View Full Version : first dwarf list 2000 points (is it legal)?

13-08-2007, 23:03
im thinkin about startin dwarves im just not sure about runicitems yet so tell me if anythimgs wrong

Question- can you take multiple runes from the same catagory like 2 wepon runes.

So anyway here it is

Lord great wepon oath stone shield bearers rune of might rune of swiftness rune of stone rune of spite rune of challenge 311

rune smith great wepon spelleater rune rune of spell breaking 149

20 warriors great wepons standerd barrer 210
19 long beards shields standerd rune of grungi 288
10 thunderers 140
10 thunderers 140

18 hammerers standerd rune of slowness 276
2 bolt throwers engineer 105
10 slayerd 110

organ gun 120
flame cannon 140

13-08-2007, 23:44
Well, if you check out the rules for runes you will see that there is no use in giving out points for a GW to your Lord if you don't give him the Master Rune of Kragg the Grim. I think that a normal cannon instead of the organ gun or the flame cannon (your choice) is better and will give you some more points to spend on units. I never field a Lord in 2000 points. You can go for a very decent Thane as your Army General (he can work wonders with Master Rune of Swiftness and one or two Weapon runes) and you still get the points between him and the cannons to field another melee unit (I find that 5 melee units are rather complimentary in 2000 points).to get more points you can drop some more runes from the Lord (Thane) and replace the spelleater rune with a second rune of spellbreaking and try to squeeze in an Army standard bearer. He is a great help.