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11-08-2007, 10:49
Hi all well i have just taking part in a mighty empire campaign however we are finding the rules abit weak and are really trying to look for ways to spice it up abit. I have been trying to think of a few things such as new buildings, events etc that will add a little flavor, atm im only really going to be worrying about rules for the races involved however once i have some extra stuff for them then im going to try and in the others. Why post this here, well i just want to bounce a few ideas about and see what other people think.

Races in the campaign

Khorne - mortal with daemon and beast servants/allies.
VC - von cartsein


Am i the only person that really feels these are very poorly thought out, i had a look at the extra ones on the website and was rather shocked, i think assassins could be rather ott, atm we are playing small games but for the VC in small games on a 3+ his army is crumbling from turn one and large a 5+ (fun!)

I have given this some thought, perhaps what the games needs is a random events chart, perhaps every player rolls a d6 or D10 at the start of the turn and checks down the list, say you have half good and half bad, in this thing you could have things like fouls gold, nautral disaster etc (some more ideas would be great here) . Now after these have been rolled for each player chooses his tactic/event like from the standard book, does having a limit so people can be targeted by the same event or even sue the same event in a consecutive turn make seem fair? I think its going to need a few new ones, perhaps something like forrest harvest (reduced warmachine in you next battle perhaps or allow construction of ships).


Well im greedy, i think we need more choose, personally i think every race should have a special building, say chaos get a monolith or beast herd (depending on your general being mortal or beast), say empire getting shrine of sigmar, dwarf get the bugmans bar (with better rules) and vampire count getting a grave guard (perhaps they get a grave marker like th SoC list or something for it on every game or maybe free command group on a unit). I had also thought perhaps other armies build shrines and then undead can do a grave raid or something and you do a special scenario for it.

Something else attacking land with a castle, am i the only person thinking its lame that you just spend points, how about you spend the point to just play a siege battle (btw ol, i will try and get one of ebay as they are far cheaper than GW, that or make one depending on the laziness factor).


Last but not least races, i think perhaps each races needs some swanky rule that isnt gaming winning but gives everyone different playing styles on the main map.

Chaos - perhaps they attack a land it requires one less than normal (perhaps on one land a turn would be more balanced).

Dwarfs - Re-roll a exploding mine a turn

Empire - +1 defence for land with caste or city

VC - not sure on this one, damn, i was on a roll as well.

Anyways any feedback would be great, cheers all

Lord Zarkov
11-08-2007, 21:41
I would personally use the Bloodlands campaign system if you have the relavent white dwarfs or can dig it ount on the internet somewhere. failing that there are better rules in [i[the Generals Compendium[/i] IIRC; much easier (and more balanced) than trying to adapt the ME system. And IIRC both the Bloodlands and GC campaign rules have most of the things you asked for.

12-08-2007, 03:04
I made my own system from the buttom... We focused on Roleplaying between players and building cities and mines for points... It ended up being a little too much book keeping so our Orcs and Goblins play er have gone mad and are just attacking everything instead of building... queit fun ;)... We just move arouns on a hexagoneed map and assault each other holdings and farms and cities and if 2 armies meet we have a great battle... all cities have a garrison to defende them in a siege... But it is that hard to make your own system... Just find a PC game or somthing to base it on and use 5-10 hours... then you got a system... You'll need to tweak it alot during gameplay thou... I have to cut down on income 2 times no... Or everyone would have 20000 points instaed of 2000-3000...

12-08-2007, 16:41
damn man, well i might have a look but i guess that would really depend on the others in the group, its not that might empire is really a bad system however i feel it is very simple for advanced players. The map however is rather cool and i thought it would be cool for people like us already playing the campaign to discuss ways on here to tweak it slightly.

Hvidponi - well thats pretty cool i like to roleplay myself would be cool if you wouldnt mind sharing that system with me (as im abit lazy to create a whole new system).

12-08-2007, 18:41
If you feel you and the other players are advanced enough then you should have no problem implementing balanced special rules. The simplest aproach is to give each race a special advantace with a matching disadvantage.

For example:

- When a Chaos empire has conquered a tile then the Chaos player rolls a D6. On the roll of 4+ any building on that tile is destroyed by the rampaging Chaos hordes.
- When a Chaos empire has lost a tile to another empire the the Chaos player rolls a D6. On a roll of 4+ any building on that tile is destroyed as the invading force purges the land of the taint of Chaos.
- In the case of two Chaos empires conquering tiles from another both players roll, greatly increasing the chance that any building on the tile is destroyed, as is appropriate for the rivalries of the Champions of Chaos.

In this example the Chaos player is at a disadvantage because he cannot reliably conquer existing buildings. His advantage is that his building cannot be reliably captured either.

The other approach is to give each race a specific advantage, assuming that these will all be equal in value.

Chaos Dwarfs:
- When conquering a tile with a castle or city the player rolls a D6. On a roll of 4+ the cost of conquering the tile is reduced by 1 as the defenses are brought down by the skilled siege engineers of Zharr Naggrund.

- When someone attempts to conquer a tile with a castle or city from this player then that player rolls a D6. On the roll of a 4+ the cost of conquering the tile is increased by 1 as the defenders sucessfully repel the attackers attempts at breaching the walls.

Obviously, such rules need a bit more work and evaluation. Will the Chaos Dwarf rule come into play more often since the player can pick the tile to conquer while the Empire rule depends on other player taking the castle or city tile rather than an undefended tile? What happens if the attacking player cannot afford the altered cost for conqering the tile?