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24-08-2005, 18:06
Hi all,

I'm looking to, with the help of a computer-savvy friend, build a computer for the first time. Mainly, I want to do it for the experience, but also so that I can put down money in increments. I'm looking to build a mid-range gaming/photo editing PC, with the following parts in mind:

-350W ATX case

-Athlon64 3200+ (939 pin) processor

-Asus A8V MoBo (maybe an A8n instead)

-2x 512MB 3200 DDR RAM

-Western Digital 160GB HD

-NVIDIA 6600GT (maybe two further down the road, if I go with the A8n)

-Soundblaster Audigy

-Win XP home edition

I'm aware that there are such things as "compatibility" issues, and I'm curious to know where I should be looking for those. Are there ever incompatibilities between processors and MoBo's (assuming the MoBo is made for the processor in question, of course)? Does an nForce MoBo pretty much guarantee compatibility with an NVIDIA graphics card?

What is the importance of a power supply's wattage?

Thanks in advance

24-08-2005, 20:04
Well as far as the wattage goes you'll want one with enough wattage to support the power needs of all power sucking components of your PC. Not enough power and you're likely to fry your processor/mobo/whatever. So buy one with a lot of people to compensate for upgrades down the road.

I'm under the impression that nForce mother boards will assure you compatibility with NVIDIA stuff.

24-08-2005, 23:25
IIRC, the manual for my 6600GT (MSI VTD128) recommends 400W, so check up on that. I can't find the bit in my manual, so don't take my word for it, but double check first.


26-08-2005, 20:43
If 2 GeForce 6600GTs refers to an SLI setup, you'll need at least a 500W power supply (can't remember the exact amount).

Of course, you could always upgrade the power supply later...

Sgt John Keel
26-08-2005, 20:49
Does an nForce MoBo pretty much guarantee compatibility with an NVIDIA graphics card?

It should. After all, the nForce chipset is NVIDIA manufactured, so it would be really weird if it didn't support it.