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24-08-2005, 16:33
Helglen the High Elf Arch Mage of Saphrey had urgent matters to attend at his home city of Saphrey. He received a message from the Phoenix King that he would be visiting Saphrey within a Fortnight. His army stood before the largest trees he had ever seen. He looked at Ferelen and said “What do you think should we go around the Woods or through them?” Ferelen responded, “Going around will take time, but going through might encounter the Beastmen.” Helglen stated, “Time is something we do not have the luxury of. Tell the men we go through.” With that Ferelen turned his steed and rode through the army spreading the command Helglen…

Oakheart, was a noble old Ancient Treeman. For many years he had lived in the forest of Aladrey. He had seen many travelers during his years, and most were of peaceful nature. The one’s that weren’t were destroyed by the spirits of the trees. Now the elves who had long walked through the forest, but always did so with permission were about to enter. Oakheart, uprooted himself and marched forward to meet Helglen. The Elf mage and Large Treeman spoke in a language only they understood. The two seemed to come to an agreement, then Oakheart walked back into the forest and Helglen approached his army.

“He told his men Oakheart has granted passage through his forest, under the condition that no trees will be burned for firewood and no other vandalism took place. Helglen told them if any one broke these conditions the wraith of the forest spirits would be wrought on them. Helglen knew his army would listen to his commands and so they entered the forest…

What Helglen didn’t know was that Dark Elf shades had been tailing his army for quite some time. Now they reported what transpired between the Elves and Tree Spirit to their Lord, Draconic. Draconic ordered the shades to enter the forest and destroy some trees, but to make it look like the High Elves had done it. The Shades followed their Generals commands and under cover of Darkness slipped ahead of the High Elf army, dressed in some elven garb they had captured from many battles and destroyed several tree’s as well as vandalized the a large portion of the forest then quickly left the site knowing that the Forest Spirits would be angered and direct their anger at the High Elf army. They reported their success to Draconic, he smiled a devilish grin, and said “well done…”

Helglen and his army awoke the next morning and continued through the woods, Helglen was impressed with how careful his army was with the forest, Lighting no fires with wood and using magic instead. Soon he would be through the woods and able to greet the Phoenix King. Then as he marched on he saw it. A barren field strewn with markings of fire and some of the trees still burning also a small Wood elf waystone was broken in two. Helglen, knew it was not his men, but he also knew the forest spirits were prone to fighting first and asking questions later. He decided to continue on quickly hoping to escape the wraith of the Tree Spirits but it was too late, as he looked around the clearing he saw a small army of Tree Spirits forming with Oakheart at its lead. Oakheart yelled in old worlder, “I grant you passage and this is how you repay me. Now you will pay for not following my conditions!” and the Tree Spirits began to march forward.

Pitched Battle 2000pts High Elves vs Wood Elves (Tree Spirits)

High Elves:

Helglen – Arch Mage, Level 4, Seer, Dispel Scroll, Ring of Corin – 340 pts

Galadrieth – Commander, Heavy Armour, Shield, Great Eagle, Reaver Bow – 170 pts.

Ferelen – Commander, Battle Standard Bearer, Itilmar barded steed, Heavy Armour, Battle Banner – 196 pts.

Creylin, Commander, Halberd, Shield, Lore Master – 120 pts.

19 Spearelves, Full Command, Lion Standard, Lead by Helglen – 264 pts.

19 Swordmasters, Full Command, Standard of Balance, Lead by Creylin – 322 pts.

5 Dragon Princes, Full Command, Banner of Arcane Protection, Lead by Ferelen, 222 pts.

5 Silver Helms, Full Command – 150 pts.

10 Archers – 120 pts.

1 Repeater Bolt Thrower – 100 pts.

Wood Elves:

Oakheart - Treeman Ancient, Annoyance of Netlings, Lamentation of Despair – 375 pts.

Jacora – Branch Wraith, Level 1 Mage, Murder of Sprites, Cluster of Radiance – 165 pts.

Drachia – Branch Wraith, Level 1 Mage, Blight of Terror, - 165 pts.

11 Dryads, Branch Nymph, Lead by Jacora – 144 pts.
11 Dryads, Branch Nymph, Lead by Drachia – 144 pts.
12 Dryads – 120 pts.

4 Tree Kin, Tree Kin Elder, 280 pts
4 Tree Kin, Tree Kin Elder, 280 pts

Tall Oak, Treeman, 285 pts.

IC: Creylin was given the honor by Helglen, to lead his army into battle.

Battlefield and Deployment:

From High Elf Perspective:
Ferelen and the Dragon Princes, with Creylin and the Swordmasters then a small cluster of 2 buildings surrounded by Hedges, near the middle of the High Elf Deployment zone with Galadrieth and his Great Eagle behind the buildings, next to the buildings Helglen and the Spear Elves, and the Repeater Bolt Thrower. Then another small build and the Archers and finally the Silver Helms.

Drachia and her Dryads on the left flank with the Tree Kin Unit in front of them partially sheltered by a small wood. Then a small Stone Circle with a unit of dryads led by Jacora. Another unit of Tree Kin in front of them. Both Oakheart and Tall Oak, the Treemen deployed behind the Stone Circle with another unit of Dryads.

To battle:

The High Elves quickly moved into battle formations and started across the battlefield. All High Elf units moved forward, except for the Archers and Repeater Bolt Thrower. Helglen looked at his ring of Corin it had turned red, meaning no magic items were nearby for dispelling. Helglen then tapped his knowledge of the lore of fire. He summoned a fireball and hurled it towards the large Tree Kin unit, but Drachia was able to dispel it, Helglen then summoned another more powerful Fiery Blast, which Drachia tried but could not dispel. The Tree Kin were engulfed in flames leaving one of the mighty creatures down and another singed by the attack. Now knowing Drachia could not stop his magic Helglen, Summoned Conflagration of Doom and Tall Oak the lesser Treeman Burst into flames, the fire was too much for the large Treeman, and continued to burn until only ash remained. Helglen looked at Galadrieth, who had flown his eagle from cover and was now close to the woods.

Galadrieth knew by instinct what Helglen wanted. He commanded the Repeater Bolt Thrower to open fire on the Singed Tree Kin. One large bolt impaled a Tree Kin and it fell to the ground. Then Galadrieth fired his Reaver Bow at the 2 Tree Kin remaining and 2 arrows hit their mark severely wounding another Tree Kin.

Oakheart was stunned by what he had seen. His friend Tall Oak just burst into flames and was burned to ash. He ordered his units forward, knowing he must bring down the High Elf mage before something similar happens to him.

Drachia moved her Dryads into the Stone Circle for cover. While the singed Tree Kin moved into the woods in front of them. Jacora moved her Dryad unit around behind the Stone Circle to protect the flank that had just been vacated by Drachia unit. Oakheart moved himself around the Stone circle and next to the other units of Tree Kin with and Dryads. He then pointed his wooded limb at the wood with the Tree Kin in it.
Helglen sensed this magic and dispelled it. Oakheart tried again and this time the wood up rooted itself and moved forward moving the Tree Kin closer to Helglen and the Spear Elves as well as Galadrieth. Drachia attempted to summon the spirits of the forest to protect the Tree Kin, but Helglen’s magic was too powerful and it was easily dispelled.

Helglen saw the woods and Tree Kin magically move closer and Drachia and her dryads preparing to charge from the Stone Circle. He told his Spear Elf champion to prepare for a charge, and then decided to leave his unit and take cover in the small wooden house behind him. Galadrieth moved his eagle on top of wooden house also, preparing for a counter charge if the Spear Elves hold the Tree Spirits.

Meanwhile Ferelen’s Dragon Princes and Creylin’s Swordmasters had moved down the flank and now circled behind the Tree Kin in the woods and were preparing to charge Jacora Dryad unit. While the silver Helms moved down the other flank and were preparing to charge the Dryads unit protecting Oakheart.

Helglen once again summoned a fire ball, but this time he targeted Drachia’s dryad unit that was hiding in the Stone Circle seeking to weaken it before the inevitable charge on the Spear Elf unit. Drachia was easily able to dispel it. Helglen then summoned another large fiery blast and directed at the same target, Drachia tried to dispel it, but failed and 4 of her Dryad comrades were destroyed. Helglen then summoned, a Wall of fire on the Tree Kin protecting Oakheart, the wall burned and one of the Tree Kin were turned to ash.

Galadrieth, now saw the Tree Kin hiding in the woods and lifted his is Reaver Bow let 3 arrows fly, 2 of them penetrated the thick hide of the wounded Tree Kin and he collapsed to the ground, Leaving only one remaining. The Repeater Bolt Thrower now saw Oakheart and launched a single arrow towards the Behemoth, but it failed to penetrate his thick Oak Skin.

Continued ....

24-08-2005, 16:34
Drachia’s unit of Dryads came rushing out of the Stone Circle charging towards the Spear Elf unit as they readied their spears. At the same time the lone remaining Tree Kin charged out of the woods towards them also, Drachia was amazed the spear unit didn’t seem to fear her dryads. Then she noticed a glowing standard held by the unit and realized why. It was too late now she thought, as her dryads hit the front of the spear elf unit. The Drachia issued a challenge and the Champion of the spearelves accepted. Drachia easily dispatched the Champion of the spear elves, but Branch Wraith and the rest of the Dryads could only kill 2 more. In return 2 of the Dryads, were felled by elven spears. Drachia knew they could not hold on for long and looked around support from the Tree Kin that charged, she realized the lone Tree Kin was wounded and could not make the distance to engage. With ranks of Elf Spearmen pushing forward, and being outnumbered, Drachia’s unit could not hold and fled the combat out distancing the pursing Spearelves.

Oakheart saw Drachia and the Dryads break and knew he had to do something to turn the tide of battle. He attempted to summon the spirits of the forest once again and move the woods in front of the Dragon princes and Swordmasters on his flank, but both times Helglen easily dispelled them. Jacora moved her Dryads backward behind the Stone Circle ensuring Ferelen and the Dragon Princes could not charge them. Oakheart and the Tree Kin moved forward towards the Silverhelms on the left flank. The last unit of Dryads then moved close to the Spear Elves putting themselves in front of Drachia and the fleeing Dryad unit.

The Silver Helm champion now saw Oakheart and the Tree Kin in front of him heading toward his unit. He had only once choice, to charge Oakheart and hope to break him, then overrun in Jacora’s Dryad unit behind. The Silver Helms fought back their fear and charged Oakheart, Oakheart issued a challenge and the Silver Helm champion accepted. The champion struck first, but sprites on Oakheart blocked ever attack, and Oakheart brought down his gnarled branch hand crushing the Elf Champion. The other Silver Helms were too stunned to attack, but their elven loyalty to their champion was shown, and they held their ground.

The Spear Elves were unable to attack the fleeing Drachia’s unit, because of the new Dryad unit in front of them. Creylin was now nearby and ordered them to charge. They lowered their spears and charged into the Dryad unit in front of them. They failed to kill any dryads, but the dryads only killed two Spear Elves in return. Once again, ranks of elves pushing forward, and being outnumbered, even with Oakheart commanding them to hold the broke and fled, this time the Spear Elves pursued and scattered the remaining Dryads, overrunning into Jacora’s Dryad unit behind.

Galadrieth saw how the Dryads attempted to protect Drachia, and laughed to himself. They had forgotten about me and Nesra, my Great Eagle. With that he swooped down from his roof top towards Drachia and the fleeing Dryads, they attempted to run, but could not outdistance Galadrieth and Nesra. They were hacked to ribbons by Galadrieth’s Halberd and Nesra ripped Drachia into two pieces with her talons.

Helglen sensed the Tree Spirit magic weakened by the loss of Drachia, and summoned Conflagration of Doom, but used too much power and became racked with pain falling to his knees.

The Repeater Bolt Thrower could now only see one target the wounded Lone Tree Kin that had failed to charge the Spear Elves. It fired a single bolt, the bolt was dead on target, when suddenly a branch from the forest nearby stretched out and deflected the Bolt off target. The Elven archers now targeted the Tree Kin wheeling to charge the Silver Helms next turn. 2 Arrows hit their mark and one of the Tree Kin fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, Ferelen could not believe the cowardliness of the Dryads. He marched his Dragon Princes behind the Stone Circle and could now see the Dryads and Jacora in combat with the Spear Elves. Creylin moved his Swordmasters between the Woods and Stone Circle and to the flank of the Tree Kin preparing to charge the Silver Helms.

Helping their general the Tree Kin Charged into the Silver Helms, the Battle was short. The Tree Kin killed two of the Silver Helms and Oakheart killed another. Outnumbered and overwhelmed by fear the Silver Helms fled from combat, outdistancing both the Tree Kin and Oakheart.

Unfortunately, following his minor victory, he looked around it seemed almost in slow motion as he watched the Spear Elves and Jacora’s Dryads locked in battle and the Spear Elves had felled one of the Spirits, but had only lost 2 in return, He saw Jacora’s Dryad’s break and outdistance the pursing Spear Elves. He also saw the Lone Tree Kin charge the Repeater Bolt Thrower, but due to wounds fail his to reach them. Then Galadrieth on his eagled swooped in and dropped the Lone Tree Kin with three arrows of that cursed bow of his.

Oakheart now realized the battle was lost. He ordered an immediate retreat and with the few remaining Tree Spirits faded from the battlefield leaving only the High Elves remaining.

Helglen could not understand who caused the forest to be vandalized, but suddenly a Shadow warrior appeared with a Dark Elf Shade as a captive. The Shadow Warriors were tailing behind and noticed someone observing the army and then captured him, but it was after the vandalism happened. Helglen wanted to find Oakheart and explain what had happened, but knew that might result in another battle. After he returned to Saphrey and completed his business he would return and explain what happened to Oakheart.


High Elf Massacre: we never counted the points, but all Tree Spirit player had left was Treeman ancient and 3 Tree Kin. While the High Elf player (Me) had lost only a few Spear Elves and 3 Silver Helms.

What do you think?


24-08-2005, 19:32
Well fought, and i really like your style of wrighting, great read!
I hope you'll make more bat reps in the near future.

24-08-2005, 22:48
yes, a very good read indeed :D

25-08-2005, 03:07
very well written report and an excellent win. you must have been glad you took out a whole treeman in the first turn!

25-08-2005, 11:29
Poetry! ....More characters to reach min posting length...

25-08-2005, 11:43
very cool, although i did notice that one of the dryad units fled combat, which shouldnt be possible should it due to being imune to psych?

25-08-2005, 12:08
very cool, although i did notice that one of the dryad units fled combat, which shouldnt be possible should it due to being imune to psych?

Troops that are immune to psych can still flee if they lose combat, and still have to take break checks. They are just not allowed to choose flee as a charge reaction.

25-08-2005, 12:57
Thanks everyone. I feel my writing it getting better with every report. I probably won't have one this weekend. I have a Birthday party to attend. So we'll have to wait until the following weekend.

25-08-2005, 14:44
ah, Xenageo thanks for that clarification. Hmm I think I might need to read up on the imunne to psch rules again

26-08-2005, 07:09
Interesting reading. I didn't like the army composition on either side, however.

And for reference, "Oakheart" is an ancient treeman who lives within the forests of Avelorn. He was the one to hid and protected Morelion and Yvraine when they were in danger of losing their lives.

Aside from that, not too bad.

26-08-2005, 13:56
Sorry about that. That the name my opponent gave me. I don't think he knew about the fluff. I'll tell him when I see him again.