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Your Mum Rang
11-08-2007, 19:54
Exalted Champion of Tzeentch: Great Weapon - Dispel Scroll @ 199pts
Exalted Champion of Tzeentch: Great Weapon - Dispel Scroll @ 199pts
Aspiring Champion of Tzeentch: Banner of the Gods @ 300pts

17 Marauders: Shields - Light Armour - Full Command @ 144pts
17 Marauders: Shields - Light Armour - Full Command @ 144pts
17 Marauders: Shields - Light Armour - Full Command @ 144pts
Chariot of Tzeentch @ 140pts
Chariot of Tzeentch @ 140pts
6 Warhounds @ 36pts

3 Minotaurs of Tzeentch: Great Weapons @ 158pts
3 Minotaurs of Tzeentch: Great Weapons @ 158pts
Tuskgor Chariot @ 85pts
9 Furies @ 135pts

Hellcannon @ 270pts


11-08-2007, 21:44
i'd take screamers instead of furies much more hardier and a firewyrm instead of tuskgor chariot.

The hellcannon seems a real liability.

Your Mum Rang
11-08-2007, 21:58
Yeah but it's chaos isn't it? ;)

And maybe the screamers would be better. I cant fit in a fireworm since the Hellcannon takes 2 rares.

11-08-2007, 21:59
Banner of the Gods is for Undivided only... :D

11-08-2007, 22:00
Your Bsb isnt allowed the banner of the gods.
Read the banner description carefully.
If you dont have the book....buy it,then read the description.

Plus he needs a mount,battle standard bearer's on foot are rediculously easy to kill,and seeing as this guy is a full 300points,he's going to be worth throwing a unit away to kill him.

The rest is okay.

You dont need 9 furies,5 or 6 is plenty,but I appreciate the way your trying to stick to the number of tzeentch,so you dont have to change it if you dont want to.

You'll have to be wary of a misfire from your hellcannon,one result wounds all wizards(ie your character's) so you'll have to be careful.

Firewyrms of tzeentch are well worth having.
Doesnt matter if they never see combat,the fact that they breathe fire is reason enough to take them.

12-08-2007, 05:06
I would disagree about the hellcannon, this is the one kind of list where they can work- if you have enough magic power to make it a Tzeentch shooty list which this is. Its also an unbreakable combat monster for one flank- not at all bad.

Banner of the gods is for unmarked characters only hence you need to remove the mark from the battlestandard. Again all your characters should be mounted for survivability. At least on chaos steeds. Mounted on a daemonsteed will allow the unit to be immune to fear (your call).

To keep your magic up I would suggest droppping an exalted for a dark emissary or give one of your exalteds a power familiar and the other a spell familiar (losing 1 dispel scroll but gaining 1PD and DD per turn) will give you 11 PD and 5 spells to cast. Alternatively you can take a beast herd/tzaangors with a beastlord of Tzeentch or wargor of tzeentch/shaman.

9 Furies might be a bit much, what are you planning to use them for? I would drop one or two and the tuskgor chariot and get a unit of screamers as well- this way you can easily hunt down and destroy the war machines of gunlines ensuring they will have to come to you.

You might want some more bait units such as hounds to refuse a flank with.

One spawn might be a good idea to anchor the other flank.

Your Mum Rang
12-08-2007, 09:17
Ah, well spotted with the Mark on the guy on with Banner. I find myself mildly insulted at the allusion that I don't own the book.

Anyway, thanks for the advice all. Mounting the Exalteds never occurred to me. I never think of it now it's available in the new rules. Some more Warhounds would be useful.

As would add in some Tzaangors. Although then I'd need a Beast Herd.

As for the Emmissary, I like him yet am not convinced of his usefulness and also have lost the rules for him and the Truthsayer.

With the Hellcannon, which I will keep, I cannot take any Firewyrms I'm afraid.

12-08-2007, 09:47
Not worth it????!!!!!

Its ideal in this kind of list- fog of death will butcher enemy support units and light cavalry (your biggest danger) but do very little to you. You need a spare rare slot though. Fenbeasts are great if you have another spare slot.