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13-08-2007, 04:07
My intrest in Adeptus Arbites has been resparked. I remember a really old semi offical rules set somewher but cant find it, (not talking about the user mad book of law). It was a CHapter Approved from some Citadel Jounrel in the 20s, (enters flashback to the ol days)

Other than those 2 have there been any decent attempts at making rules for them anyone knows of?

13-08-2007, 04:52
Well...you could always use Codex: Witch Hunters, since it offers the option for Arbites in it.

13-08-2007, 05:48
I'll just be glad when the majority of 40K players learn to say Arbites correctly. "Arbites" is pseudo-Latin like a lot of 40K terminology, such as "Adeptus Astartes", pronounced "A-start-ays", and Arbites should be pronounced "Ar-bee-tays", not "Ar-bytes" like bite as in "bite your food" or computer storage "bytes".

Think of the word arbitrate or arbiter, as in to decide or judge. The Arbites are loosely (or perhaps not so loosely) based on the Judge Dredd comics and early Adeptus Arbites models looked quite a bit like some of the art in the Judge Dredd comics.

Interestingly, a few years ago when Andy Chambers still worked for GW, he was the guest speaker at a US Games Day and during the product seminar one customer stood up and asked him about "Ar-bytes". Mr. Chambers responded to the question, pronouncing the word like "Ar-bee-tays" as was intended by the GW design studio. However, this seemed to make no impact on anyone since then if they were already pronouncing it incorrectly.

Back on topic, the Arbites models would make great Imperial Guardsmen or Inquisitorial Stormtroopers. There's a box of Enforcers produced for Necromunda that look a bit like the older 40K Arbites models and they'd also make great Guardsmen if you can't find a way to use special rules specifically for Adeptus Arbites.

13-08-2007, 10:29
The only official rules for Arbites are in the two Inquisition Codices (DH and WH).
Look here for a big, fan made non-official Codex Arbites:

13-08-2007, 21:14
I alreayd know about the big fan made one (needs updating something terrible)

I am looking for the chapter approved in Citadel Journel 29.

13-08-2007, 21:33
I'm using the Necromunda Arbites in my Rogue Trader army as security forces for the trader. In game terms, they are Arbites used in place of Stormtroopers.



They're very cool looking models!

Sorry for the slightly off-topicness, but I love those models!!

13-08-2007, 23:13
Ok I plan to do one of two things with my idea

1. Use the IG list with the Grenadier and Mechanized doctrines. Use a command squad with Carapace armour to maintain the carapace feel, and use a allied Seraphim squad for some added CC, Use what I got left for Leman Russes


2. Use the Witch Hunters list with Inquisitional storm troopers in Chimeras.. Have an Inquisitor or SOB leader, include a callidus assasin (undercover officer) and use some Exorcists for support (along with probably a repressor squad with H. Bolters to represent a fire support squad (using blast shields on the weapons to represent the 3+ save) And of course the Seraphim squad

I plan to represent the Seraphim with Elysians with the packs, the Chimeras with Repressors and and Arbities with the IG Stormtrooper models (love those models)

So anyways Im not a power gamer or anything and am not aming for anything better than about a 33% win rating, but would still like to have a decent enough chance. So witch of these 2 do you think I should do.

IG: Pros= Leman Russes, Heavy stubbers on Chimeras (whitch I like) Cons= Have to invest points in command squad I dont really really want, no assasins (cause I dont wanna have to also invest in Inquisitor)

WH: Pros= can have more squads (due to exorcists are cheaper than russes) can have assasin, can save some points by just adding a cheaper hq to like the seraphim Cons= no leman russes

14-08-2007, 05:32
Just remember that even using the WH list, you have to take an Inquisitor or Inquisitor Lord in order to take any assassins. (check next to the Assassin entries in the Codex)