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Great Harlequin
12-08-2007, 21:06
Hi folks,

I've had a Tomb Kings' force leering at me from my top shelf for a while now, that I purchased last year. However, there's one tiny problem... I've never played Warhammer Fantasy in my life, and I know Tomb Kings isn't exactly a starter army! :rolleyes:

Still, I'm really interested in playing with them, and the models look smegging ace so I was wondering if people could give me some helpful pointers and suggestions as to a solid 2000 point army list, suitable for tournaments.

I have:

2 Tomb King/Prince on foot
Tomb King/Prince on Chariot
2 Liche Priests
8 Skeleton Horseman with Command
36 Skeleton Warriors with two Commands
3 Tomb Swarms
12 Skeleton Archers
3 Chariots
3 Ushtabi
3 Carrion
Tomb Scorpion
20 Tomb Guard with Command
Screaming Skull Catapult
Bone Giant

Now, having read through the codex, I'd have thought maxing out on quite a lot of characters, taking Chariots, at least one Screaming Catapult and Ushtabi are the best options available. Cloak of Dunes looks like a must for one of the Heirophants to keep him out of trouble and use his magic where it's needed most. Also, I'd have thought at this points level, a Bone Giant might not go amiss either... :angel:

Anyway, enough of my thoughts, I want to know what you, the pros, out here think! :cool:

He Who Is Him
14-08-2007, 01:20
Some TK must haves are the SSC (panic like mom used to make) and the scorp. Bone Giants are fun (and an awesome model) but they're not as reliable as other units for the same purpose (Ushabtis are safer) and the rare spot is, IMO, better spent with SSCs or a COS (depending on which list I'm running). TK tends to be character heavy (ward saves, cloak of the dunes, staff of ravening and dispell for the priests, Armor of the Ages and diff weapons for the Kings and Princes depending on the situation (Blade of Setep = Magic Can Opener, Flail of Skulls = Character killer, Destroyer of eternities = total badass)), with alot of the points in rare and special units too. I usually run pretty minimal core units (they're there for their numbers (puns rule!))

14-08-2007, 07:55
Tomb kings is indeed not an easy army to start with, but they can be very effective when you get the hand of them!

It is very popular to use a Tomb king and 3 Liche priests at 2000 points. Other combinations have also done well for me, but this is what most players take. It is equally popular to have the king in a chariot (usually with the Flail of skulls) or on foot in a unit of tomb guard or skeletons (with a great weapon or the destroyer of eternities)

The most popular core choices are Chariots (usually only in units of 3) which are used to hit flanks, large blocks of skeletons (at least 25- though archers can be in small groups (10+) and the swarm.

All the elite choices are good. Scorpions are generally considered the best, because you can use them to support your infantry, or bury them and kill war machines. The Tomb guard is also very popular, though personally not my favorite. I personally think carrion are the best fliers for their point value in warhammer, and always take 5-6.

Catapults are usually considered the best rare choice in low point games, simply because the giant and casket of souls are very expensive, and most people want more troops.

With your models I might try:

Tomb King, Flail of skulls, Light Armour, Shield, Chariot of Fire, Collar of Shapash,
Tomb Prince, Great Weapon, light armour
Lich Priest, Dispel Scroll
Lich Priest, Cloak of Dust, Urn of incantations,

3 Chariots, Standard, Banner of the eternal legion
12 archers
24 skeletons with standard
2 Swarm bases

3 Carrion
3 Ushabti
20 Tomb Guard, Standard, Champ, & Standard of Rakaph


He Who Is Him
14-08-2007, 21:37
Forgottenlor makes some good points, but if your TK has the flail of skulls, the sheild will only help against ranged attacks, and he shouldn't have a problem with those cause he should be in a unit and get the look out sir anyway. I don't really like TK in chariots, I usually put the prince in one instead (one canon ball and your king is standing alone in the middle of the field)

Great Harlequin
15-08-2007, 20:24
Cheers for the input guys, that's a great help! I'll have a mess around with a list with this in mind.

I'm (very) slowly digesting the codex. :rolleyes:

Anymore comments would be greatly appreciated!