View Full Version : 1K Tzeentch HOC

12-08-2007, 00:04
Okay, so i caved in and bought some marauders. I suppose the warriors I have will have to wait for later games. Anyway, here's my list, it's 991pts;

aspiring of Tzeentch- 171pts (goes with marauders)
Halberd, spell familiar

6 chaos knights -268pts
Champion, banner, Musician, Tzeentch

16 marauders-127
HW, shields, light armor, banner, musician

5 chaos war hounds - 30pts

5 chaos war hounds - 30pts

16 horrors - 240pts

2 flamers-50pts

Firewyrm of tzeentch- 75pts

12-08-2007, 04:49
Looking very good. A very formidable list.