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11-08-2007, 14:01
Hey Everybody,
I recently started playing in my first Mordheim campaign with a Pit Fighter list, and I hired the Tilean Marksman to make up for my warband's lack of ranged weapons. Unfortunately, my opponents are upset with the power of his skills in comparison to his cheap upkeep. Things were worsened as his first two advances were +1 WS and the Quick Shot skill. Now he fires his crossbow 2 times ignoring cover and long range. Ouch. I want to keep my list competitive while still being fun, what does everybody suggest I do? Hire him again? I love the model I am using for him and I still want SOME ranged so I won't be smashed every game! Has anybody else encountered this hired sword and found him to be unbalanced? Thanks for your consideration,

12-08-2007, 08:58
Firstly, what warbands does your opponents use and how do you like playing? If you like an open table and they all play shadow warriors, Rieklanders and Witch hunters, then I say keep the Marksman! But if you are all Possessed and Middenhiemers with loads of Terrain I say Keep the Marksman!

Basically he is no more unbalanced than any other Hired Sword. The Assassin is Leathal and the Ogre is a great missile magnet, the Elf Ranger can shoot just as far and the Freelancer has a horse and lance! Yeah, he always hits on a 3+ and with Quickshot thats good but you also rolled +1WS, you could have easily got a marksman who after 4 advances had +!WS, +1S, +1I and +1LD, just like you could have +2BS, Quickshot, Eagle Eyes and Nimble.
Terrain will always be a factor and in a normal game the marksman can only dominate one small area.

My thoughts,
Have Fun

13-08-2007, 04:14
Hi, Bugtor!

A local player uses the Tilean Marksman as well, and as someone who has frequently been on the receiving end of his ranged love, I hope I can give you my perspective. The Marksman is indeed a fearsome sight, with his ability to control a section of the table 30 inches in radius (bar line of sight restrictions), killing most early warriors on double 3+s. I can only imagine the fear he would inspire in your opponents as this changed to 2 shots needing 2+ then 3+. But in the end all he has going for him is fear. Ultimatley, killing isn't easy in Mordheim. And as a ranged fighter, he still is hampered by line of sight. While more of a concern to primarily ranged armies, keeping one's models out of line of sight of the marksmen can keep them safe. And as for ignoring cover, the targeted models could still make use of the same cover by hiding. The rules are a bit ambiguous, but as far as I was able to tell reading it and rereading it, a model can still hide if in line of sight, as long as there is cover it could benefit from.

I would reccomend reminding the naysayers in your area of these ideas, and if you still get the same complaints, perhaps it's not an honest complaint but simply trash-talking. Something about the threat of a warrior's death (be it a that of a well-leveled Henchman, a hero, or an especially cool ogre) seems to make any mordheim player react a bit more dramatically to, well, anything.

Best of luck convincing your fellow campaigners that your marksman is good, not broken!

27-09-2007, 21:43
The marksman is good, but not invincible, as BigRob said he is no more unbalanced than any other hire sword. you hired him to do a job and he's doing it well, it's up to your opponents to find a way round that, isn't that part of the fun ?

Count Sinister
04-10-2007, 16:55
I have to agree with the general remarks, here, having used a Tilean Marksman in my Witch-Hunter warband for a while. For the most part, everybody I played against was scared of him, but their response to the threat he posed was to use terrain to block line of sight, and use their own ranged weapons to try to take him down. He's good, but not broken. For my part, when a hired sword who's good in close combat decimates my warband, my response is not to say 'that hired sword is unfair', but to ask 'what can I do to get rid of him early on, and if I can't do that, how can I hire him for my own warband?