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24-08-2005, 16:04
Noble 135
Stone of the Crystal Mere (3+ ward save, save gone if failed)
Joins Wardancers Unit.

Branchwraith 90
Murder of Sprites
Joins unit of 9 Dryads.

BranchWraith 90
Cluster of Radiants
Joins unit of 9 Dryads.

11 Dryads, Champ 144
9 Dryads, Champ 120
9 Dryads, Champ 120

11 Wardancers, Champ, Mus. 219
5 Wild riders, Champ, Mus. 148
5 Wild riders, Champ, Mus. 148

Treeman 285

3 DD

Concentrated frontage attacks are a good theme with the wood elves..
Goal is to get into combat as soon as possible. One dryad group will screen the wardancers while the Hero Dryad groups will tag team with the wild riders. Treeman just runs up the center causing terror, disrupting the enemy's formation or at least hold up a unit for one of the dryads to charge. Wardancer group with the noble is designed to bust a empire battallion head on, which would break the enemies' line allowing skirmishers to charge freely into the backs of any units.

25-08-2005, 11:52
Dunno about you but I think you should maybe swap the Treeman for some Treekin and use the extra points for something else of your choice? Are the Branchwraiths level 1 wizards?

25-08-2005, 22:04
I`m no expert, but I`d rather take a generic or Alter Noble with Great Weapon. A Wardancer Noble will suffer from a low Strength, and an Alter Noble will be able to join the fighting where he`s needed. You could also consider replacing the Branchwraiths with a lv.2 Spellsinger with a Dispel Scroll or two, if you can find the points.

26-08-2005, 03:29
Thanks Everence, I fixed the points and stats.

I am going to make every effort possible to get a charge off with the wardancers, so a generic wardancer noble made sense to me. First, I get the LD 9 of a Noble General, where as a Alter noble cannot be general. As a wardancer on the charge, the noble gets +1 Str, and has two Hand Weapons so +1 Attack, and in addition the Noble can use a dance for +1 Attack. So in the charge a Wardancer Noble has 5 Str 5 attacks, where as a Alter Noble has 4 Str 6 attacks. I take more attacks where I can get them, and a LD bonus to the Wardancers might come in handy. In a semi-ideal charge with a frontage of 6, including the Champion Wardancer, 4 Rank-and-file WD, and the noble, that is : 16 Str 4 Attacks, 5 Str 5 attacks. 21 attacks. Given the versatility of the wardancers, I want a noble with them to add that extra zing to it.

27-08-2005, 14:01
Definatly drop the treeman.. for the same points you could grab 4 treekin and another war dancer (although you're out of special slots).. or you could basically add 2 more units of 11 dryads with champions.