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13-08-2007, 19:39
So, i've been playing Warhammer for about 15 years now. But i've only ever really used one army. That being Undead/Vampire Counts as it is now. With the exception of the odd dabbles into ogres and i think i have a HE army lying around somewhere.

Anyway, a while back i bought a Wood Elf army which i have just recently found lying around in a box in the attic like so much of my stuff does. Anyway, i've played with the army 3 times so far for:

Vs Chaos - Minor Loss
Vs Tomb Kings - Draw
Vs High Elves - Massacre

So my task for you people of Other Games Open is to Pimp My List (TM).

P.S. What i have in it, is purely there because that is what i had lying around at the time ie its the random crap i bought on a whim. Anywho, here's the list:

WHFB 1500 Pt Wood Elves Army List


Spell Singer 90
Lvl 2 35
Dispell Scroll 25
Deep Wood Sphere 25
175 Pts

Spell Singer 90
Lvl 2 35
Dispell Scroll 25
Calaingor's Staff 25
175 Pts

Branch Wraith 65
Lvl 1 50
Cluster Of Radients 25
Beffudlement of Mischiefs 25
165 Pts

Heroes total : 515 Pts


14 Glade Guard 168
Full Command 24
192 Pts

10 Glade Guard Scouts 170
Command 24
Banner of Zenith 25
219 Pts

8 Glade Riders 192
Command 32
224 Pts

12 Dryads 144
Branch Nymph 12
156 Pts


6 Way Watchers 146
Shadow Sentinal 8
152 Pts

TOTAL : 1458 Pts.

The army mostly works on denying march moves, with the Scouts banner which means enemy units cannot march within 12" instead of the usual 8" and the Way Watchers ability to set up in cover anywhere on the board. Which if applicable i normally use to set up in the opponents deployment zone. I also try to deny magic when possible, the army has 5 dispell dice + 1 for the cluster of radients and an aditional dice from the Deepwood sphere which gives an extra free dispell dice if my opponent uses 3 or more dice to cast a spell.

So any comments, changes to the army list or tactics i should be using would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

13-08-2007, 19:55
nice list really....

The only things I would be looking at changing woul be to drop the command from the Glade Guard, and invest in more archers...

If you're looking to expand to 2K, then Wild Riders, and Glade riders should be your net nove, to get more manoeuvrability in your list, and possibly some Wardancers.

A personal fave is a Treeman. Sure they attract cannon fire like flies to horse ****, but they can also dish out a world of pain (1 treeman vs 1 Ogre Tyrant, 1 Bruiser, 5 Ironguts, 7 Bulls and a Butcher for 3 turns :D)

Kudos on going for a spellsinger for general too. I do too, but with a level 4 in a 2K game. I find the Lord either not mobile enough, and easily avoidable, or too fast, and the rest of the army unable to benefit...

13-08-2007, 21:05
Thanks Crube.

Yeah, the command is only really there to fill up points until i buy another batallion. With which i'll be adding more bowmen (units of 10 sans' command) as well as the Glade Riders and 4 more dryads (2 units of 8 as a find 12 a bit unwieldy).

Though i'll be keeping the scouts with atleast a standard bearer if only to carry the Banner of Zenith because of its ability to stop other units marching, generally, without being able to be charged.

I found that a Noble was a bit poor in 1500Pts myself, he did absolutely nothing in any of the games, so he was dropped in favour of the tree with tits.

Do you get to the Aberdeen store ever? I know yo're 40 odd miles out but, you never know. Its just i used to be a regular there and i'm wondering who the staff are now.

14-08-2007, 08:50
Maybe reducing the Scouts to 6 or 8 may make them more usable, and I do agree about 2 units of 8 dryads being infinitely more usable. As for the Noble, I tried to use him in a 2K game and found the same thing.

As for the Aberdeen store, I've been in a few times, but I'm by no means a regular, so I couldnt really say anything about the staff there at the mo...