View Full Version : goblin magic banners

winter has ended
10-08-2007, 20:50
just wondering if there are any goblin units that can take magic banners or does it have t be a goblin as your battle standerd

10-08-2007, 21:40
iirc it has to be a BSB which really sucks!

winter has ended
10-08-2007, 21:47
that really does suck as i dont use banner bearers, and if i did i dont want a goblin one

11-08-2007, 09:28
Currently, no Goblin units can take magical banners.

That means you need to take a Goblin or Night Goblin Battle Standard Bearer to take the Goblins only or Night Goblins Only banners.

A solid block of Night Goblins led by a Night Goblin Warboss and a Battle Standard Bearer with the Bad Moon on a Stick is Stubborn at Ld 7 and unlikely to be outnumbered by Fear causing enemies...