut, it states the the character wearing it counts as US6 when it charges. Does this affect the Bull Charge in anyway? or is it only for outnumbering purposes in combat res and for fear/terror?

Thanks for the help

09-08-2007, 19:00
1. Yes, you can combine magical gut plates with heavy or light armour.

2. It is only for outnumbering and rank breaking purposes, does nothing to the Bull charge itself.