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12-08-2007, 17:11
After massucering a wood elf with my 2000 point army, (Cav/monster focused), i was solidly defeated by an orc an accout of his waaaagg spell and his waaaaggg leader. I have trimed my army to get soem dispell scrolls, but this still doesn't do anything about his waaaagg leader. I am having troble with his orc blocks and their average 15 inch charge!

Any ideas?

winter has ended
12-08-2007, 20:53
erm how you get 15" that would require the spell and the waagh, also his general cn only use it once per game and he still has to roll on the animosity table for his units, with the waagh spell he needs to roll a 6 to get with orc shaman, best idea would be to flank him where possible, and try to kill orc units cause then the goblins will run away to

13-08-2007, 00:27
I can take care of the spell, but one use of a 15 inch charge is enouf to do a lot of dmage, especialy when i diddn't know about it. I did all teh flanking I could after that, but when your cavalry had to flee from an infantry charge, and some trolls flew right into the steggydon, it's hard to salvage the game.

Anamosity is on a 1.

Goblins hold better then orcs. LD doesn't matter, just use gobos as center troops near the general.

13-08-2007, 03:50
I am an Orc and Goblin player, and Skinks kick my Goblins butt with blowpipes.

Do you use a Slann? or do you use Salamanders? What is your list vs his list

winter has ended
13-08-2007, 07:52
to get the 15" inch he would have to use the spell and call a waagh in same turn, he still has to TEST for it when his general uses it and add rank bonus etc on to it, goblins can only ever add plus one, also he has to roll the animostity dice and add the bonus to get a 6 to move the extra D6
now if you make his orcs breaks, especially ifhis general is in it then golins will run as they are leader ship 6, 5 if night goblins, and orcds will have to test to

13-08-2007, 11:42
...You only need 1 to get an average of 15 inches. And what is the test thing about? And ranks?

Hears what he did:
1. Declares Waaaaaggg
2. Rolls for amamosity, which everyone passed.
3. Rolls 2d6 for each unit. Moves them that far toward my nearest unit.
4. Does his normal 8" charge to finish the distance. THIS TOTALS !% INCH AVERAGE.
5. Automaticly strikes first and re-rolls misses.

What test and ranks does it involve?

As for breaking gobos:

His general was with a unit of 40 gobos. He had a 100 point ax that mauled.

His other units were black orcs, orcs, 3 bolts, charrior, trolls, a Giant, and spiders, + a BSB and 2 mages.

I had Cavalry, Kroxigor, (All 3 killed by 1 fanatic in 1 turn), Steggy, Sallys, 2 units of skinks, jungle swarm, terradons, carno, JSOD, and vet on cold.

winter has ended
13-08-2007, 12:08
ok heres what he should of done
1. decalre waagh
2. roll for animosity
3. add rank bonus etc to the roll he got
4. any which are 6 roll one d6 and go that far
5. he then gets his normal move/charge

this averages 12-13" a turn, he only gets an average of 152 if he also casts the spell waagh which moves all his units forwards 2d6 including crews of bolt thorwers etc, also he does not re roll misses, he strikes first because he charged, but need to cast a spell to reroll misses agaisnt you called bashem lads, looks like he didnt know what he was doing

also how many wounds does the kroxigors have? 3 each? in this case the fantic could of only killed 2 max as it doe d6 str 5 armour piercing hits

if his general is with that unit try to make the black orcs run or destroy them to make units run away as goblins dont effect orcs or anything bigger

13-08-2007, 18:40
Well first, your opponent doesn't know his units/army book. Ask to see from now on, as this guy seems a bit lax.

For tactics, Kill his generals unit. It will take some serious shooting to nail them down, but w/out his general they are a LD 7 or 8 army.

13-08-2007, 20:18
I've had never problems with Lizzies killing Greenskins.
Set your skinks on the Giant and Orcs, the Chariot is dead meat with your Kroxigors and the Trolls are going to be run down by your cold ones.
The Spiders are easy targets for your Sallies.
The only lack is your Magic defence, so either get some or kill his Mages ASAP

15-08-2007, 00:18
As fear said before me, skinks are great at killing giants and orcs low armor won't help them much againest poison. salamanders should blast spiders and goblins. I believe the axe you are talking about is the one that adds more to his strengh and attacks for each rank bonuse, kill his unit and he should be alot easier to kill. also if he is using this axe he would probally have a armor save of +4 if his general is a black orc, +5 if he is a orc. so a good weapon like the burning blade will work great on him. hope this helps

Lord Of The Night
15-08-2007, 13:57
arent orc characters not allowed to be in goblin units?
the whole no orc would ever be seen leading gobbos thing

winter has ended
15-08-2007, 14:24
dosnt say that in the codex and apparently characters can join any unit as long as its not a monster another character or single chariot so yes it can

15-08-2007, 23:02
Orcs can join any unit, and most orc leaders have boars which makes their armor save better.

Skinks have a tough time injuring orcs at T4

17-08-2007, 02:00
Ok, thanks for the rank test clerification.

His fanatic killed my kroxigors by killing 2, which made them panic, and run threw it, killing the third.