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Mad Doc Grotsnik
11-08-2007, 23:15
Once again, this old chestnut. Will I ever stop gibbering on about it? Probably not. At least, not whilst I feel it needs to be addressed and appreciated on a large scale!

First of all, Pros and Cons of GW Clubs.

1. They are free. 2. Strong chance of new blood each week 3. Everything is provided, barring armies.

1. You are tied to their rules. No SG and no non-GW is their call. 2. If a fellow gamer gets on your wick, you'll just have to tolerate them as best you can. 3. Table space can be limited, especially if there is a campaign running.

Next, the Pros and Cons of Indy Clubs.....

1. Wot you says goes. Non-GW models, SG, you name it, you do it. 2. Chance of a hand picked cadre of decent opponents. 3. Generally more room on offer, and thus, more boardspace.

1. Theres generally a small door fee to cover costs. 2. You have to find a suitable location. 3. It's down to you to get boards etc.. made 4. Attracting new members can be tricky, especially if you allow it to become too elitist or cliquey.

So, there we have a very, very brief synopsis of the main pros and cons of two gaming locations.

Guess which I prefer?

With all the discussion of SG recently, and whether they are, or aren't being supported well enough etc, I really think people need to start up their own clubs, or at the very least, get properly involved with a local club already in existence.

If like me your lucky enough to have both the examples above, then the GW store can be a good source of fresh meat for your grinder. Let them play their Fantasy, 40k and LotR in GW. Instead, you specialise in SG, and promote them yourselves. I can guarantee you'll soon see an upswing in local players, and you might even be able to tempt some retirees from the hobby back to the field of battle.....

12-08-2007, 09:08
I agree here - I've seen alot of people who went into my local indy, buy a regiment box for something to do, really enjoyed assembling them, got on the internet and found the GW website...

Then discovered that nobody they know plays. GW loses a future customer as, sadly, they have nobody to play against. More clubs need to advertise their existance! I'm looking into joining a local club at the moment, and I would never have seen hide nor hair of one until I spotted a link to a local club in a warseerite's signature!

- Huw

12-08-2007, 18:50
I have to say that Indi clubs are where gamers thrive IMO:D.
They were in existance long before GW (PLC)was heard of...:p
And GWs rather regretable 'there is only GW core games available ,' attitude has made Indi clubs appeal even stronger .

So support you local Indi games club,if you havnt got one ,look into starting one up with gamers in your area.


Easy E
20-08-2007, 18:39
Just out of curiosity, does nayone know of any good resources about starting a local games club in the US?

I would be interested in starting one, but I haven't got the foggiest idea how.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
20-08-2007, 19:30
Ironically, contact GW. They might be able to help you. If not, then the GCN might be able to point you in the right direction.

Chaplain Mortez
21-08-2007, 07:08
I've never even seen a Games Workshop store, let alone know where to find one in my area (I think I would have to leave the state). So, at the indy store is where I dwell. Without it, I would have quit the game years ago and probably wouldn't have a full army. The fact is, they are, well, independent of Games Workshop. They do not need a "go ahead" to do anything--they just do it. My store owner runs game demos wherever he can, even out-of-store. When LotR came out in the theater, he got the owner of a local cinema to let him run demos for the game by the refreshments area. And he didn't need GW to tell him to do this, he just did it for sake of improving his business.

Plus, most indy stores sell more than GW products. Often, we get most of our new players from other games (who wonder what all that cool stuff is those guys are playing with in the back room). I think that indy stores are better investments, anyway, than a GW company store, simply because they can get different customers to step in.

@Easy-E: try doing a search for some advice on how to start an indy store. If you just want to get a club going, then you'll have to find an indy store and talk to the owner about it. If anything, grab all your Warhammer buddies and tell them to head down with you. If the owner sees a possible source of revenue, he/she will probably be more than willing to help out with GW products and giving you a place to play. If they don't want to stock GW or host events, it won't hurt to ask them to order things for you if they don't carry it. If they turn that down, then they aren't too clever are they for not wanting free business? The other possibility would to look at already existing communities and clubs. I know a few YMCA's have Warhammer groups, as well as schools. Your best bet is finding someone who is open to new and different hobbies.